Iranian Conundrum

Famous Kurdish pop star Helly Luv on a visit to a Kurdistani military base in 2014. (Photo G2musicgroup)

Iran in 2017 is vastly more secular than Iran in 1979. The Islamist regime not only succeeded in discrediting Islamism but ended up discrediting Islam itself and in particular so Shia Islam. Iran has become a state of munafiqun, namely a country of non-Muslims who only outwardly pretend to be Muslims.

This is not to discount the existence of remaining influential Islamists within the state apparatus who still pose a threat to the peoples of Iran. As US Mideast policy-making has successfully focused on defeating the Rapist Caliphate need attention also be turned on defeating remaining Islamist elements with power and influence in Tehran. The question that we need to ask ourselves is how to successfully contain Iran’s imperialist program in the region while inducing societal progress inside Iran itself?

Iran’s nuclear weapons program is one important consideration as Jerusalem and Washington have no intention whatsoever to permit Iran’s nuclear weapons program to proceed beyond threshold status. Yet we certainly need to ask whether more sanctions will really be helpful in facilitating societal progress in Iran?

We need to wage a tremendous and multifaceted offensive of love towards the peoples of Iran while waging an aggressive offensive of outright war on the regional proxies of Iranian Islamist intelligence in the Fertile Crescent.

Jihadist Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and the Jihadist Shia militias of Iraq must be crushed no less that the Rapist Caliphate and the Sunni Jihadist enclaves in Western Syria. We have simply no choice in this regard as this is a job that needs to be done and completed indeed. Israel needs to substantially assist both Damascus in Syria and Free Kurdistan in Iraq for the purpose of eliminating armed Jihadism as Israel and America already successfully sponsor Free Kurdistan in Syria in this regard.

Russia’s brave and generous support in ensuring the survival of the halakhically fully Jewish Alawite people is essential and warmly appreciated in Jerusalem. Damascus has for years valiantly defended itself against a genocidal enemy bent on exterminating the Alawite people to the point that a large proportion of young Alawite men have already fallen in battle against the menace of Jihadism. What is needed is therefore an international alliance in support of Alawite self-defense.

As the Rapist Caliphate is already strategically defeated and is now in a military situation similar to that of Nazi Germany in 1945 need we now move our attention to the AKP-sponsored Jihadist enclaves elsewhere in Syria. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is uniquely technologically advanced and is as such the most powerful in the world. The IAF therefore needs to be deployed in defense of Israel’s Alawite kin in destroying the other Jihadist enclaves in Syria. This needs to be done in close coordination with Moscow and Washington as well as in trilateral agreement with Damascus and Rojava.

Will Jihadist Hezbollah commence war against Israel once Israel and Free Kurdistan move to destroy the Shia militias in Iraq? On whose side will Baghdad place itself in the war on Shia Jihadist militias? Is Baghdad on the side of freedom or on the side of neo-medieval totalitarianism? Is Baghdad in support of or in opposition to democratic self-determination? Is Baghdad opposed to or in favor of ethnocracy?

If Baghdad agrees to responsibly and diplomatically plan the trilateral partition of Iraq into a reborn Sumer in the south and where the center of the country becomes part of unified Aramaic Ezidxan and the north becomes part of unified Kurdistan is Israel ready for peace and friendship with the people of reborn Sumer.

America is certainly most ready to back up the Iraqi military from the air in helping eradicate the country’s ethnically Shia Jihadist militias and so Baghdad needs to decide on whose side they are on. If Baghdad chooses to align with Shia Jihadism will they effectively face war with Israel and Free Kurdistan. If Baghdad instead chooses to align against Shia Jihadism will they find that America, Israel and Kurdistan are very, very favorably disposed towards the democratic aspirations and national renaissance of the modern Sumerian people. Baghdad will find that Jerusalem is even ready to deploy the IAF in supporting the air war on Shia Jihadism. As heroic US president George W. Bush famously put it on the subject of the war against Jihadism: “You are either with us or against us.”

Israel and the US need to substantially deepen and broaden our military support for Damascus which is not known for sympathies with either political Islam or even Islam generally. The Damascus-Rojava military alliance as based on fraternal solidarity between Alawites and Yezidis needs to be further strengthened as a pillar of regional stability. Once the Sunni Jihadist enclaves have been liberated can we turn our attention on eliminating Jihadist Hezbollah as well.

Yemen is a different situation whose Iranian-sponsored Zaydi state is officially hostile to Israel and America when in contrast increasingly pro-Israel feelings are rampant among ordinary Zaydis who are descended from involuntarily Islamized Himyarite Jews. Israel needs to diplomatically reach out to the de facto reestablished North Yemen in offering friendship, support and GCC-funded transfer of smart civilian technologies such as for irrigation and desalination. North Yemen is once more independent and we need to engage with those in leadership positions who are ready for peace, cooperation and diplomatic engagement.

Israel needs to deepen its engagement with the Iranian opposition in devising a consensus on a plan for transforming imperialist Iran into confederal Media, from a polity that the peoples wish to leave to a polity that peoples wish to join. The Iranian opposition will find that there is tremendous interest in the region from Anatolia to Afghanistan and beyond for joining a confederal Media as based on communal reversion to indigenous heritage as well as feminist social revolution.

A confederal Media would be founded on linguistic states as based on indigenous heritage languages of the peoples themselves and this means turning Iran into a Median confederation of linguistic states, including as based upon planning organized revival of suppressed Median languages throughout the country.

Israel is highly regarded and respected among the peoples of Iran and has the moral authority to lead and unite the ethnically diverse Iranian opposition. Israel itself will be one of those states interested in joining a confederal Media and we need jointly commit to our shared proud heritage in reestablishing the Jewish state of Media as based on communal reversion to Median Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction as well as in some places such as Jordan and Badinan/Adiabene to Judaism of the Southern Jurisdiction. Whether our heritage is in the Northern Jurisdiction or in the Southern Jurisdiction need we however all embrace our common Sumerian civilizational origins through feminist social revolution and establishment of feminist Temples of Love in current places of worship.

We the peoples need to stand together against the forces of neo-medieval totalitarianism in jointly and proudly building a better future for our region and our children.