Airlift Kurdistan

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Alaya Rengîn (“the colorful flag”) is the official flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The sun symbol is derived from Yezidism (Yezidi Median Judaism).

Prime Minister Abadi has very unwisely taken a measure that is legally an act of war against the Kurdistan self-governing state as if it were no longer part of Iraq and as if its citizens were no longer Iraqi citizens. The imposed ethnocratic blockade is an act of war and the Kurdistan Army will respond by crushing the criminal Iranian-sponsored ethnically Shia Jihadist militias currently terrorizing ethnic Sunnis of central Iraq. Baghdad has declared war without cause and war they will have.

One of the first counter-measures needed is establishing an airlift similar to the 1948-49 Berlin airlift which connected the isolated and landlocked West Berlin with the free world. The new air route which will be both military and civilian would run meticulously along the Iraqi-Syrian border over Rapist-held territory between Jordan and Free Kurdistan. This will connect Free Kurdistan with Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel and thus with the international system of airports. Just as Israel was not afraid to buy the oil of Free Kurdistan when Baghdad “banned” it and no one else was ready to buy it, so is Israel certainly not deterred by the present deplorable theatrics of Mr. Abadi.

27 centuries of enforced geographic separation has certainly not weakened the bond between the people of the south and the people of the north. Today however is Israel a military superpower and no one should hold the slightest doubt as to Israel’s sense of utmost obligation to the people of Kurdistan and there is certainly no distinction whatsoever in this regard between people and government in Israel.

The United States will not side with Baghdad as the strongly pro-Kurdish sentiment & determination as pervasive to the Trump-Pence administration is hardly no secret. There is indeed a very, very strong case for humanitarian intervention and that is in this case certainly the duty of Israel, the regional political great power; rather than of the United States, the global political superpower. The trilateral special relationship between America, Israel and Kurdistan is very strong and unbreakable indeed. Multiethnically liberal-democratic Israel stands indeed with multicultural Free Kurdistan against the tyranny of imperialist ethnocracy.

Baghdad has unwisely chosen to engage in collective punishment without any cause of defense, security or law whatsoever and so humanitarian intervention is a must in expeditiously reconnecting Free Kurdistan once more with the global system of international airports. The air corridor across rapist-held territory along the Syrian-Iraqi border will necessarily need to be patrolled by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in ensuring a safe journey for all goods and passengers.

The people and government of liberal-democratic Israel stands with the people and governments of Free Kurdistan. As negotiations about an Israeli-Kurdistani defense treaty are rapidly progressing in Jerusalem between Israel and Free Kurdistan is it highly unfortunate that Baghdad chooses war instead of democratic borders.

The unjustified blockade as a shameful collective punishment for an already completed democratic procedure does not only constitute a blatant act of war but furthermore an act of aggression against democratic expression. Baghdad would be particularly well advised to cease the ethnocratic blockade and instead commence democratic negotiations about the peaceful trilateral partition of Iraq.

As negotiations for a defense treaty between liberal-democratic Israel and Free Kurdistan rapidly advance in Jerusalem needs Baghdad reconsider and rescind its ethnocratic act of aggression against the innocent people of Kurdistan. It is most deplorable that Baghdad has chosen to act in this unwise way and Israel and Kurdistan will respond through prudent and responsible action in accordance with our obligation to protect.