Feminist War on Jihadism

“A pincer movement whereby the red force envelops the advancing blue force.” (Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons: Vera-Cruz & Ourai)

Iraq was once an ethnically Sunni ethnocracy and then years after the US-led liberation of Iraq instead developed into an ethnically Shia ethnocracy. Neither Kurds nor ethnic Sunnis do however wish to remain within the framework of the British artificial colonial construct that became ethnocratic Iraq. Neither Kurds nor ethnic Sunnis have any interest in remaining under the domination of Shia ethnocracy. Furthermore, most ethnic Shias have no desire to dominate others and would gladly get rid of ethnically Sunni central Iraq and ethnically Kurdish northern Iraq.

Rather, the attempt to create war between Baghdad and Kurdistan is engineered by the political agents of remaining hardliners within the Iranian regime. These factions wrongly believe that they will be able to bring the Iranian army into Iraq against Kurdistan. While two-thirds of the population in Iraq are ethnic Shias are the others not and the presence of Jihadist Shia militias in ethnically Sunni central Iraq is deeply resented by the population there. They are happy to have been liberated from the Rapist Caliphate but obviously wish not live under the domination of yet other Jihadists militias.

The purpose of this gambit on the part of remaining Iranian hardliners is not only to ensure the continued subjection of the freedom-loving Kurdish people under ethnocracy and medievalism but also for Iranian hardliners to gain full control over Iraq which is understandable as they have increasingly lost their previously full political control over Iran itself.

The only right thing to do is therefore to support a partition of Iraq with as peaceful means as possible in accordance with a fair and predetermined partition map. Ethnic Sunnis of central Iraq are descended from involuntarily Islamized Yezidis and those who are informed about their Yezidi ancestry do become extremely eager for communal reversion to Yezidi Median Judaism as ancestry is more important than religion in the Middle East.

Iraq cannot and will not be kept together and so central Iraq needs rather become part of an Aramaic state of Ezidxan in merging with related areas in eastern Syria as part of the post-Yezidi cultural zone. The ethnic Sunnis in those regions of Iraq and Syria are not only disillusioned with political Islam but have furthermore strong bonds among themselves, in fact no less strong than among ethnic Shias of southern Iraq who are descended from ancient Sumerians and in fact even today constitute the modern Sumerian people.

The threats of war as emanating from Baghdad and indeed as engineered by political agents of remaining Iranian hardliners certainly do not serve the interests of the peoples of Iraq, in fact the opposite is true but rather serve the interests of medievalism, imperialism and totalitarianism against the legitimate interests of the peoples of Iraq.

The international position on the future of Iraq instead needs to be determined from the perspective of what constitutes their respective legitimate democratic interests in self-determination. Ethnocratic domination and involuntary cohabitation is certainly not in the interest of predominantly Shia southern Iraq and obviously also not in the interest of predominantly Sunni central Iraq and predominantly Kurdish northern Iraq either.

It is not merely an American interest but also an international and regional interest to support a partition of Iraq that is as peaceful, diplomatic and orderly as possible as a continued presence of Shia Jihadist militias in central Iraq is highly likely to lead to the rebirth of Sunni Jihadism there unless Shia Jihadism is crushed as well.

However, since the Shia Jihadists of central Iraq are unlikely at to disarm unless specifically instructed to do so by their hardline masters in Tehran does it seem increasingly necessary to perform this essential task by force of feminist warfare and thus finally liberate ethnic Sunnis from the menace of Jihadist medievalism. The KRG has built strong alliances with traditional structures of leadership on the sub-ethnic levels of clan and tribe and the KRG strongly stands with the ethnically Sunni people of the post-Yezidi zone of central Iraq.

Let’s be very, very clear that there is no problem between the three major constituent peoples of Iraq who simply long for partition through an orderly diplomatic divorce. It is therefore essential for America, the region and the world to stand with the constituent peoples of Iraq against the neo-medievalist designs of remaining totalitarian elements within the Iranian regime.

Since Baghdad is unwilling to either disarm or crush the Iranian-sponsored ethnically Shia Jihadist militias who coercively dominate ethnic Sunnis of the post-Yezidi cultural zone will Free Kurdistan need to do the job and Free Kurdistan certainly deserves the support of America, the region and the world in the continued war to crush and end Jihadism and entirely irrespective of denominations of Jihadist militias. The Shia Jihadist militias in central Iraq are committing horrendous war crimes against the ethnically Sunni civilian population there who are becoming deeply alienated and this thus indirectly prepares the way for the rebirth of Sunni Jihadism in central Iraq beyond the areas still controlled by the Rapist Caliphate unless Shia Jihadism is crushed as well.

The US-led liberation of Iraq is thus precisely unfinished and as America’s guide star, central national interest and core international commitment is the noble virtue of liberty needs America support the respective democratic self-determination of the three main regions of this tragically artificial colonial construct. This is about supporting the respective democratically legitimate self-determination of the peoples of Iraq against the nefarious neo-medievalist designs of remaining totalitarian elements in an otherwise mostly secular Iran. By containing these nefarious imperialist designs are we in fact also supporting the peoples of Iran in their own trajectory to liberty.

America, the region and the world therefore need to stand with the democratic right to self-determination as indeed intensely desired in all three parts of Iraq. Just as Free Kurdistan has liberated and continues to liberate ethnic Sunnis of the post-Yezidi cultural zone so does Free Kurdistan stand ready to complete this work in helping give birth to a pro-Kurdish Aramaic Ezidxan to the south of an independent unified Kurdistan. It is in Kurdistan’s interest to become surrounded by a circle of friendly peoples as communally reverting to their own indigenous heritage and reviving their own indigenous languages rather than remaining surrounded by hostile ethnocracy.

Syrian Kurds have liberated and are as of speaking continuing to liberate ethnic Sunnis of eastern Syria as both Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurds stand ready to liberate ethnic Sunnis in Iraq as well.

This is not to say that war is a preferred option but rather that all forms of armed Jihadism need to become fully dismantled and irrespectively so whether being Sunni and Shia. If Baghdad is unwilling to disarm the Shia militias, then surely will Free Kurdistan need to do the job in liberating its cherished allies in the post-Yezidi cultural zone to the south of Kurdistan.

Tehran hardliners are leading their political slaves in Baghdad on a march of folly, but then surely is totalitarianism itself not precisely a march of folly, an effort in futility and an exercise of evil against the democratic interests of every people?

A public defense treaty between Israel and Free Kurdistan is precisely essential in ensuring that Kurdistan’s war effort is swift and effective in rapidly liberating the post-Yezid culturali zone from the nefarious occupation of religious imperialism. America, Israel and Kurdistan need to stand with the suffering people of the post-Yezidi cultural zone in Syria and Iraq and also ensure and implement a regional geostrategic containment of Iran until the neo-medievalist hardliners have been defeated indeed.

Israel has long been training thousands of Israeli Kurds to become pilots of an air force of a politically unified Free Kurdistan and as there is substantial progress in the process of political unification among the three self-governing regions of Free Kurdistan needs the US start deliver fighter aircraft, fighter helicopters, military drones, other military aircraft and as associated military materials to Free Kurdistan as all funded by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

It is essential to understand that the well-trained Kurdish-Israel pilots are loyal to Israel & Kurdistan although certainly also loyal to their own Kurdistani traditional social units is their loyalty as fighter pilots strictly non-partisan. This means that e.g. an Israeli Kurdish pilot of the Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) from e.g. the Barzani social unit will answer only to unified Free Kurdistan’s unified military command as fully subordinated to its shadowy feminist unity government as closely coordinated with Israel and the same will be true of Kurdish-Israeli pilots who are members of other ancestral units in Kurdistani society.

Yet the Israeli citizenship of the pilots of the KAF will ensure that the KAF will remain under strict non-partisan revolutionary feminist control in strict opposition to any potential patriarchal jash (traitor) designs for brakuji (Kurdish internecine warfare).

Israel as the regional hegemon has so far acted discreetly yet Israel is ready to publicly assume its regional responsibilities in ensuring self-determination for all in our shared region. The increasingly coordinated army of Free Kurdistan as backed up by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and the newly constituted KAF will act in a powerful support role in helping Free Kurdistan liberate its southern neighbors from the tyranny of neo-medievalist Islamist totalitarianism.

The SDF needs to speed up its offensive in preparing to liberate areas of Iraq as still occupied by the Rapist Caliphate while the peshmerga needs to prepare to liberate all parts of Iraq as still under Jihadist control whether indeed Sunni or Shia.

Just as the SDF and the Syrian army are conducting an ongoing successful allied pincer movement against the Rapist Caliphate in the Euphrates River valley region – so needs the SDF and the Peshmerga in together constituting the increasingly unified Kurdistani military engage in a similar allied pincer maneuver to clean Iraq from Jihadism by literally liquidating as many Jihadists as possible.

Jihadism needs to be fought irrespective of color or denomination until this despicably patriarchal scourge on the name of humanity is consigned to the dustbin of history. There is practically speaking no choice in this endeavor as unless Jihadist militias are voluntarily dismantled and comprehensively disarmed must this necessarily be performed through feminist warfare against the most extremely sexist ideology in existence anywhere in the world.

Israel and Kurdistan are certainly up to the job in performing an increasingly accelerated blitzwar of feminist liberation. No continued existence of armed Jihadism can be tolerated and so the empowered and empowering armed feminist revolution must necessarily advance and free human beings of all ages and genders from the social tyranny of neo-medievalist totalitarianism.

The exceptionally high and indeed militarily superior morale of armed feminist liberation on the ground as backed up by Israeli air superiority will help ensure that this war will last weeks and months rather than years. Empowered feminist liberation is the way ahead as we have no choice in liberating the people from this menace and threat against every human people indeed. Jihadism must be eliminated and the sooner indeed the better.

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