We the Peoples

It is essential not to miscalculate as to the enduring strength & robust determination of the triangular special relationship between America, Israel and Kurdistan and our shared commitment to the cause of liberty. We the peoples do not only believe in moral clarity but are always committed to the defense of liberty.

The statue of liberty depicts LIBERTAS, the Roman godess of liberty.

The suffering of the Kurdish people makes heaven cry and the people of Kurdistan has been tormented for long by neighboring peoples. While it is legitimate to disagree about the wisdom of the timing of the independence referendum as legitimately organized by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is it precisely not democratically legitimate to threaten violence so as to disrupt democratic procedure.

While it is indeed essential to continually ensure regional stability is it also essential to ensure, safeguard and protect democratic mechanisms as well. The threats emanating from neighboring capitals cynically exploit the fears of traumatized Kurdish leaders and are precisely intended to harass and intimidate the suffering Kurdish people into continued submission under the tyranny of ethnocracy and social terror of neo-medievalism.

There is broad international understanding that unified Kurdistani independence is not merely an option but a humanitarian imperative indeed. While America diplomatically opposed the timing of this referendum should no one mistake this for weakness on the part of the Trump-Pence administration. The American people stands with Free Kurdistan in helping ensure regional stability and freedom for all.

America will not tolerate any strategic attempt to militarily destroy Free Kurdistan just as America would not tolerate any strategic attempt to destroy Israel. The Trump-Pence administration is extremely well aware that the people of Kurdistan as the people of Israel are particularly warm friends of the United States of America and America does not accept threats against democratic procedure and regional stability.

America understands the tragic history of the people of Kurdistan and is determined to protect the valiant people of Kurdistan on its march towards freedom, emancipation and representative governance. Although America understands that the threats against Free Kurdistan are precisely verbal intimidation in cynical exploitation of fears of an oppressed people is it nevertheless essential for whomever it may concern to profoundly understand that America’s commitment to Kurdish freedom is lasting as indeed firmly based on American values and American interests indeed. America is about standing up for freedom and Americans admire Kurds for precisely standing up for freedom.

The game of playing the bullying of Kurds has never been legitimate and America stands with Kurdistan as the people of Kurdistan helps itself on its determined march to freedom. America does not condone threats against regional stability and it is therefore essential to understand that America will not accept any potential materialization of certainly empty strategic threats against Free Kurdistan.

We the peoples know that freedom is not free and America, Israel, Kurdistan as well as our common friends and allies in the region and the world stand together in salute of the cause of liberty. Attaining freedom, emancipation and representative government requires much patience and hard work and we are determined to march together no matter how far our countries have advanced in these regards.

Free Kurdistan is the result of not only a valiant struggle of the people of Kurdistan but also extensive intelligence efforts since 1963 by tens of thousands of Israelis of Kurdish heritage who are indeed most proudly patriotic Kurdish Israelis indeed. Israel no more than America can accept any designs to destroy Free Kurdistan. We the peoples stand together and it is essential to understand that the triangular relationship between America, Israel and Kurdistan is also one of three special relationships; namely 1) between America and Israel, 2) between Israel and Kurdistan and 3) and between America and Kurdistan.

Diplomatic noise is one thing, threats against regional stability and democratic procedure are quite another. It is therefore essential that everyone understands that America and Israel resolutely stand on the side of freedom. It is therefore essential that no one makes any wrong calculations about America’s lasting commitment to Free Kurdistan and the liberty of the Kurdish people.

The Trump-Pence administration is not only the most neoconservative administration in American political history but also the most pro-Kurdish American administration ever. As America proudly continues to arm Free Kurdistan is it precisely essential that no one confuses America’s support for a daring freedom-loving people on its march to freedom with despicably Kissingerian realpolitik of the shameful distant past.

Americans and Israelis identify with the brave Kurdistani struggle for liberty as we recognize ourselves in the valiant struggle of an incredibly brave people with a love for freedom that cannot be extinguished. America and Israel stand with our partners in the region in our enduring commitment to self-determination for all. We the peoples believe in the self-determination of all peoples as a sacred right and democracy as a sacred trust. We the peoples believe in fairness which also means self-determination for all. We the peoples believe that fairness in self-determination for all is precisely essential to the cause of the essential indigenous renaissance across the entire broader Middle East.

The Kurdistani referendum of independence does not somehow mean that Iraqi Kurdistan will subsequently declare independence. The KRG is strongly committed to regional stability and the United States and Israel are strongly committed to the defense and political stability of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Free Kurdistan as a whole is a pillar of regional stability and moral clarity of anti-medievalism. As the Kurdish people stand together for the cause of liberty do America and Israel stand with Free Kurdistan and our other cherished & esteemed friends and allies in the region. Let there be no doubt whatsoever as to our enduring commitment to the values of morality clarity as we the peoples together salute the cause of liberty.

Make no mistake and do not miscalculate as to the noble benevolence of our peoples. America and Israel stand with the people of Kurdistan just as we stand with the people of the Korean peninsula. Just as we stand with South Korea do we also stand with South Kurdistan. Just as we are ready to pay in blood for the unification of Korea are we ready to pay in blood for the unification of Kurdistan. Just as we stand against the neo-Nazi Juche do we also stand against the Nazi-inspired Islamism.

We do so as we certainly believe that it is our ethical duty to stand with those who stand with liberty and we rightly consider moral clarity to be part of our respective national interests. Indeed, moral clarity is in the interest of every people and every country. As America and Israel salute the people of Kurdistan in its valiant struggle for the cause of liberty do we also bring honor to ourselves. Nobody should be in any doubt whatsoever as to the strength and determination of our eternal triangular special relationship. We the peoples do not have to agree about everything but we certainly agree about the essentials of our existence. thank you