State Anti-LGBTQI Sexual Harassment

Rainbow revolution will prevail

Sexually attractive overt LGBTQI persons in otherwise gender-tolerant Sweden face extensive police-organized sexual harassment. The Swedish police systematically encourages other municipal, regional and state authorities to systemically sexually harass sexually attractive LGBTQI person with overt LGBTQI lifestyles.

Anti-LGBTQI sexual persecution is conducted together with the illegal IB (Information Bureau) military intelligence agency which although publicly exposed in 1973 was obviously never disbanded whether officially or unofficially so. Indeed the Swedish government never announced the disbanding of the IB for the simple reason that is was simply never disbanded and so the IB continued with its clearly criminal activities of widespread harassment against innocents with opinions or lifestyles somehow not to the liking of the IB. The Information Bureau intelligence agency serves as the main recruitment vehicle for combatants to intelligence warfare for both voluntary formal recruitment and coercive informal recruitment. Politically active persons who exhibit public courage are particularly to vulnerable to coercive recruitment by the IB. Ever-expanding intelligence wars require constant recruitment of new intelligence operatives as present intelligence operatives age and many die during covert operations abroad.

Domestic coercive recruitment of intelligence operatives takes place primarily through police sexual extortion and as an intelligence operative is expected to have sex with or kill anyone of any gender, age or origin once ordered to do so are intelligence operatives all over the world trained to become both professional killers and what are in practice professional prostitutes. They are also trained to break into buildings, steal documents and generally engage in criminally fraudulent behaviors. The lives of intelligence operatives are thus frequently lowly and particularly unglamorous indeed as they are enslaved in their usually unpaid service and this enslavement is lifelong indeed. Adventurous propaganda narratives in popular mass culture are deliberately disseminated by intelligence services with the purpose of facilitating both voluntary recruitment and coercive recruitment.

Coercive recruitment of sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles in Sweden are conducted by the IB military intelligence agency in close cooperation with the Swedish national police and the national prosecutor’s office. Sweden is a highly legalistic country with a long history of domestic peace and so legal excuses are systematically deployed so as to justify police-organized sexual harassment against sexually attractive persons who lead overtly LGBTQI lifestyles.

The Information Bureau military intelligence agency systematically deploys illegal entrapment methods while the police with permission from the prosecutor’s office engages in systematic sexual harassment against sexually attractive LGBTQI persons with overt lifestyles under the guise of so called “evidence provocation” (Swedish bevisprovokation) which means that in the absence of evidence of crime does the police or police agents provoke the victims into false confessions that subsequently are used for the purpose of coercive intelligence recruitment which unfortunately also implies coercive intelligence prostitution.

“Evidence provocation” may take place anywhere but is most frequently carried out by recruited employees in supermarkets and by government employees, including particularly employees of the police, social services and psychiatry. Yet this is practically speaking criminal sexual harassment with the purpose of extracting false confessions whether of non-crimes or statutory crimes that in either case are subsequently used for police sexual extortion with the purpose of recruitment into intelligence prostitution.

The prosecutor’s office routinely justifies this by quasi-legally branding any intended LGBTQI victim as a “potential” or generally “suspect” sex criminal. These methods of coercive recruitment are highly effective and virtually every designated victim is recruited after some time. In my case have they systematically sexually harassed me now for 16 months. Since this author is very extremely conscientious in practical behavior, has a particularly alert female radar for sexual creeps and will not be manipulated into doing anything that is contrary to feminist ethics – have I successfully eluded their continued illegal entrapment operations. Since they are interested in sexually attractive talented persons of intelligence am I as a unique documented universal genius and an extremely sexually attractive transgender lesbian female particularly attractive to their trophy hunting operations.

To virtually all victims is the experience extremely confusing and the LGBTQI community suffers severe intelligence sexual exploitation. As an undercover investigative journalist was I fortunate and honored to have the opportunity to expose these patiently criminal activities of state persecution against the LGBTQI community in Sweden. Due to the fact that members of elites are generally vulnerable to intelligence recruitment does the intelligence world have considerable political clout and Swedish organized pro-LGBTQI advocates/lobbyists have failed to gain political support for curtailing systemic state sexual harassment against overt members of the LGBTQI community by the public sector in Sweden.

The experiences of systemic sexual harassment and primarily so by persons in professional roles as recruited by the IB military intelligence agency for this purpose are well documented although professionally carried out as “covert operations” so as to avert the public exposure.

The situation is essentially identical in Israel and elsewhere in Western Europe where the respective national affiliates of the Pan-European IB have the same tasks which practically speaking include severe sexual harassment and systemic sexual exploitation against LGBTQI persons. In the United States is this carried out by the FBI and in other countries are these tasks carried out by other police/intelligence outfits, including infamously through “corrective rape”.

These systemic crimes are best stopped through systemic exposure of the criminal subculture of the intelligence world where organized sexual exploitation is unfortunately pervasive and the norm indeed. Whistleblowers are virtually always silenced by varying standard operational means and capital punishment has never been abolished in the effectively totalitarian intelligence world which has little to no public transparency.

My investigative journalism continue as I have carried out calibrated counter-entrapment operations of my own so as to legally provoke the police into committing crimes against myself. While police entrapment is illegal in Sweden is it not illegal for an investigative journalist to provoke the police and prosecutor’s office alike to overtly commit crimes against myself. While this may sound inexplicably brave do I consider ethical/moral courage to be central to my life mission as a person so as to expose and help dismantle physionomism and DOLP (discrimination, lies, oppression and prejudice) no matter where or in what social context it appears.

My calibrated counter-entrapment operations have all been meticulously legal and the police and the prosecutor’s office which formally authorize systemic sexual harassment against LGBTQI persons can hardly blame me as an undercover investigative journalist for my fully legally luring them into overtly committing crimes against me in exposing their own criminal complicity with the Information Bureau illegal military intelligence agency.

The systemic police anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment under the guise of the prosecutor-approved “evidence provocation” during the course of past 16 months has offered me ample opportunity to interrogate police officers in thus deploying innovative, highly deceptive interrogation methods for which the police has been entirely unprepared. Since interrogation methods is one of my innumerable fields of personal interest as a uniquely documented universal genius have I had ample opportunity as an undercover investigative journalist to uncover and also expose the systemic criminal activities of the police, prosecutor’s office and the IB military intelligence agency against the LGBTQI community in Sweden. It needs to be emphasized that crimes are crimes and excuses by recourse to vague explanations of “national security” certainly does not justify anyone committing crimes against anyone.

The Swedish IB military intelligence agency has of course presumed that they would ultimately succeed in entrapping me as they eventually succeed against virtually every other designated victim. Intelligence operatives usually have civilian careers and day jobs and are typically coerced to work for free in participating in intelligence missions. Coercive recruitment operations are furthermore prominently used for training already recruited agents and so participants in IB sexual harassment operations work involuntarily without monetary compensation which from the perspective of the IB makes those operations cost-effective indeed. The only compensation that they receive are participation in organized sexual exploitation such as exploitative sex parties and professional peers providing each other with career positions in the civilian sector.

A personal observation of mine with respect to the Western intelligence community in my capacity as a seasoned observer of the intelligence world is that it is just as incompetent as the rest of the public sector as can be observed in the particularly poor performance of the Western intelligence community in countering mass intelligence penetration by the Crypto-Wahhabi Saudi intelligence agency known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many years ago as an advisor to a Kurdish-Iranian guerilla group did I have the honor to informally interrogate three US intelligence directors at the US embassy in Stockholm (they assumed that they were interviewing us!) and I was particularly effective in fully legally manipulating them to disclose classified information without in any way breaking Swedish or American law although they themselves of course did by their inadvertent disclosures. One of them even revealed his personal physical involvement in the 1999 capture of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in Kenya. As a long-term analyst of intelligence affairs is my consistent investigatory conclusion that the Western intelligence community is largely a strategically incompetent patriarchy full of sex criminals who consistently abuse their powers of office for the purpose of despicable sexual exploitation.

Cleaning the intelligence world is of course not done overnight considering the practice of compartmentalization in the intelligence world where intelligence agencies are subdivided into cells that are typically unaware of each other. What is needed is however further exposure of the criminal intelligence subculture which unfortunately is subjected to almost zero accountability. Exposing the largely illegal methods of the intelligence world is most clearly imperative in effecting change in this highly dysfunctional and incompetent part of the public sector. Transparency, disclosure and accountability are highly necessary and imperative indeed. Governments around the world are indeed particularly well advised to engage in sustained efforts to bring the rule of law and adherence to the laws of war to the sorely misnamed dystopia that is the intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.