Official Diplomatic Relations between Israel and Kurdistan

Standard of Cyrus the Great who in the Hebrew Bible is referred to as ‘God’s Messiah’. (Image by Sodacan)

As unified Kurdistani independence is becoming increasingly imminent has the time certainly come for establishing official diplomatic relations between Israel and Kurdistan and this inter alia requires permanently placing strictly and indeed exclusively defensive Israeli tactical nuclear weapons on the liberated soil of Free Kurdistan.

Israel has pursued the Kurdistani state-building project since 1963 to the point that now virtually all non-Islamist Kurdish political parties and militias are diplomatic and security clients of Israel, meaning that organized Diaspora Jewry discreetly engages in organized advocacy on behalf of the Kurds – and Israel and to varying degrees our other allies providing diplomatic, economic, security, advisory and intelligence assistance to Israel’s Kurdistani partners. The Kurdistani state-building project has however been increasingly accelerated in recent years and an independent unified Kurdistan is now certainly not that distant anymore on the regional political horizon.

While Israel’s support for the striving for self-determination of the Kurdish people certainly is no secret are these relations maintained primarily through the TEVEL diplomatic corps and so are nominally but not actually secret. The name Tevel is a Hebrew acronym which means the Political Action and Liaison Department and was originally a department of the Mossad. As the inflated Mossad has been dissolved into many different intelligence agencies is Tevel now a separate Israeli intelligence agency although the term Mossad is still commonly used in reference to international Israeli civilian intelligence.

Kurds, including Kurdish leaders tend to fear their non-Kurdish oppressors and adversaries and so have traditionally been reluctant to establish official diplomatic relations with Israel. Although Aman (Israeli military intelligence) maintains secret military bases in Kurdistan and the Tevel maintains large unofficial embassies in all the three statelets that make up Free Kurdistan – is it however the choice of Israel’s Kurdistani diplomatic partners as to when Israel will open official consulates in the three self-governing regions of Free Kurdistan.

Israel has by far the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal with far more nuclear weapons than any other nuclear weapons power and Israel’s nuclear devices have global reach through agents, robots, missiles, submarines, fighter aircrafts and drones. Israel had already fully developed nuclear weapons years prior to the creation of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) which means that Israeli nuclear weapons as similar indeed to Sweden’s much less known nuclear weapons are indeed fully legitimate under the NPT. The leaders of Free Kurdistan need concrete guarantees for Free Kurdistan’s politico-military survival and the stationing of very strictly exclusively defensive Israeli tactical nuclear weapons on the soil of Free Kurdistan as part of a Kurdistani-Israeli defense treaty would be precisely that politico-military life insurance needed to absolutely ensure the survival of Free Kurdistan for perpetuity.

From a very narrow diplomatic conception of Israeli national interests can official diplomatic relations wait until Kurdistan is politically unified and independent, but in terms of Kurdistani national interests and certainly an Israeli conception of Israeli interest that includes Kurdistani interests are official diplomatic relations with Israel extremely important to the historical process of unified Kurdistan attaining independence indeed.

Israel is the regional hegemon in the broader Middle East and the US as the sole political superpower now acts in a support role of Israel’s regional great power role – and hence the importance of establishing official diplomatic relations between Israel and Free Kurdistan in the near future as this is indeed an essential element to Israel shepherding the political unification and attainment of independence of unified Kurdistan. Official Israeli consulates in the three self-governing regions of Free Kurdistan will strongly politically reinforce Israel’s resolute and completely unstoppable determination to attain independence for a politically unified Kurdistan. Official diplomatic relations also means that Israeli diplomats and Diaspora Jewish advocates alike will engage in highly overt public political advocacy for the very attainment of unified Kurdistani independence.

Israel stands with Kurdistan since 1963 as part of an eternal covenant between our peoples. The people of the southern Kingdom of Judah (present Israel) and the people of the northern Kingdom Israel (present Kurdistan) made this bond between ourselves some three thousands years ago and the peoplehood love (Hebrew Ahavat Israel) between our peoples is literally eternal. This should not be in doubt to anyone and the more publicly apparent, certainly indeed the better. Kurdistan is Israel and Israel is Kurdistan, there is no difference between our interests as Kurdistani interests are Israeli interests and Israeli interests are Kurdistani interests. The power of our three thousand-year old bond is however often insufficiently understood and so official diplomatic relations will help make our bond recognized worldwide as a literally unchangeable, indeed perpetual reality indeed.

The suffering of the people Kurdistan makes heaven cry and what have Kurds ever done to deserve this comprehensive malice? The Kurds are proud carriers of the ancient heritage of Media and Median Judaism and the peoples of the southern kingdom and the northern kingdom are inseparable in every way with a shared history of ethnogenesis and a literally inseparable future as north and south will once more unite to the point that we seek full political unification between us in a confederal context leading to federal unification between us and this will be open to others as well, including as subsequent to completed communal unification to regional forms of Judaism as indigenous to those very peoples communally reverting to their own indigenous heritage.

Although once widely reviled in a formerly Anti-Zionist region is now Israel increasingly wildly popular among the peoples of the region including among Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians although this still remains something of a taboo. Israel has full diplomatic relations with Turkey including an embassy in Ankara and so how can anyone there logically claim that it would be less legitimate for Free Kurdistan to establish an official consulate in Jerusalem? Despite pervasive anti-Jewish AKP regime propaganda does Israel remain highly popular among Alevis, Bektashis, Kurds and secular Anatolians in the Republic of Turkey. Indeed Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran all now have close diplomatic ties with Israel through the Tevel diplomatic corps. Israel certainly looks forward to the opening of official Israeli consulates in the three self-governing Kurdistani regions including a fourth Israeli consulate in Afrin as well as official Kurdistani consulates in Beersheva, Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Kurdistani independence is absolutely central to the unification and resurgence of reborn Media as centered on reversion to our shared gynocentric Sumerian roots. Rojava (West Kurdistan) is the very epicenter of the global feminist revolution just as Israel is the very epicenter of the global vegan revolution. The rebirth of Media will change the face of the Middle East through feminist social revolution and the disappearance of religious imperialism means that most problems endemic to our region will disappear as well.

Israel is absolutely determined to do everything necessary to politically unify Kurdistan and fully attain its independence in every way. Israel is obliged to the people of Kurdistan as part of the three thousand-year bond between the peoples and will ensure Kurdistan’s political redemption and liberation from political, military and religious occupation as leading to the feminist reestablishment of the ancient state Jewish state of Media. No one truly knowledgeable of this shared ancient proud heritage could indeed conceivably doubt the eternal nature of the three thousand-year old bond between the people of the south and the people of the north.

Israel is in fact no less determined to attain unified Kurdistani independence than indeed the Kurdish people itself. Redeeming Kurdistan signals the rebirth of Media and Israel is fully aware of its historical obligations in the historical redemption and reinvigoration of Media and its proud heritage.

The permanent stationing of exclusively defensive Israeli nuclear weapons in Free Kurdistan will have no offensive purpose whatsoever as the fully voluntary unification of Media is our shared future no less than Media and Sumer are our shared heritage.

Few in power in Iran now believe in Islam and so an Iranian glasnost is needed similar to but certainly faster than the contemporary glasnost in Saudi Arabia which has been in progress for over a decade now where women now vote, drive cars and no longer are forced to hide their faces in public. Iran needs to be upgraded to Media through democratic confederalism which will not only allow Kurdistan to unite but also enable Israel and others in the region to join confederal Media as well. This certainly does not involve the end of Iran but rather its rebirth and rejuvenation as Media and increasing growth and extension by voluntary accession indeed. Median interests are Iranian interests and so the political unification of Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) with the other three parts of Kurdistan should be peaceful and democratic indeed.

The future rebirth of Media is a spectacular event in the history of Iran, the region and the world and so the rebirth of Media will become extremely popular in the rich mosaic of the diverse peoples that make up Iran. Although there is still a bitter intelligence war inside the Iranian state apparatus are the peoples of Iran passionately and warmly pro-Israel. The political unification and attainment of independence will thus specifically not involve East Kurdistan leaving Iran but rather Iran as transformed into increasingly democratic confederal Media instead extended to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea through the very political unification of Kurdistan.

Religious imperialism never succeeded in erasing our shared proud heritage and so Media will rise as we are determined to change the face of the region through communal reversion and feminist social revolution. We are all indebted to the Kurdish people for its heroic and tenacious adherence to Median heritage including Median Judaism and this is indeed the historical origin of the oppression of the Kurds as religious imperialism literally hated the Kurds for bravely sticking to their indigenous heritage. Not only have a third of all Kurds (Alevis, Dönmeh, Yarsanis, Yezidis and others) remained halakhically Jewish but even involuntarily Islamized Kurdish communities continue practicing Median Judaism as part of Kurdish traditional culture.

The attainment of the independence of unified Kurdistan is a highly important part of the essential process of the unification of Media as well as our common return to our shared Sumerian origins, as Sumer indeed remains the mother of all human civilizations. We the peoples are indebted to the future of our children to do the right thing and ensure our common future in making our region once more blossom.