Arms Embargo against Ankara

Noblesse oblige – governance is a profound responsibility to serve others in helping others indeed help themselves.

The world needs to close ranks by commencing a sanctions process in imposing an international weapons embargo against the Jihadist AKP regime structure which is a major state-sponsor of terrorism. We need to do this in order to curtail the ongoing and unprovoked ethnocidal war against the people of Kurdistan, prevent further Jihadist genocides as against the Yezidis in 2014 and importantly help bring freedom to Anatolia as well.

The Muslim Brotherhood regime structure in Ankara has made it abundantly clear that it has no genuine interest in peace or any serious diplomacy whatsoever and is rather driven by neo-imperialist religious hybris as entirely divorced from diplomatic, political and military realities.

The free world rightly sees itself obliged to the Kurdistani cause of freedom and also certainly with respect to ensuring the wellbeing of the Alawite, Alevi, Bektashi and Yezidi communities, all of whom are recognized as fully halakhically Jewish under Jewish religious law. Germany as Israel and the United States and others rightly consider itself especially obliged to indeed protect those very communities from any threats of regime-sponsored ideologically genocidal Jihadism.

Ankara is however highly dependent on Western weapons exports and so we need impose a stinging weapons embargo against Ankara so as to curtail the ethnocidal Turkish war machine as indeed driven by neo-imperialist Jihadist designs. The feminist state of Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) has proven to be a highly reliable and indeed staunchly pro-American senior ally of the NATO alliance. It is precisely unconscionable that the free world should continue arming the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure at the same time as those Jihadist criminals wage ethnocidal Jihadist warfare on the innocent people of Kurdistan.

Israel has long since discontinued its weapons exports to Ankara and so should the rest of the free world and indeed the international community at large. In particular is it essential that all deliveries of spare parts to the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) are fully discontinued indeed. As free nations nations in particular and as the international community in general need we stand with the brave people of Kurdistan who deserve indeed as every other people to live as a free people in their land. This is both an international security interest and a major humanitarian concern as the increasingly desperate Turkish military now even burns down the forests of Kurdistan.

The Islamist regime structure in Ankara has no genuine interest in diplomacy and so must we stand with those who seek freedom against the totalitarian tyranny of the Jihadist agenda of Islamist neo-imperialism. There is a Kurdish saying that “the Kurds have no friends but the mountains” and that sad adage is very fortunately in fact I am pleased to say no longer true. The Kurds are widely admired worldwide in their valiant struggle against irrational oppression and especially so by many in the free world, including governments. We the international friends of the Kurds need to disrupt the ethnocidal war machine as driven by the Jihadist AKP regime structure and thus clearly and overtly signal that we indeed will do the right thing and stand with the brave people of Kurdistan in their fully legitimate armed feminist struggle for democratic self-determination indeed.

The people of Anatolia too deserves freedom and as the tyrannical AKP regime structure is increasingly self-discrediting and therefore politically self-destructing will a weapons embargo against Ankara indeed help the people gain their freedom by ultimately help bringing down the AKP regime structure itself. The AKP regime structure is globally detested and surely no person of conscience can lend a hand to its continued illegitimate proto-totalitarian existence. Let’s be very clear that the AKP as part of the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is effectively the Turkish Hamas as the Turkish equivalent of Hamas in the global Muslim Brotherhood. The three Muslim Brotherhood regimes in Ankara, Gaza and Khartoum must all be brought from power.

We need to act in order to not only do the right thing but also to further the international interest of ending the totalitarian ideology of Islamism/Jihadism. The Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood are admirers of Nazism and are anything but “moderate”. As part of the global intelligence war on the Muslim Brotherhood need we fully cease weapons exports to Ankara and furthermore seek a comprehensive weapons embargo against Ankara in the United Nations Security Council. As the international community closes ranks on the need to defeat and eliminate Jihadism in Syria need we also move to curtail the major state-sponsor of Jihadism in Syria which furthermore without cause or military need illegally invaded and occupied internationally recognized Syrian territory.

The Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist AKP regime structure in Ankara has become a severe threat to international peace and security and so must we stand with those who valiantly struggle against Jihadist totalitarianism. Syria and Free Kurdistan stand united against the Jihadist Ankara regime structure and so we the international community needs firmly move to end the ethnocidal war against Kurdistan. America, Russia and most others in the international community have no illusions whatsoever about the severe global threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood mass intelligence infiltration of state apparatuses and civil societies worldwide and as the worldwide intelligence operations of this major Crypto-Wahhabi Saudi intelligence agency are now largely operated from Anatolia need we make sure that we are squarely on the right side of history in the historical struggle against totalitarianism indeed.

Many political and diplomatic leaders in the international community have close friends who are secular citizens of Turkey who now risk imprisonment at the hands of the nefarious Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist regime structure. Let us therefore stand with our Turkish and Kurdish friends in aiding them to protect themselves from the nefarious terror of totalitarianism. Curtailing and ultimately bringing down the overtly Anti-Jewish, Anti-American, Anti-European and indeed Anti-World, Muslim Brotherhood regime structure in Ankara is an urgent humanitarian concern and environmental cause in the service of international peace and security indeed.

As an international community do we indeed now have an appointment with history in being obliged by moral clarity and global security to precisely put a break in the global Muslim Brotherhood intelligence warfare whose Crypto-Wahhabi agenda seeks to impose the societal model of the Rapist Caliphate on all human societies everywhere. In fully respecting and cherishing our diverse cultural and historical backgrounds as an international community can we now stand against the totalitarian threat of neo-medievalism as in fact fully realized in the Islamic State Caliphate. We need to stand with the feminist revolution in the Middle East in not only further arming feminist Rojava but also fully ending our weapons exports and deliveries of military spare parts to this very nefarious Islamist-Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood regime indeed.

We the peoples of the world need to take a stand with those who are fighting and defeating this neo-medievalist threat on behalf of all of us. Whether we as nations are liberal democracies or pro-democratic governments that are not yet liberal democracies are we all threatened by global Muslim Brotherhood intelligence infiltration of state apparatuses and civil societies alike. This is a threat which none of us can ignore. The people of Kurdistan are on the frontlines in the conflict and so must we side with those who bravely choose fight for all of us. The armed feminist PKK movement including its various armed branches fights a brave struggle in the ultra-patriarchal Middle East. They have established a non-ethnocratic feminist state which embraces universal emancipation and we need all stand with them because their cause is ours and our cause is theirs. We are them and they are us as we are all together in the global struggle against Jihadist terrorism and Islamist neo-Medievalism.

The feminist PKK movement redeems the future for all of us and indeed shows the way for a much better world. We need to stand with the protectors of the forests against those who burn down forests. We need to stand with that shining beacon of liberty in the midst Jihadist terror. As people of conscious are we not only obliged to ourselves and to each other but also to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in making sure to comprehensively defeat the worldwide totalitarian threat posed by that well-funded clerical Saudi intelligence agency that is the largely Anatolia-based Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood.

A comprehensive weapons embargo against Ankara does not mean that we somehow abandon our mostly secular friends in Anatolia but rather that we help liberate our Kurdish and Turkish friends from the neo-medievalist threat of terrorist totalitarianism. We have an appointment with our own global political destiny and so we must take the stand on the side of moral clarity and international peace and security indeed.

Freedom is not free and so the very least we can do is to help those fighting this threat prevail in this epic struggle of past vs. future. We need to move to curtail this threat before it curtails us. In standing with the feminist future against the medievalist past can we make sure to dismantle this very nefarious neo-medievalist existential threat to all of us. We the peoples have indeed an appointment with our own future and not only are we obliged by our shared interests but also by our collective conscience indeed. Hence need we move to curtail this threat in an expeditious manner that will secure our own shared global future indeed. Thank you.