Crushing the Rapist Caliphate

Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF)

The time is now to honorably stand with the noble & armed feminist revolution in the Middle East in crushing & erasing the Rapist Caliphate and so liberate the tragically suffering people under their totalitarian terror rule.

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) feminist army has liberated the majority of the former Rapist capital city of Raqqa and are together with the Syrian Army now moving further to the east in Syria and have together from north and west respectively reached the government-controlled city of Deir ez-Zor which has been besieged for years by the Rapist Caliphate.

Now is the time to learn from the tragic and immensely costly American historical military error of not rapidly liberating Baghdad after the American military had victoriously liberated ethnically Shia southern Iraq. The US military waited outside of Baghdad which allowed the Saddamist Iraqi officers and their Jihadist special forces to escape into the Sunni countryside, something which caused the US military immense troubles for years and later after the US withdrawal from Iraq when the ex-Saddamist Jihadists established and subsequently expanded the Rapist Caliphate.

The Jihadists Rapists are demoralized and they need to be rapidly crushed and eliminated before they strategically assimilate into the countryside of its remaining territory in the Euphrates River Valley region. The next task is to crush the Jihadists in northwest Syria as well but before that needs the SDF complete the job and liberate the entire remaining rapist-held parts of the Euphrates region in Syria and Iraq. The SDF is part of an international coalition and the SDF task is to crush the Jihadist Caliphate on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The SDF should avoid taking prisoners unless absolutely required by international law as a feminist ironfist blitzwar military offensive will make the rapists rapidly lose their criminal erections and rapist smirks indeed. The task is first and foremost to liquidate as many Jihadists as possible in battle and only second to liberate territory. Captured war criminals should be expeditiously convicted and executed in accordance with the laws of war. Sending them back to their countries of origin only tragically globalizes the problem.

Further strategic military tasks soon await the SDF and so the SDF is particularly well advised to rapidly move ahead with liquidating the rapist entity in the Euphrates valley region. Time is of essence and the Jihadists must not be granted an honorable defeat. Deleting their sense of “honor” and sense of historical “mission” are indeed no less essential than physically eliminating them.

The United States of America and the international coalition are profoundly honored to stand with the brave feminist revolution in the Middle East which is conferring honor & self-respect to human females around the world. The Feminist state of Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) would be particularly well advised to also expeditiously establish diplomatic contacts at the highest levels of power with all members of the international coalition, including diplomatic hotlines with the White House and other proud allies for any conceivable need or emergency.

The purpose of the international coalition is to honorably serve the SDF in this noble feminist war of liberation and so the SDF must not ever be treated as if they were colonial subjects and imperial serfs. Both American etiquette and Kurdistani etiquette are precisely essential to the American-Kurdistani special relationship and so are the shared American and Kurdistani values of respect, honor, truthfulness and generosity indeed.

The GCC and the United States certainly need to make sure that the SDF is continually provided with all necessary military deliveries that the SDF needs for cleaning the area from Jihadism and hostile Islamist occupation. The SDF is the most effective army in the world and so the multiethnic, feminist and pro-democratic SDF needs to be given all means necessary to expeditiously proceed with the just feminist war of liberation in the Middle East.

SDF liberation of rapist-held areas in western Iraq will provide territorial continuity with Israel-aligned Jordan and this will in terms of transportational contiguity be almost as if Rojava and Israel had a common border considering the symbiotic security relationship between liberal-democratic Israel and the bravely pro-democratic kingdom of Jordan.

Jordan is already deeply involved in this noble war of liberation in that the Iraqi army is effectively commanded by Israeli-trained Jordanian military advisors in Iraq. This is certainly no doubt the right moment in history to expeditiously commence building a brave people-to-people alliance between the people of Jordan and the people of Kurdistan and so Jordanian military specialists need certainly be invited to take part in the SDF liberation of remaining rapist-held parts of the Euphrates region as well as as in the Peshmerga liberation of the other remaining rapist region west of Kirkuk.

The Jordanian royal family are painfully aware of the injustice that was perpetrated against the Kurdish people in terms of genocide and the despicable war crimes of enforced mass population transfers against Kurdish citizens of Iraq. The Jordanian royal family understands well that its honor needs to be restored in Iraq and so proudly stands in humble service of the peoples of Iraq, including Iraqi Kurdistan in this profoundly honorable and deeply honoring mission of noble liberation as feminist liberation is in fact pure honor indeed. Males who do not respect females have neither honor nor self-respect as respect for females is indeed the very essence of peace.

Aiding and assisting the proud and honorable feminist revolution in the Middle East in every way necessary brings tremendous honor to the member nations of the international coalition including participating NATO nations and GCC monarchies. We must stand together in erasing the Jihadist evil from the face of earth. Together can we stand united in honor & respect with the noble & armed feminist revolution in the Middle East. We have an appointment with destiny in being honored to be squarely on the right side of history. Our noble assistance to the noble feminist revolution will certainly be recorded in history as acts of not only profound justice but importantly also virtue and wisdom indeed. Time to act!