Intelligence Dystopia

815471b484cb281435ddf6b332465a68--scary-quotes-a-quotesIn order to prevail in the global struggle against Islamism/Jihadism is it precisely essential to optimally inform the general public and disclose as much state secrets as possible without in the process compromising national security. Optimal transparency and crisis awareness are vital tools in waging global informational warfare against the Muslim Brotherhood Saudi Islamist intelligence agency as well as indeed against Islamism/Jihadism generally worldwide.

Modernity as driven by increasingly advanced technologies has in practice led to ever-increasing state powers, including especially through technological surveillance. State power as driven by state ideology thus tends to threaten and unnecessarily limit the extent of open society. To wage conventional wars is extremely expensive for affluent countries and so conventional wars as typically involving one country invading another has largely been supplanted by asymmetric warfare and borderless intelligence warfare.

There is now an understanding in the US military that US intervention abroad ought be in terms of military contributions as currently in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) where the US assists by training, by delivering weapons, by air support and through US special forces being embedded into the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) feminist army. This means that the US as indeed the US military in NATO is a military contributor to its allies in actual combat rather than the other way around.

Intelligence warfare is seen as preferable to asymmetric warfare for several reasons. Intelligence warfare is fought with typically no media exposure, it does not destroy economies as conventional and asymmetric warfare does, it is comparatively far less expensive than asymmetric war and conventional war and it does not necessarily cause decline in popularity in public opinion the way conventional war and asymmetric war certainly tend to do. The flipside of course is the almost complete lack of transparency which means that abuse (including systemic abuse) is only very rarely publicly exposed indeed.

The quantitatively ever-growing dimensions of intelligence warfare therefore also means ever-growing need for recruitment of new intelligence combatants, known as intelligence operatives. The most desired characteristics in potential combatants are intelligence, bravery, talent and a moral sense of duty.

Intelligence recruitment is formal when someone in an official position is offered intelligence training, e.g. as offered through the police, through the military or through the security department in a private corporation. Secrecy and confidentiality is however always systemically secured through extortion in the sense that the intelligence operative is made aware that the intelligence agency has knowledge about the intelligence operative that the intelligence operative would not want to be exposed to others. This is enabled through hooks, including creating hooks by means of systemic sexual entrapment.

Intelligence recruitment is however also often involuntary in a particular intelligence agency recognizing the intelligence, spine, talent and commitment to duty in an outstanding individual human being. Members of elites are vulnerable to intelligence recruitment as are government employees, political activists and generally active members of civil society. Intelligence recruitment is however also very much involuntary as depending on how the intelligence agency assesses the potental recruit. The predominant means for coercive intelligence recruitment is sexual entrapment and subsequent police sexual extortion.

Open society has suffered successive waves of global onslaught of intelligence warfare on the part of state totalitarianism; first by Nazism, subsequently by Communism and now by Islamism. Nazi Germany thus took over many countries in Europe by means of intelligence warfare before actually invading them. The Soviet Union took over European colonies and turned them into Soviet colonies. This was done by means of both asymmetric warfare and intelligence warfare. However, the establishment of the State of Israel and the Mossad meant that the Soviet Union had encountered an adversary that it could simply not defeat and so has the Mossad remained the central, indeed indispensable factor in the Western intelligence community; much like the United States military is the central, indeed indispensable factor in NATO military alliance.

The Gestapo (Nazi intelligence) also established political control over many countries outside of Europe, both from Berlin and from 1945 and onwards from Buenos Aires as Argentina was already under Nazi German political control. Many of the allies of the United States during the Cold War were thus unfortunately Gestapo regimes. The Mossad too suffered extensive infiltration by the Gestapo which meant that the Gestapo managed to establish a significant degree of control of Western intelligence agencies due to those effectively being subsidiaries of the Mossad.

The Israel-Gaza conflict is in a sense a microcosm of the global intelligence war between the Mossad and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), a Saudi Islamist intelligence agency which in the past decade has risen as an emerging intelligence superpower with unlimited funding as derived from revenues from Saudi exports of fossil fuels. The Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood is under the control of Salafi state clerics due to the division of powers between Salafi clerics and the Saudi royal family ever since the first establishment of the Saudi state in 18th century.

While Riyadh-based Salafi intelligence (SI) focuses on asymmetric warfare through its Sunni Jihadist networks worldwide (including al Qaida, the Taliban, the Islamic State Caliphate and Boko Haram) does the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Saudi intelligence agency focus on intelligence warfare. While SI also does intelligence warfare and the MB also does asymmetric warfare is there is still a high degree of functional specialization between the two in terms of operational focus in Jihadist warfare although both Saudi intelligence agencies are heavily involved in oil-funded religious propagation as well.

The Cold War was highly transparent in terms of then existing dangers and so the general public in open society was certainly very much aware of the dangers as posed by KGB infiltration. Today however is public awareness very low and although there is increasing crisis awareness is this based on perception rather than on being knowledgeable. There is a global Cold War between Western intelligence services as led by the Mossad on the one hand and the MB on the other.

The MB with its unlimited budget is not even particularly selective about whom it recruits but readily recruits almost anyone whose influence it deems actually or potentially useful. The KGB during the Cold War had budgetary restraints but the MB certainly does not. The MB success in the MB coercively recruiting members of Western civil society (e.g. journalists, scientists, activists, politicians etc.) as well as government employees has caused Western intelligence agencies to emulate MB methods in endeavoring to recruit potential MB recruits before those are actually recruited by the MB although this unfortunately offers very limited protection indeed. This has had the distinctly negative effect of corrupting liberal democracy by increasingly turning its active participants (beyond mere voters) into intelligence agents. This is also highly problematic due to the still pervasive influence of the now North Korea based Gestapo over Western intelligence services, both directly and through its remaining influence over the Mossad.

Thus merely replicating the MB strategy of recruiting civil society and government employees in open society is insufficient precisely as this undermines what it intends to strengthen. What is needed rather is information and transparency so that the general public can defend itself against intelligence recruitment generally. Active MB political agents are easy to spot since they systematically engage in political rhetoric that directly and/or indirectly benefits the MB, its front organizations and its political agenda. There are of course many MB political agents whose activities are less public as well as of course MB sleeper agents whether Muslim or non-Muslim. It is not difficult at all to spot an active MB political agent and learning  to do that should indeed become essential to every concerned citizen of open society.

The US global war on Jihadism is no doubt essential but in order to prevail needs there now be a public and transparent global war on Islamism as well. What is needed thus is a global informational war without exaggeration and propaganda and which will endeavor to increasingly give rise to crisis awareness as based on facts. There are two main effective ways to liberate MB political agents from bondage, one is gain control over their MB handlers and the other is to simply publicly expose MB political agents so as to make them useless for the MB.

Ought the United States government publicly declare war on Islamism generally including especially on the MB? The answer is definitely in the affirmative. Neither asymmetric war nor intelligence war are sufficient (albeit both are surely essential) and so what is also very much needed is informational warfare in the form of informational transparency (including disclosing as much state secrets as possible without in the process harming national security) in educating the general public about the dangers as posed by every form of Islamism to open society and liberal democracy indeed.

Intelligence warfare needs to be waged with as much public transparency as possible and combatants need to work and become recruited without any coercion whatsoever. Intelligence agencies need become fully subjected to the rule of law and intelligence warfare need become fully subjected to the laws of war. Asymmetric warfare too needs to be implemented with the highest ethical standards possible which as of writing is indeed precisely done by Israel and the United States in feminist Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria).

When defending open society and liberal democracy must we take utmost care not to undermine precisely that which we seek to defend. Not only is such undermining counterintuitive, but it is very counterproductive indeed. Operational creativity is absolutely preferable to unethical action indeed.

Defense is insufficient as we need to bring down all MB regimes (in Turkey, North Sudan and Gaza) and constantly endeavor to strengthen the Saudi royal family in its power struggle with organized state Wahhabism until the peninsula is fully liberated. MB organizations including its front organizations will need to be outlawed by means of outlawing all organizations and institutions of totalitarian ideologies such as Communism, Islamism, Juche, Kahanism and Nazism. The general public needs not only be informed but crucially become highly involved as well. Transparency, public awareness and public scrutiny are our very best weapons in the global struggle against Islamism generally and the MB specifically and that is how we shall prevail in this global struggle indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.