Lesbian Cruising

Liberty, dignity, equality and rights are core American national interests including with respect to people of all genders. Female empowerment and social acceptance towards LGBTQI persons precisely undermine the neo-medievalist totalitarian, global Islamist/Jihadist agenda and so working to end all forms of gendered abuse worldwide is an important American national interest indeed.

Legislation worldwide that permit (blue shades) and prohibit (yellow to brown shades) same-sex marriage and same-sex interpersonal intimacy above the state age of consent.

LGBTQI emancipation advances year by year in liberal democracies around the world and LGBTQI emancipation is certainly highly important in the feminist revolution in Kurdistan and Syria where Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) has become increasingly successfully established in crushing the rapist totalitarian entity of the Islamic State Caliphate by the invincible force of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) feminist army.

The perception is all too often that LGBTQI people should interact discreetly within our own LGBTQI communities and must not live publicly, openly and transparently in public space except for the annual LGBTQI Pride Parade.

The usually homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic police typically maintains this extrajudicial perception and that is so in my native Sweden as well. The police unfortunately directly and indirectly engages in systematic sexual harassment against overt LGBTQI persons who are perceived as sexually attractive and thus threaten the heterocultural and ciscultural order. This is done both so as to force us away from public space and in order to sexually exploit us.

The legal system is stacked against LGBTQI people who in the court system are subjected mostly to persons with little to no knowledge about LGBTQI culture and who of course tend to be relatively prejudiced in this regard as is society at large. A common tactic for the police is to encourage psychiatry to harass LGBTQI people by falsely claiming that LGBTQI lifestyles are criminal and insane and that LGBTQI genders are sick, pathological, deviant and generally offensive to the public at large. This systemic mistreatment as perpetrated directly by and specifically encouraged by the police in an organized fashion constitutes precisely completely illegal sexual harassment indeed.

Gay and bisexual men typically cruise in a public park which by informal communal agreement among gays is devoted for this purpose. They do so because they cannot practically speaking cruise on men elsewhere in public space for fear of violently homophobic reactions. Gay men in fact are falsely stereotyped by heteroculture as purportedly sexually aggressive when in fact sexually aggressive behaviors are mostly to be found among heterocultural males. Overtly LGBTQI persons who are perceived as sexually attractive frequently suffer sexual harassment by heterocultural males in public space.

Lesbians in contrast literally cruise everywhere online and in public space and importantly cruise on females and others on the entire bisexual spectrum from lesbian-identified to heterocultural. This to most heterocultural onlookers would just seem like “any females” simply socializing with each other (which of course is precisely what we do!) and is often semi-derogatively described as “innocent” but typically simply remains undetected in heteroculture indeed. However, when an overtly transgender lesbian female engages in lesbian cruising is this typically perceived quite differently by patriarchy and this is typically perceived as a moral crime although being perfectly legal indeed.

Age is however much less of an issue in LGTBQI culture than in heteroculture and so if there is mutual attraction and those involved are above the age of consent tends age-difference to be much less of an issue considering that socially constructed, structural intolerance towards intergenerational intimacy is precisely founded in patriarchal prejudice vis-à-vis human reproduction.

While gay cruising is typically about casual sex is lesbian cruising typically far more ambiguous indeed as the “sexual” component is typically not so prominent, if even overtly existing at all. Transgender lesbians are certainly not different in this or other respects from cisgender lesbians.

The still prevailing prejudicial perception of overtly transgender females is that transgender females are all heterosexuals (meaning attracted to men) and so the police too believes that transgender females should cruise on gay men rather than on females generally. Being transgender of course may involve any orientation with respect to interpersonal intimacy.

The police often accepts the existence of binary transgender people provided that they fit themselves into heteronormative gender roles. The prejudicial idea thus from the perspective of the police is that LGBTQI people may become socially tolerated to some degree by the police itself if we indeed submit to misogynistic norms of heteroculture with the exception of nights on LGBTQI night clubs and of course the annual LGBTQI Pride Parade.

LGBTQI persons are legally entitled to socialize with whomever we please of any gender, ethnicity, age, orientation in interpersonal intimacy or otherwise provided that we as others citizens abide by law. We are legally entitled to be intimate with whomever we so wish provided of course that this too also conforms to law. We are furthermore entitled to speak with whomever we please of any category of persons, again provided that we abide by law.

The Swedish national police has engaged in systematic sexual harassment and extensive entrapment operations in order to force me away from public space and also so as to enable them to coercively sexually exploit superhot me by means of illegal police extortion. I am certainly not the only victim of anti-LGBTQI police persecution as this is common procedure not only in Sweden but indeed in countries around the world.

However, despite 15 months of patently illegal police operations of sexual harassment, entrapment and police extortion did they not succeed in ensnaring extremely law-abiding me and that particular gender war instead ended with humble me publicly exposing their criminal methods for anyone anywhere in the world to read indeed.

The Swedish national police therefore needs to be put on notice that I am legally entitled as transgender female person to socially perform my lesbian genders precisely anywhere I so wish and please. It is certainly no crime to have female gender roles. There is nothing illegal whatsoever with my overtly LGBTQI lifestyle, in fact is it completely protected under Swedish law.

The experience of gender dysphoria emerges precisely from discomfort with being directly and indirectly exposed to oppressively patriarchal norms of binary gender. I therefore specifically demand that the Swedish police conforms to Swedish law and like most other people here in Sweden accepts me as I am, namely a as an overtly transgender lesbian female who is also polyamorous and panamorous (“pansexual”) indeed. I have no interest in becoming passable so that others will think that I am a cisgender female (I am precisely not and demand to be accepted for what I am!) as that would depoliticize my genders and put me back into yet another patriarchal closet.

I have no interest whatsoever in surgery such as destroying my beautiful facial hair. I respect surgical transition as a legitimate choice for those transgender people who so prefer although in the absence of currently pervasive misgendering in society would there be drastically less gender dysphoria and so surgical transition would probably not be necessary to any significant extent since humans would not automatically associate stereotypically perceived physionomistic “body types” with stereotypically perceived genders and stereotypically perceived orientations in interpersonal intimacy.

Liberty, dignity, equality and rights of LGBTQI persons certainly need to become prioritized by the US State Department in the American promotion of liberty, dignity, equality and rights of persons generally. Increasing acceptance towards LGBTQI persons in countries around the world crucially undermines the nefarious neo-medievalist Islamist agenda worldwide and so protecting and enhancing the liberty, dignity, equality and rights of persons of all genders is thus a core American national interest indeed as liberty, dignity and equality in genders crucially pave the way for the introduction freedom and representative government in currently pre-dominantly Muslim countries. The fact that urban males in Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and Saudi Arabia nowadays tend to be functionally bisexual is thus precisely highly extremely conducive indeed to the gradual introduction of freedom and representative government in those countries.

The United States Supreme Court made a landmark decision in recognizing that marriage as a legal right is gender-neutral indeed. Liberty, dignity and equality of all genders are as indeed liberty, dignity and equality generally not only a core American national interest but are also core American values as America is a pioneer in the social acceptance of LGBTQI persons. The land of the free as a shining beacon on the hill is a social model for feminists and LGBTQI people all around the world. We all know that America isn’t perfect but America means well and emancipation is at the very core of America’s national identity. Freedom would indeed hardly exist anywhere else without American international leadership.

The United States Government needs to devise its own feminist policy in harshly clamping down on gender abuse everywhere irrespective of the respective anatomies of victims and irrespective of whether this takes place inside or outside of the United States of America. America needs to stand with liberty, dignity and equality for all including obviously for persons of all genders. Persecution on the basis of gender is just as nefarious as persecution on the basis of perceived “race”. This is not only a core American national interest but a moral duty indeed as tyranny typically reigns supreme in the absence of global American leadership.

Whether gender abuse is illegally committed in homes, in the streets or by government employees is this precisely unacceptable indeed. Legislation that permits gender abuse in countries around the world must change and the United States Department of State therefore needs to be put into action so as to promote liberty, dignity, equality and rights under law, both in terms of ensuring enforcement of existing legislation as already protecting liberty, dignity, equality and rights in gender expression as well as in promoting legislative change so to prevent gender abuse.

The considerable global political leverage of the United States of America therefore needs to be put in motion so as to help ensure, safeguard and establish liberty, dignity, equality and rights even with respect to genders. America standing with liberty, dignity and equality for all is part of America’s national identity and America primarily leads by virtue rather than by force. However, no reasonable person should accept persecution, abuse or other mistreatment on the basis of gender, race, orientation or any other such prejudice.

Furthermore, America standing against gender abuse will significantly improve the public perception of America in the world as American global moral leadership is not merely a moral duty but is indeed at the very core of America’s global national interest. While every wave of emancipation in American political history has been highly domestically controversial is America united in opposition to persecution, harassment, abuse and other mistreatment as this is surely a bipartisan issue indeed. While citizens who support freedom and representative government may disagree about gender ideals are we nevertheless committed to opposing gender abuse.

America as that shining beacon on the hill must lead both by example and by exerting America’s considerable global political influence in countries around the world so as to help put an end to all forms of gendered mistreatment and precisely irrespective of either anatomy or geography indeed.

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