United Peoples of Pakistan

Topographic map of Pakistan, Afghanistan and surrounding regions. (Image by Sadalmelik)

The world needs to stand with the peoples of Pakistan in defeating the scourge of Islamism and Jihadism as towards an horizon of self-determination, freedom and emancipation in the proud lands of the Indus River.

Pakistan which long included East Pakistan (since 1971 independent Bangladesh) was a creation of British colonial imagination whereby British India was partitioned into two Buddhist states (Burma/Myanmar and Ceylon/Sri Lanka) two Hindu states (India and formerly Sikkim now part of India) and one Muslim state, Pakistan (now Pakistan and Bangladesh).

There are however infamously dimensions of colonialism which have become curiously perpetuated even in the post-colonial period. This includes the peculiar idea that colonial borders are somehow sacrosanct and the still hegemonic colonial practice of refraining from empowering peoples in their own languages.

Pakistan has long suffered perpetual instability and largely so for domestic political reasons within the state structure as there are three centers of executive power in Pakistan, namely the government (i.e. if and when appointed by parliament), the pro-Western military and Pakistan’s Islamist intelligence community which is effectively a subcontractor to Saudi Islamist intelligence in e.g. organizing, sponsoring and promoting the Taliban and for years hiding and sheltering Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

The Pakistani military need therefore wipe out Pakistani Islamist intelligence irrespective of the time, effort and blood spent in the process. The Pakistani military has for decades successfully prevented the country from becoming an Islamist state and the world crucially needs to stand with the Pakistani military in waging total intelligence war on the Islamist-Jihadist menace. Of course this needs to be done discreetly without in any way provoking public opinion as that would only play into the hands of the forces of Islamism and Jihadism. The intelligence world of not only liberal democracies but also intelligence powerhouses such as China and Russia need to offer their full assistance and extensive cooperation to the brave Pakistani military leadership in this momentous struggle against the forces of evil.

Pakistan needs not only a strategy for defeating evil but also one for the future of the country and the region. Pakistan therefore needs to be remodeled into a confederation of linguistic states. Then what is a language and a dialect? In scientific terms is the dialect the spoken form and the language the written form, but beyond that it is essential that language is neither defined to expansively in submerging distinct languages nor too narrowly in pretending that a dialect is a distinct language. This new structure thus needs to give every regional/local majority people self-government through linguistic statehood, something which will no doubt be conducive to democratization, liberalization, secularization and crucially economic development as culturally empowered peoplehood is typically a powerful factor indeed in successful processes of democratization and liberalization. No regional/local majority people should be treated unfairly and boundaries of the new states need to be meticulously fairly drawn as any unfair boundaries would unfortunately and unnecessarily risk causing future instability. There needs furthermore be a democratic mechanism providing for democratic borders so that borders can be modified if requested so by local consensus.

There needs importantly also be freedom of religion in Pakistan and crucially allowing and facilitating for the peoples of Pakistan to communally revert to their own respective heritage as existing prior to the brutal onslaught of religious imperialism. Imperialism is simply evil irrespective of in whose name, ideology or religion it is perpetrated. It needs also to be recognized that female empowerment is an essential part of liberal democracy and feminist revolution is a must, including YPJ-style feminist para-military forces in Pakistan.

The Pakistani military needs to crush the menace of Islamism and Jihadism and practically so in a manner that will precisely not subvert or sabotage Pakistan’s emerging democracy. The Pakistani military deserve wholehearted international support in this essential, indeed crucial intelligence war with global dimensions. This is not a matter of geopolitical power play but rather an epic struggle of good against evil and although armed conflicts can be more ambiguous must the struggle for humanity against totalitarianism in no way be ambiguous at all. Islamists/Jihadists seek a global war of civilization, yet all societies must rather wage intelligence war on this immense threat against the freedom of humanity and the world.

The excellent relations between Pakistan and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries is certainly essential in that the pro-democratic monarchies of those countries precisely wage the same war as the Pakistani military against the evil forces of totalitarianism. The GCC thus needs to provide extensive covert financial assistance to the Pakistani military in helping wage this common struggle against the reactionary forces of totalitarian medievalism.

The world needs to stand with the pro-democratic Pakistani military fighting this war for the future and freedom of humanity as a whole. No effort, resources or diplomacy must be spared in making sure that the Pakistani military is optimally assisted in every way necessary by the international community so as to crush the evils of totalitarian medievalism and increasingly rapidly so as this war on evil need become accelerated indeed. This will be no easy struggle but a just war of blood, toil, tears and sweat. The Pakistani military needs however always be cognizant that military ethics and democratic values are precisely essential in prevailing in asymmetric warfare, including so as not alienate public opinion or undermine emerging democracy.

The peoples of Afghanistan suffer tremendously due to the Jihadist civil war as violently imposed there by Pakistan’s Islamist intelligence community. Standing with the pro-democratic Pakistani military thus also means standing with the peoples of Afghanistan in their own epic struggle against totalitarian medievalism. Standing with the Pakistani military crucially means the international community standing together in this struggle against the evils of totalitarianism. We need to defeat, discredit, delegitimize and marginalize Islamism/Jihadism just as we already defeated Nazism and Communism.

Countries and peoples that have historically suffered under the yoke of totalitarianism understand this extremely well, including Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Israelis and others. This is not Sunni against Shia, Muslim against non-Muslim; this is humanity against totalitarianism and the way to prevail is to stand together in defeating this immense menace and threat to liberty everywhere. Standing with the peoples of Pakistan and Afghanistan in their struggle against totalitarianism is indeed precisely essential to our shared human future on this blue planet of ours.