Police Anti-LGBTQI Harassment Methods

Swedish police vehicle (image by Calle Eklund/V-wolf)

After 15 months of anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment as organized by the Swedish national police and its partners in purported crime prevention have they effectively exposed themselves and compromised their own illegal methods. These are methods which the national police deploys in a highly organized fashion for the criminal purpose of deliberately sexually harassing innocent LGBTQI people. 

The psychological purpose of police organized anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment is to end the sense of pride in living openly and transparently LGBTQI and supplant it with shame, guilt and fear. All methods deployed are therefore used with the purpose of inducing one or more of those emotions and make the victim vulnerable to police extortion and police sexual exploitation.

The police is  far more concerned with upholding the patriarchal order (including cisnormativity & heteronormativity) than enforcing law as the police itself typically does not mind breaking the law as they rarely risk prosecution as long as internally considered “normal procedure”. The purpose is to force away the victim from public space but also to deploy police extortion so as to be able to force the victim to do as the police wants, including not living openly LGBTQI and also let the police sexually exploit the sexually attractive victim, including later for intelligence prostitution.

These are obviously not specifically Swedish methods but are rather part of general entrapment methods as used by the intelligence community worldwide for recruitment by extortion and of course prominently so sexual extortion. Police-organized anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment in open societies thus continues due to its connection with the intelligence world as the police seeks to ideologically enforce cisnormativity and heteronormativity while the intelligence world on its part sees sexually attractive LGBTQI persons with highly visible daily and transparent LGBTQI lifestyle as perfect potential intelligence prostitutes. 

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.