Gender Police

Police and gender (Image by Tom Morris)

Sweden is statistically the world leader in gender equality, yet its police as the police in virtually all countries engages in systematic organized sexual harassment against LGBTQI people including by uniformed police officers, plainclothes undercover police officers and non-police police agents as paid, trained and tasked by the police.

The police presses me to either live in a stereotypically male gender role or undergo sex-reassignment surgery. They have the audacity of telling me that myself living openly female, lesbian and feminist in public space is offensive to the sensibilities of heteronormativity and cisnormativity. They claim that they are entitled to systematically sexually harass me because my gender role “could be misconstrued”.

They wish to illegally enforce special rules for me as an openly transgender lesbian gal although this is clearly completely illegal in constituting indirect discrimination under Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation. They consider me as a transgender lesbian as sexually deviant and therefore as ostensibly being a sex criminal in a moral sense although clearly not legally so since they never called me to a formal interrogation and I was never charged or convicted of any crime whatsoever despite 15 months of illegal police sexual harassment against me as organized by the Swedish national police in the guise of a literally “criminal” investigation into crimes that of course never even occurred.

Honor culture is a prominent concept in Sweden’s multicultural debates as derived from the anthropological concept of honor and shame society. This is derived from anthropological typology in dividing society whose social control is based on guilt, shame and fear respectively. This typology is obviously antiquated, yet the term honor culture is useful in understanding a psychologically coercive type of social structure as existing in various human societies in terms of policing the enforcement of shibboleths of discrimination such as gender, race/species, age, physical attraction, interpersonal intimacy etc. In Sweden is it typically assumed that honor culture almost only exists among persons who belong to Mideast cultures and so honor culture as structurally existing in ethnically Swedish culture is thus precisely made invisible indeed.

Yet, the honor culture that victimizes primarily girls, women and boys of and from Near Eastern societies is very similar to anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment. What is known as honor culture is simply sexual harassment within families (including extended families) where families endeavor to control sexualities of girls, women and boys by means of controlling their genders and gendered social patterns. Victims are told that they cannot perform other genders as existing elsewhere in Swedish society. Family members thus act as gender police in intimidating family families for their gender patterns.

What then is the difference between gender policing by the Swedish police and gender policing among ethnic minorities in Sweden with recent origin in the Near East? Interestingly does the Swedish police typically ignore victims of ethnic minority honor culture while illegally and systematically sexually harassing sexually attractive LGBTQI persons in trying to enforce ethnically Swedish honor culture for gendered behaviors while typically attempting to entrap them into intelligence prostitution.

It needs to be understood that today’s wars take usually do not take place by invading other countries but rather by supporting clandestine armed groups (terrorists, guerrillas, militias etc.) and taking over other countries by means of intelligence war. This is done by effectively taking over persons of authority in other countries by means of sending out agents of seduction and so are victims subsequently sexually extorted into becoming agents of another country. This requires armies of agents of seductions, i.e. intelligence prostitutes of all ages and genders, including most tragically those under the age of consent.

Recruitment of intelligence prostitutes typically takes place through becoming seduced by existing intelligence prostitutes and subsequently sexually extorted into intelligence bondage. These permanent intelligence wars constantly expand and require more and more coercively recruited intelligence prostitutes. The silence of shame as indeed experienced by victims of sexual exploitation effectively mostly precludes public discussion about structural sexual exploitation as pervasive in different parts of society, including through the sexist ideological illusion of nominally reproductive marital prostitution.

Sexually attractive anatomic females and sexually attractive natively anatomically male LGBTQI persons are particularly vulnerable to coercive recruitment into intelligence prostitution. This is so as most victims of sexual extortion in intelligence wars are men with power and authority and hence it is considered the most useful to exploit children, youth, heterocultural females and LGBTQI people as intelligence prostitutes. Children of intelligence prostitutes are typically collectively sexually exploited from an early age by persons of authority in the intelligence world under the guise of “training” children from an early age to become intelligence prostitutes.

The police agenda of enforcing heteronormativity and cisnormativity in public space therefore synchronizes with the constant “need” for the intelligence world to coercively recruite more and more intelligence prostitutes, literally armies of agents of seduction. The best way to prevent foreign intelligence infiltration is however to inform the public of the dangers of intelligence wars and help people understand that it is vital to strictly abide by sex laws and never give in to extortion whether sexual extortion or otherwise.

The past decade has seen a global intelligence war between Israeli intelligence and the Saudi Islamist intelligence agency known as the Muslim Brotherhood. This global intelligence war takes place worldwide and Israeli-allied intelligence agencies form part of this worldwide battle against large-scale MB intelligence infiltration and increasing takeover of civil societies worldwide as indeed was attained by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt already decades ago.

Intelligence wars are premised on structural sexual prejudice in taking advantage of sexual misery and conscious/subconscious desire for interpersonal intimacy. What is known as “sexuality” is the Achilles heel (weak point) of every virtually every human being above a certain age of psychological development although asexual persons and prepubescent persons are much less vulnerable indeed.

What is needed therefore is universal emancipation, including universal emancipation with respect to emotional and physical intimacy. Incremental emancipation is a misguided approach in the sense that this unethically delays the no less needed emancipation of yet many other groups of persons as partly or entirely disenfranchised by discriminatory and/or insufficient legislation. Current sex laws are indeed entirely insufficient with respect to the complex issue of consent and irrespectively so of shibboleths of discrimination such as gender, age, species, physical orientation etc. Entirely new legislation is therefore needed that will not be based on shibboleths of discrimination but will rather help protect citizens from sexual extortion specifically and indeed from extortion generally.

Open societies need to defend themselves against hostile intelligence penetration by means of universal emancipation (including with respect to emotional and physical intimacy and irrespectively so of shibboleths of discrimination) and informing the public about the dangers posed by intelligence war to citizens and residents alike. The sexist intelligence world (including particularly the Muslim Brotherhood Saudi Islamist intelligence agency) is the most severe contemporary existential threat to open society and liberal democracy worldwide and the answer should be optimal transparency and opening up intelligence archives to scientists and the general public alike. Most secrets held by intelligence services certainly ought not remain secret as policies of exaggerated secrecy is precisely a very severe threat indeed to liberal democracy and open society worldwide.

Universal emancipation certainly includes comprehensive legal and actual emancipation of sex workers, including importantly prostitutes in general and intelligence prostitutes in particular who all need to be freed from servitude. All sex work must become strictly voluntary including when working for a salary in intelligence agencies and so prostitution generally and intelligence prostitution in particular need to be abolished worldwide through universal emancipation indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.