Military Humanitarian Intervention

julia-roberts-2470354_1280As the diplomatic window is increasingly closing in the Korean peninsula needs the international community build a global coalition for the liberation and unification of the Korean people in the Korean peninsula by means of military humanitarian intervention.

The North Korean regime is an ideological synthesis between Stalinism and Nazism. The regime officially advocates racial purity, maintains 30 concentration camps from which no one escapes alive and automatically forces Korean women to undergo abortion if the biological father is Chinese or otherwise deemed racially non-Korean.

Diplomacy for a peaceful dismantlement of the kleptocratic, totalitarian Juche regime have turned out increasingly unsuccessful and so now not much more remains in the toolbox than military humanitarian intervention. War is to be sure not a light matter, yet anyone with a humanitarian heart must understand that humanitarian intervention is increasingly the only effective humanitarian option left at our disposal.

The North Korean regime would be particularly well advised to internalize the understanding that the current US administration does not hesitate to take effective measures when this is required. There may be little point in threatening the regime other than as political preparation for humanitarian intervention but still the fact is that the Trump-Pence administration is readying for blitzkrieg in the Korean peninsula.

The American people knows more than any other people how to tell right from wrong in international affairs and certainly does not hesitate to go to war for the cause of liberty. America is however contrary to anti-American perception certainly not trigger-happy, yet the American people understands and takes seriously America’s essential mission as global protector of liberty. The North Korean regime must not talk itself into believing that it could somehow once more prevent humanitarian intervention by means of psychological warfare.

The United States government now has the essential task of building and leading a global coalition against the North Korean menace and seek support and binding approval for military humanitarian intervention in the United Nations Security Council as an added measure so as to enhance international unity on securing the dignity and freedom of the people of the Korean peninsula. China, Japan and Russia do feel very threatened by the North Korean totalitarian menace and so it is precisely in their interest to become part of a global diplomatic consensus in favor of humanitarian intervention in the Korean peninsula. North Korea is their immediate neighbor and so it is precisely their responsibility and interest indeed to make sure that the humanitarian military intervention is indeed preceded by a decision in the United Nations Security Council because such an international decision may be the only measure left that could diplomatically convince the North Korean regime to peacefully dismantle itself.

This is not to say that there are terrific prospects for a peaceful end to the regime but rather that all diplomatic efforts certainly need to be exhausted as much as possible as prior indeed to international military humanitarian intervention.

America’s allies in the international community will be expected to contribute to the best of their abilities to this noble humanitarian mission and not merely symbolically so. Those who benefit from the grandeur and generosity of America’s brave global commitment to safeguarding liberty around the world will be expected to very significantly contribute as well. There are two ways to contribute, one is joining the military preparations and the other is funding this major humanitarian military operation as both are precisely welcome and necessary indeed. American allies that are able to contribute militarily are strongly expected to very significantly do so and those with the financial muscles to help fund the Korean people finance this very necessary humanitarian blietzkrieg are very strongly expected indeed to very significantly do so as well.

It is politically essential that support is provided openly and transparently so as to safeguard the respective national security of China, Japan and Russia and thus international peace and security in East Asia. This is however no diplomatic bazaar and ending the North Korean menace is a national interest of China, Japan and Russia even more than of the United States of America. There is no doubt that building a global coalition against North Korea is the appropriate path so as to contain the conflict and safeguard China, Japan and Russia from any non-conventional scenario. This is precisely also a matter of safeguarding Chinese, Japanese and Russian core national interests in safeguarding international peace and security in East Asia. Building a global coalition for humanitarian intervention in the Korean peninsula is precisely an international interest no less than an American one

The atrocious suffering of 25 million Koreans as still living under Juche totalitarian tyranny is literally unspeakable and persons of conscience simply cannot let this continue. While America’s allies are expected to participate in this major humanitarian operation to the best of their capabilities are all those with intelligence on North Korea expected to do do their part in this regard including with respect to intelligence war and that crucially includes China and Russia.

This US administration will be watching carefully in order to ensure that all countries do their share to the best of their abilities as there is precisely no place for freeloaders under Pax Americana. America has no interest in being taken advantage of by those whose interests it magnanimously works to precisely ensure and safeguard indeed. Americans are known for being forgiving in international affairs but this time will America at the end of the road not tolerate any freeloader behaviors whatsoever. Every sovereign nation must do their part to the best of their respective capabilities in displaying their utmost solidarity with liberal-democratic Korea and the Korean people in thus help safeguard international peace and security indeed.

Make no mistake, this is a humanitarian operation in order to attain and ensure the dignity of the Korean people. Much of Gestapo and most Nazi leaders relocated to Argentina in 1945 and which they referred to as “the Aryan paradise in South America” and had previously and later as so many other countries in Europe and around the world been covertly taken over by Gestapo by means of intelligence war. There has since the Cold War been three superpowers in the intelligence world, namely FSB/KGB, Mossad and Gestapo with intelligence services of other countries effectively being subcontractors to those three superpowers of the intelligence world.

As the Gestapo much later relocated  to North Korea which has a full-fledged neo-Nazi state ideology complete with racial supremacism, racial purity policies and concentration camps is North Korea essentially Nazi Germany transformed to another part of the world.

The Gestapo intelligence service simply can no more be allowed to terrorize the international community from its remaining North Korean bastion. We are all Koreans in the essential fight against racial supremacism without distinction of culture, ethnicity and pigmentation. We must all stand with the people of Korea in this brave struggle against the forces of evil irrespective of where our sovereign nations are geographically placed on this shared planet of ours.

America will take careful notice and as President George W. Bush put it “you are either with us or against us”. Freeloaders will not receive preferential treatment once the operation is secured and this time will America take careful notice of behaviors of other governments and afterwards act accordingly. America is free, prosperous, tolerant, inclusive and benevolent for its citizens of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, yet Americans like other peoples have no desire to be taken advantage of.

America stands with people of Korea and every other sovereign government is certainly most strongly expected to do so as well, each in their own way. Anyone which unwisely chooses otherwise will subsequently find many doors shut in Washington for a very, very, very long time. The Trump-Pence administration is certainly not vicious, yet it is not forgiving either and certainly most strongly expects every country to do their share in safeguarding their shared national security interests indeed. There is a time for peace and a time for war (Kohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:8) and although the precise means for attainment of freedom for the Korean people remains negotiable is the freedom of the Korean people itself entirely non-negotiable as is indeed the unity of Korean peninsula itself.

America understands that the Korean people must liberate itself; by itself, for itself and of itself. America and America’s friends and allies around the world are however expected to fully do their part in helping the Korean people liberate and unify the Korean peninsula. This very humanitarian intervention is very long overdue and is precisely in the intrinsic national security interest of every people, nation and country. As President Ronald Reagan put it must we “tear down this wall” of fear and division which tragically bisects the Korean peninsula ever since the end the Korean War in 1953.

Finally needs Pyongyang precisely understand that not only will not this last outpost of state Nazism simply not be permitted to remain in place but continued rejection of Korean unification may very conceivably draw in major Chinese and Russian military intervention as well. Pyongyang needs precisely internalize that Nazism has no friends in the international community and that the Juche regime will not be permitted to survive under any circumstances whatsoever. America is under no illusions and is certainly not hesitant to make all necessary decisions and take all necessary measures as of need and so the regime playing for time, making threats as part of psychological warfare as are indeed its wont or even attempting to harm the national security of any nation will certainly not help that despicable regime survive. The regime will face comprehensive liquidation unless it agrees to dismantle itself and cease standing in the way of the unification of the Korean people in the Korean peninsula.

Make no mistake, this humanitarian operation will be undertaken of, by and for the Korean people. Every nation is expected to do its share to the best of their capabilities in standing with the valiant nation of Korea. The suffering people in northern part of the Korean peninsula has been let down since 1953 and so we must all stand against this menace and last outpost of official intra-human racial supremacism.

The calling of history requires us to all do our part in sharing our love, affection, care and solidarity with the Korean people. As the diplomatic window of opportunity is closing need we all prepare ourselves for what Winston Churchill described as “blood, toils, tears and sweat”. War even as humanitarian intervention is never easy and sacrifice is inevitable. War is a scourge on the name of humanity and this war will therefore be fought in the service of the cause of attaining lasting peace.

No more can we stand by and watch the atrocious suffering of the Korean people under the evil Juche regime. Our collective conscience calls on us to act as if indeed we were all Koreans and entirely so without distinction of our respective backgrounds of any kind. This humanitarian operation is very, very, very long overdue and no one should certainly in any manner whatsoever underestimate the resolute decision-making capabilities of this US administration to stand with liberal-democratic Korea and the Korean people in indeed clearing the world from this last outpost of National Socialism.