Sexual Exploitation

face-1617558_1280Victims of sexual exploitation typically experience severe shame and dare not speak out about their experiences. This includes sexual exploitation in the military, judicial and professional spheres.

Sexual exploitation is a problem in many professional areas. Women who wish to pursue leadership careers in the private sector are typically asked to sleep with male superiors in order to attain promotion and unless they do are they typically in those cases not promoted.

Sexual exploitation is also a severe problem in the legal and military sectors. Sexually attractive male conscripts are commonly raped by superiors and fellow conscripts alike. Male rape victims rarely report their experiences.

Sexual exploitation (including rape) between male inmates is infamously pervasive in the American prison system. Inmates in Swedish prisons are typically forced to provide sexual services to prison guards in order for them to receive privileges such as visitation, contact with the outside world and being given access to various products and services. This culture of sexual exploitation in the Swedish prison system is gender neutral in that both victims and victimizers are variously gendered indeed.

Convicted murderers are commonly offered parole if they agree to become professional assassins for intelligence services. Yet they don’t understand that the sexual exploitation in prison continues as being an intelligence prostitute is part of the culture of the intelligence world where everyone is supposed to accept a seduction mission at any time and place and irrespectively so of genders of agent and victim respectively.

Police sexual harassment against LGBTQI people is pervasive in virtually every country and is furthermore highly organized indeed. When the Swedish police uses illegal FBI-style methods to sexually harass, socially marginalize and legally entrap sexually attractive LGBTQI persons with highly visible lifestyles is this precisely not some local abuse but rather premeditated crime as planned, organized and executed at the highest levels by the national police. Sexually attractive persons who bravely lead highly visible LGBTQI lifestyles are considered highly suitable for becoming elite seduction agents and are as sexually attractive females generally very vulnerable indeed to becoming drawn into intelligence prostitution.

Victims of sexual exploitation rarely dare speak out about this publicly and so there is typically a conspiracy of silence surrounding sexual exploitation including wartime sexual exploitation of girls and women. While it is popular worldwide to write about the conflict between Israel and some of its neighbors is the question of wartime sexual exploitation never even as much as mentioned in those discursive contexts.

These systemic abuses continue precisely because of the silence of shame as experienced among victims and so in order to put an end to the continued normalization of sexual exploitation in different spheres (including pervasive police sexual exploitation of sex workers, prostitutes, LGBTQI people, sexually attractive suspects and migrants) is it precisely essential to end the pervasive silence surrounding sexual exploitation and entirely irrespective of which sector in which it takes place. Victims of sexual exploitation typically do not understand that there are many other victims and that these crimes are indeed premeditated, structurally pervasive and in the case of anti-LGBTQI harassment by the police highly organized indeed.

One reason why such repugnant practices continue is that people of authority are involved as it is common indeed for leading politicians and others in leadership position in society to be trained elite intelligence agents with all which that entails including intelligence prostitution. The close ties between the police, prostitution networks and the intelligence world is a further reason why these abuses continue unabated. The police does not only engage in organized harassment against LGBTQI persons (including by plainclothes police officers and persons such as security guards and shop clerks as recruited by the police to engage in harassment against LGBTQI people) but they furthermore actively encourage other government employees to do so as well. When myself suffering anti-LGBTQI harassment do harassers frequently overtly refer to their ties with the police as a tool in order to strike fear, stigmatize and intimidate open LGBTQI persons.

The intelligence world is practically speaking not subject to normal legislation as the intelligence world falls under the jurisdiction of secret military courts and this is so considering that people in the intelligence world are virtually never prosecuted for the severe structural abuses taking place within the intelligence world including systematic sexual exploitation of agents of all genders and ages by persons in leading positions in the intelligence world. The complete lack of transparency inevitably means almost zero accountability. Elite police officers have typically undergone intelligence training and this means that they as trained proactive seduction agents (as opposed to decoy seduction agents) have immunity from prosecution and so therefore the continued organized police sexual harassment against persons with highly visible LGBTQI lifestyles continues indeed year after year.

During the period when sexually harassed by transphobic/homophobic employees of the local psychiatric office (something which is a common experience for transgender people) was I informed that they constantly received reports about what they described as my sick gender (i.e. my being openly female) and criminal lifestyle (i.e. my living openly lesbian) and engaged in recurring interrogations as no doubt asked to do so by their police patrons. Of course no charges have ever been brought against me and I have never even been formally called to interrogation during 15 months of organized police sexual harassment against me as led by the Swedish national police with participation of their partners in purported crime prevention. A 15-month criminal investigation into my private life has remained completely fruitless considering my meticulously law-abiding lifestyle. Baseless criminal investigations for crimes that never occurred apparently serve to legally justify organized police sexual harassment against LGBTQI people just as criminal investigations likewise serve to justify police sexual exploitation against sex workers, prostitutes, migrants, sexually attractive suspects and others.

Victims of sexual exploitation need to network online and commence sharing respective experiences in precisely understanding that what they have went through is hardly unique. Publicly speaking out about these abuses is thus very much essential to ending them indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.