Damascus and Washington

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The Islamic State Caliphate is increasingly collapsing as the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syran Army in close coordination move forward in parallel on the two banks of the Euphrates. (syria.liveuamap.com)

Syria during the Cold War did become aligned with Moscow and this relationship has continued ever since. Ba’athist Syria was always an Alawite ethnocracy and no one in leadership in Damascus today believes anymore in the modern totalitarian political ideology of Ba’athism. Syria’s alliance with Iran was always a marriage of convenience considering indeed the utter nominal incompatibility of Syria’s secularism and Iran’s official Islamism. Syrian leaders and Iranian leaders in diplomatic conversations always mutually pretended that the Crypto-Jewish Alawites (who remain halakhically Jewish) are somehow “Shia Muslims” (something which remain the official tactically missionary position of the Iranian state) although of course neither side ever believed that.

As the relationship between Damascus and Jerusalem is increasingly blossoming need there now be a triangular relationship between Damascus, Jerusalem and Washington. This is not say that Russian military bases in Rojava and Syria (including the naval base in Tartus) should not remain in place as they have a stabilizing effect on the region and obviously can only remain there with the continued full consent of Free Kurdistan and Syria respectively. Russia is an important power which needs to shift foreign policy from strict realism to neoconservative democratic realism as did France already under president Nicolas Sarcozy. This will serve Russia far better and Russia furthermore needs to create a master plan for democratization & liberalization in Russia including devising and planning for the implementation of a pro-LGBTQI domestic policy.

Russia will be happy to find that aligning with democracy will end any and all NATO strategic threats against it. Democratic borders are crucially the solution to the conflict in Ukraine, meaning that local populations on both sides of the international border need democratically and with international transparency be permitted to decide their own future through local and regional consensus-building processes. European countries on their side really need to put an end to domestic Islamization in their own countries as Russia rightly and legitimately so sees that as an immense strategic, even existential threat to Russia and Russian vital interest indeed and hence the ongoing extensive Russian disinformation campaign in Europe.

Russia will become most pleased indeed to find out that rapprochement between Damascus and Washington certainly does not threaten Russian interests in the Mediterranean realm as Russia’s permanent presence there is certainly welcome considering Russia’s significant contribution to regional stability and having continued successfully aiding secular Syria to survive the Jihadist onslaught against it. Diplomacy in the conception of democratic realism is not a zero-sum power play of dominating others but rather a fundamental moral duty of defending and nurturing freedom and certainly so in the intrinsic interest of every people. The national interest in the conception of democratic realism is crucially at its core a matter of helping liberty emerge, thrive and survive, including in jurisdictions that are not yet liberal democracies. The freedom and security of every people is hence absolutely paramount in the neoconservative conception of foreign policy.

Few in top leadership positions in the Iranian power structure now believe in the discredited neo-medievalist modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism and so Tehran needs to plan and implement its own Glasnost process as in the past decade certainly increasingly successfully so in Saudi Arabia under shadow of the ongoing power struggle between Wahhabi clerics and the now staunchly pro-democratic monarchy. While the power struggle between secularists and Islamists continue also within the powerful Iranian intelligence establishment are the secularists increasingly  winning and hence is it possible to commence a process of phasing out the official Islamist state ideology in the state of munafiqun.

Tehran has made and continues indeed to make very helpful contributions to security in Iraq. However, the Iranian sponsored-militias will certainly have completed their important strategic task once the Islamic State polity has been fullydismantled. Central Iraq afterwards needs to be handed over to PKK intelligence whose essential task here it is to create an independent Aramaic Ezidxan south of independent Kurdistan. Restoring the broader Middle East to Median Judaism (including Yezidi Median Judaism in Ezidxan and Alawite Median Judaism in Alawistan) means also the brave restoration the proud heritage of Iran and the end of the tragic inheritance of Arabian colonialism for Iran and the region, including the disastrous destruction of Iranian and Arabian heritage by criminal thugs ever since the 7th century. This severe and justified criticism of religious imperialism in the past and present must however in no way imply condoning structural prejudice against in any form or shape against Muslims as persons as religious prejudice like other forms of prejudice is indeed reprehensible and a scourge in the world.

Damascus in being transformed from Syria to Alawistan (including thanks to future communal reversion to Alawite Median Judaism) will become a major Mediterranean power and so certainly the cause of freedom and generally the American national interest therefore necessitate rapprochement between Damascus and Washington by means of triangular strategic dialogue as crucially also involving the full participation of Jerusalem as trusted mediator and strategic facilitator indeed. The organized and highly patriotic American Jewish community also have an essential role to play in its de facto role as diplomatic gateway in DC and so the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and other major American Jewish organizations need to take on the essential task and role of explaining and advocating for Alawite interests in DC and at the UN in NYC.

The blossoming relationship between Jerusalem and Damascus is precisely essential to the region and its free and prosperous future and so building a triangular relationship between Damascus, Jerusalem and Washington needs to become yet another pillar of the increasingly rapidly deepening alliance between Damascus and Jerusalem indeed. The Obama-Biden administration abandoned any vestiges of American imperialist domination in the Middle East and the United States under the neoconservative Trump-Pence administration rightly sees its role there as partnering with Israel’s allies throughout the broader region in building relationships of respect rather than of domination and doing so in promoting the best interest of every people of the broader Middle East and beyond. America’s national interest in promoting security and freedom in the broader Middle East and around the world is indeed particularly well served by this strategic policy which brings pride and honor to the brave people of America which knows full well how to tell right from wrong in international affairs. The great nation of America is a reflection of the world’s tremendous ethnic diversity and hence also America’s enduring commitment to and conception of its foreign policy as nurturing and protecting the freedom of every human people on this planet.

The international military coalition against the collapsing Islamic State polity crucially needs to be broadened to include Damascus and Moscow and so the other Sunni Jihadist militias tormenting Syria/Rojava need to become part of the target list of the expanded coalition against Jihadism. America and Russia crucially need to partner in militarily aiding Rojava and Syria to eliminate AKP-sponsored Jihadist militias whether Salafi or affiliated with the Syrian branch of the global Muslim Brotherhood. There is really no place for further American-Russian rivalry in today’s world and so diplomatic reconciliation is essential indeed for the interest of both countries and the world. Helping end religious imperialism in the broader Middle East and aligning with freedom will also help end any and all geostrategic threats against the Russian federation as democratic borders will best serve the future of the Russian people indeed, including developing a service-based high tech economy.

Reconciliation between Damascus and Washington thus has global implications in crucially helping bring Russia into the orbit of freedom. Democratic realism in promoting the best interests of every human people on this planet also need to become embraced by the European Union and its member states and so halting and reversing ongoing processes of Islamization in Europe will crucially help promote rapprochement between Europe and Russia as well as increasingly integrating the two in the economic sphere.

The strategic promotion of the best interests of every people, the Straussian moral clarity of democratic realism and indeed the necessity of democratic borders for peace and security worldwide certainly need to become new pillars of diplomacy around the world in increasingly giving rise to a freer, better functioning, more secure and more prosperous world indeed. Dignity in freedom has no ethnicity or color of skin, yet dignity in freedom is at the core of the best interest of every people on this planet. Freedom must not be misconstrued as a licence for abusing others as freedom obliges indeed in accordance with the noble principle of noblesse oblige and so freedom in dignity means treating others ethically indeed. Ethical self-interest in dignity in freedom precisely necessitates also aiding others nurturing dignity in freedom on their own terms for democracy is cultural empowerment or it is not democracy at all.

As the civil war in Syria is winding up with Jihadism in Syria/Rojava suffering comprehensive defeat, including through international consensus is it also essential to work for the peaceful demobilization and disarmament of the Hezbollah Jihadist militia. There is now diplomatic consensus between Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem about the future of the region including the partition map and it is precisely crucial that the powerful secularists in the Tehran power structure work to ensure as much as possible a peaceful dissolution and disarmament of the Hezbollah mercenary branch of the Jihadist IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) which itself needs to become disbanded and dissolved as part of ending the scourge of the ideological hegemony of religious imperialism in the proud ancient lands of Persians and Medes.  

America stands with all those who genuinely seek freedom and so strict realism as decades ago in American foreign policy belongs indeed to the eternal hall of shame of history. Strict realism in foreign policy is pure evil and surely should have no place in international relations as democratic realism in contrast through love and mutual respect between peoples helps attain, ensure and defend dignity in freedom for every human people on this planet. Her biji!