Rules of Engagement in Gender War

If you visibly come out as a highly sexually attractive LGBTQI person (especially as a transfemale) in daily life then expect trouble because the police will feel entitled to sexually exploit you as will prostitution networks as typically closely connected with the police.

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“To love whom you love is worth the struggle! Love to from Raqqa to the Stockholm Gay Pride Parade.” Message in Swedish from The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (T-QILA) which is part of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), the army of Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria), the first feminist state in world history. The picture was taken during the ongoing feminist military liberation of Raqqa (capital of the Islamic State Caliphate) during the summer of 2017.

What the police does

The police are part of the core of patriarchy and feels entitled and obliged to defend all aspects of patriarchy including the cultural hegemony of patriarchal ideologies such as cisnormativity and heteronormativity. They don’t mind breaking the law and usually don’t risk prosecution because they are supported by the prosecutor’s office. They will sexually harass you in the hope that you will go back into the closet and let them sexually exploit you. They will try to instill fear, guilt and shame rather than Pride for living openly LGBTQI. Please understand that the police is a highly organized body with substantial resources at its disposal and which does not hesitate to illegally and legally sexually harass LGBTQI persons.

They will stalk you, sexually harass you, try to scare you, try to extort you, try to intimidate you, try instill guilt in you, endeavor to emotionally and psychologically manipulate you for their own hostile purposes, discriminate against you and engage in entrapment operations against you (including sexual entrapment) in order to crush you so that you no longer will remain openly LGBTQI in public space. They will pay and recruit others (including close friends of yours) to do all of the above against you, including even deploying other state/municipal employees. They might even try to politely convince you to not exercise your freedom under law to live as you please. Most police officers whom you encounter will be plainclothes undercover agents. Understand that most police officers do not hesitate to commit criminal acts as part of their work and will hold you to far higher standards than what they themselves adhere to. Please understand that they will try to exploit any weak point of yours into provoking you into illegal behavior and use that against you. Never assume that the police is fair and unbiased.

What you need to do

Don’t compromise on your right to equality in freedom under law in living as you please. However, you do not need to do all things all the time and everywhere and so decide for yourself in using your best judgment. Also keep in mind that you are in a state of gender war and so the purpose is to win the war, therefore it’s not personal but political and so make sure to not let yourself become behaviorally dominated by your own libido because the police might well deploy sexual entrapment in order to permanently force you away from public space. Therefore always be careful with whom you have sex and always be meticulously law-abiding with an extremely wide legal margin indeed. Keep in mind that it is not enough to think that you are right under law, you must be sure that your behavior never even approaches the threshold of prosecution.

Be careful to not use alcohol or drugs of any kind because that dulls your judgment as many people commit criminal acts while under such influence – acts which they probably would not have otherwise committed. Be very careful with whom you have sex and always keep an extremely wide legal margin in terms of what you do sexually. Be meticulously careful about this and take a more passive sexual role if you feel uncertain about it. E.g. you might want to be more passive in terms of penetrative sex so as not potentially become legally accused of any misdemeanor whatsoever.

Double-check ID and take a picture of the face of a teenage sexual partner together with that person’s ID to make sure that the person is indeed above the age of consent. Please understand that the police world is closely integrated with the intelligence world which widely uses sexual entrapment agents of varying ages (e.g. legal minors of different ages) as intelligence prostitutes and in your case probably so as to be able to extort you into becoming one yourself. Don’t be shocked to find out that there are intelligence prostitutes far below the age of consent who might be sent out for seduction purposes as the police & intelligence worlds are symbiotic with organized prostitution indeed.

Never assume that the police are kind, honest, well-meaning and law-abiding people and understand that the prosecutor’s office usually condones criminal acts as committed by the police. Please understand that police agents including interrogators may insult, harass, provoke and interrogate you online and so a purportedly private conversation with a trusted Facebook friend may well turn into an interrogation. Understand that everything is on the record whether online or IRL and that it is easy for the police to use fake identities, including fake ages online. Don’t be insulted for the police being rude, dishonest, bigoted and criminal. Understand that publicly supporting legislative change with respect to sex laws is itself a strong reason from the perspective of the police to harass you.

Please understand that sexual partners of yours may be or may be turned into police agents who might try to extort you and they too may have been recruited through police extortion. Never give in to extortion from the police or anyone else as extortionists simply bluff. Please understand that you will lose your privacy as the police will tap your phone and engage in other forms of surveillance, including breaking into your home (you won’t notice that they have been there) and accessing your medical files. If you confide in others, please understand that they might be police agents and might try to use almost anything you say them against you and so be careful not to fantasize, brag or exaggerate when talking to others because anything you say can be used against you by the police and their underlings. Also anything you say or write in any context can be used against you as the police wiretaps you.

Please understand that aggressive conversations are interrogation and that any citizen can be recruited to become a police agent or citizen interrogator for the police. Please understand that the purpose is to extract a forced false confession such as through producing deliberate misunderstanding in a recorded conversation and that you are entitled to not talk to that person at all. You may simply tell the person that you are not interested in either sex or conversation. Don’t directly answer questions but rather reply like a politician. Please keep in mind that an interrogation might take any form, whether formal, informal, undercover, aggressive, harassing, dull or friendly. Ignore those who are out to provoke you such as to force a false confession through a recorded and intended misunderstanding or even provoke you into violent behavior. Always think like a high-class lawyer and so make sure to know the relevant legislation well and importantly how it is interpreted by the courts. The courts’ interpretation of law is the only one that counts, not yours and so abide by the law as relevant legislation is currently interpreted by the courts. Whether you approve of the courts’ interpretation of law is irrelevant. Law is a practice and certainly not exegetic literalism.

Please internalize that gender war is not about getting laid but rather about attaining freedom for all and so unless you are righteous with a pure heart and ready to walk the righteous path, then you are not up to gender war. If you however engage in gender war, then please start a blog to write about your weekly experience and remember to keep close to other LGBTQI people.


The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.