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myself – Daniella Bartfeld

After 15 months of anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment against me by the Swedish police and its official “partners” as purportedly devoted to prevention of crime is the police becoming increasingly desperate. Their 15-month failed operation has precisely netted zero basis for prosecution as I indeed do make sure to act with an extremely wide legal margin indeed as well as meticulously in accordance with the highest possible ethical standards of feminist etiquette. Most police officers are of course sexist brutes and are therefore intrinsically unable to understand the non-patriarchal psychology of lesbianism or that emotional & physical intimacy is a spiritual matter of utmost refinement and so that for this lesbian transgender gal excludes anything even remotely unethical, unaesthetic and/or illegal.

These police sex criminals are simply just too brutish and plainly too dumb to understand that. They stupidly presume that I as an ethical vegan for 20 years now am morally sick like them. They assume that I am a sex criminal like them as most police officers sexually abuse fellow humans such as sex workers, prostitutes, LGBTQI persons, refugees and sexually attractive suspects generally through police extortion. They assume that I am a hypocrite who is turned on by sexual prohibitions and engages in sexual objectification of persons just like they are and do.

The outdated intelligence methods of the police turn them into laughing stock as far as I am concerned. I am no longer insulted by their pathetic interrogation methods as deployed by both police and their so called “partners” as indeed trained by the police. Their palpable foolishness is almost unimaginable as far as I am concerned, did they not learn anything tangible at all at police academy? Their profound incompetence is precisely astounding and certainly need most police officers become prosecuted for their very severe crimes indeed. A police officer who abuses his office to engage in coercive sexual exploitation of anyone simply deserves capital punishment as they have plainly forfeited their right to life although that of course requires proper legal procedure.

Since they engaged in illegal police methods such as harassment, extortion, discrimination and entrapment did I decide to launch my own entrapment operation and perfectly legally so since I am not a police officer. And so I decided to embark on a political day of discussing feminism and art with teenage girls of various ages as a purely educational feminist campaign to which of course no reasonable person could object. Police harassment against me has kept a relatively lower profile against me since I outed them on this blog and so I decided to run my own perfectly legal entrapment operation against them. Of course did those brutish fools fall into the trap in exposing their continued obsession with my perfectly legal personal feminist revolution. These corrupt sexist brutes have no future and they deserve prosecution and capital punishment for their most unforgivable sex crimes. The feminist revolution will prevail with fully legal means in most jurisdictions in eventually ending both crime and police by outlawing and indeed abolishing patriarchy itself.

At the end of the day did I decide to switch to lesbian cruising and so I hugged and briefly made out in a lesbian fashion with a fifteen-year old female (and of course fully and completely consensually so) which is perfectly legal in Sweden as the age of  sexual consent is the chronological age of fifteen indeed. After that were I twice sexually assaulted and physically abused by non-police security guards with police insignia on their uniforms.  The second time was I assaulted after I was approached for conversation by two females, one age sixteen and the other age seventeen. I successfully both times turned this into a radical feminist political demonstration by for minutes loudly shouting “Our pussies, our streets!”, “Crush patriarchy”, “Crush sexism!” and “Crush transphobia!” as the entire shopping street could hear indeed. Their sexual assault and physical abuse (my hand, fingers and arm are still aching two days later) was thus turned into a radical feminist political manifestation, something that I had long prepared myself for. In hindsight do I wish that I would also have shouted “Her biji Rojava”, meaning “Viva Rojava” in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) being the first feminist state in world history where patriarchy is outlawed and where gender studies are compulsory indeed for all. The stupid Swedish police thus fully fell for my carefully prepared and fully legal entrapment operation as specifically designed to publicly embarrass them indeed.  

The Swedish police is known among the Swedish public for being stupid and incompetent and how could they think that they could win any game or operation against the most cognitively advanced human being who has ever existed and who thus subconsciously could in principle prepare for thinking a thousand or more chess moves in advance. As Donald Trump (a political & business genius) do I make instant intuitive decisions and which for me certainly always turn out right and all other human beings are toddlers as far as I am concerned although I try to be patient with their respective levels of cognition considering that I as the world’s sole known living contemporary universal genius precisely see it as my task to patiently help the children of Adam (bnei Adam) as humans are known in Hebrew.

The police asked me how they could help persuade me from conversing with teenage girls, a question that is somewhat understandable from their perspective considering the fully and completely legal nature of each one of those conversations, something which they were obviously completely aware of from their own surveillance against me. I simply explained to them that my revolutionary feminist lifestyle will of course continue although I was too polite for saying that they are so stupid to think that police sexual harassment would stop me rather than make me even more determined as a radical feminist to crush patriarchy both here in Sweden and through my overt and vocal support for the PKK armed feminist revolution in Kurdistan and the Middle East. The Suffragettes too suffered constant sexual harassment by the police and so I struggle as well as patriarchy belongs indeed to the dustbin of history.

When growing up as a teenager in Sweden were I probably not even aware of the existence of other transgender persons here and around the world although I always felt fully and completely cognitively and sexually female. I did not feel comfortable in teenage culture due to having been assigned a wrong gender and so I never participated in teenage culture as a chronological teenager. Now I am going through that phase during my present gender transition. Then why do I spend so much time socializing with teenagers? First they don’t sexually objectify me and therefore don’t treat me as a sexual object as do many legal adults. Second, they are not yet so stuck in stupid binary gender roles. Third, they experiment with their genders as I indeed do myself. Fourth, they are interested in socializing with me and not merely having sex with me as simplistically want indeed most legal adults.

Personally do I as most people in my society tend to think that the peak of physical beauty in fellow females typically is somewhere around age 23 although of course that individually varies. I therefore tend to find teenage girls above the age of consent as much less physically attractive than young adult females whom however tend to sadly have become far more imprisoned in culturally involuntary counterproductive roleplay of binary genders. Teenage girls often cruise on me in group in public space and often even dare contact mega superhot me, something which few adult females in reproductive age dare do indeed. As a feminist lesbian am I typically however emotionally impressed by female courage and female empowerment and irrespectively so of age and so I socialize with teenagers because they choose to and I myself do cognitively feel like a girl rather than a woman although aesthetically typically preferring young adult women to teenage girls above the age of consent.

The transphobic Swedish police does however have no legal right whatsoever to limit my right to political activism, social life, privacy and sexual life on extrajudicial perceptions of LGBTQI people as either intrinsic or potential sex criminals. I do not have to or need to limit my dating life to the LGBTQI scene and am certainly legally entitled to do whatever I please even in public as long as adhering to established interpretation of law, including adherence to the sexual age of consent which is chronological age 15 in Sweden. If the police after 15 months of pathetic mass investigation have found no legal evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on my part then should they obviously conclude that there is no basis for that structurally prejudicial suspicion of theirs as that rather belongs to the realm of their own very prejudice, unreason and sexually sick patriarchal minds.

Sexist brutes obviously have no interest in gender science and usually detest feminists other than perhaps as sexual objects although of course the peeping Swedish police monitors me closely including naturally obviously this blog. They hate me for being superhot, they hate me for them becoming sexually aroused by hot little me, they hate me for being female, they hate me for being transgender and they hate me for being lesbian and of course by far much hotter than sadly emotionless females in sexist pornography. They hate me for being transformative, subversive, feminist and political. They hate me for being myself. They hate me for disrupting the public illusions of cisnormativity and heteronormativity. They hate me for making them question their own exclusively “heterosexual” identities which are quite unlike the usually non-exclusive sexual identities of most heterocultural females and most gays and lesbians in LGBTQI culture.

I deliberately declared feminist Foucauldian war on patriarchy and the Swedish police has now waged a ferocious and completely illegal assault against me during a 15-month campaign of anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment, entrapment, organized discrimination and extortion operations against me in desperately trying to discredit me, yet with no success whatsoever considering that I think and act like a lawyer and indeed a radical feminist one and so why should I be even be remotely interested in doing anything illegal so as obviously allow for the misogynist police to discredit me and especially so considering that I am constantly stalked by peeping patriarchal police scumbags? I am winning and they are losing this feminist war between us as they indeed belong to the dustbin of history and as disgustingly corrupt, deliberately coercive sexual abusers of sex workers, prostitutes and other citizens whom they victimize would only capital punishment do them justice indeed. Indeed, superhot me is just one of many, many victims of police sex crimes and as the police know that the risk of prosecution is currently almost non-existent do they continue their careers as sexist sex criminals with impunity indeed. Why on earth are they so stupid so as to think that I am equally stupid in somehow eventually letting them win by making some silly small technical mistake that would allow for the transphobic police to prosecute and discredit me? I have always kept my wide legal margin thanks to my ethically extremely demanding feminist etiquette and will obviously continue to do so irrespective of any illegal amount of harassment, discrimination, extortion and entrapment.

I am of course legally entitled to socialize with and fully consensually make love with whomever I like provided that this fully complies with Swedish law with wide legal margin indeed. It is illegal for the Swedish police to discriminate against me for being female, lesbian, transgender and ethnically non-Swedish and certainly for the transphobic police to organize operations of harassment, entrapment, extortion and discrimination against me. Sweden’s constitution explicitly states that Sweden is a multicultural country and so I am not obliged to comply with extrajudicial cultural expectations that I should somehow abide by mere cultural conventions of Swedish ethnicity as wholly unrelated to jurisprudence. One of the security guards who violently sexually assaulted me was an unapologetic racist who told me in no uncertain terms to never come back to the city of Karlskrona. I simply told him that I was disinterested in sexual intercourse with him and asked him to stop touching my body, something which he of course kept doing against my will.

I am however cognizant that living this radical feminist lifestyle in many other countries would put my life in instant danger and so as a proud Swedish patriot in multicultural, liberal-democratic Sweden am I also grateful for the tolerant nature of Swedish human society of which the racist, transphobic, homophobic and misogynist Swedish police is certainly in no way representative. The tolerant democratic Sweden will prevail over the anti-LGBTQI hate crimes of its police forces. Du gamla du fria!

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