Dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood

Islamism and Jihadism – Muslim Brotherhood insignia

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the world’s geographically and demographically largest Islamist movement but also the one that poses the greatest threat to open society worldwide. Why is this so? In order to understand this is it first necessary to understand what the Muslim Brotherhood is and how it operates.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Egyptian schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna (1906-1949). Its hierarchic organization is derived from that of Sufism although the Muslim Brotherhood is vehemently anti-Sufi indeed. The Muslim Brotherhood quickly became a mass movement in spreading the message of turning the world religion of Islam into a totalitarian political ideology/movement. The evil genius of Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) who became a predominant intellectual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s did however increasingly synthesize the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood with those of Nazism and Communism.

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of several Wahhabi intelligence services of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence community as devoted to spreading Islamism worldwide. The Muslim Brotherhood is the by far largest Wahhabi intelligence service with a global focus indeed. Security-oriented parts of the Saudi intelligence establishment were trained by the CIA during the Cold War and so Wahhabi intelligence generally and the Muslim Brotherhood specifically uses American intelligence methods indeed.

The Muslim Brotherhood has two main focuses in its global activities, namely 1) taking over Sunni Islam worldwide and 2) infiltrating and taking over civil society in countries around the world. The Muslim Brotherhood is effectively destroying the world religion of Islam by taking over it and supplanting it with a modern totalitarian political ideology/movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is infamous in the Middle East for having gained control over most of Egypt’s civil society and has replicated this strategy in many other countries around the world and indeed increasingly successfully so.

The Muslim Brotherhood uses conventional methods for intelligence recruitment, particularly seduction agents and subsequent sexual extortion and involving seduction agent of various ages, including as is common in the intelligence community children of various ages. Seduction agents are intelligence prostitutes and have typically in most intelligence services around the world been effectively and/or actually enslaved and so the romantic notion of seduction agents in popular imagination have little connection with tragic reality. The Muslim Brotherhood tends to think that room can be found for virtually anything in its own heterodox version of sharia provided that it serves the political agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood is divided into national branches worldwide and operates through Trotskyite-style front organizations in most countries. This means that most organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood outside of the core Middle East will certainly not admit to being part of the Muslim Brotherhood and so denial is automatic. The Muslim Brotherhood currently administers three jurisdictions, namely North Sudan, Turkey and Gaza although its political control over Turkey is limited with ultimate control over the state in the hands of the ethnically Dönmeh Derin Devlet, a Turkish military intelligence agency as founded by the ethnically Dönmeh Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk”. There is currently an intense internal power struggle inside the Turkish state apparatus and within the bodies of political establishment of Turkey between Derin Devlet and the officially ruling AKP (the Justice and Development Party) which is part of the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to incrementally Islamize societies worldwide as the Muslim Brotherhood believes in seeking public support for its agenda of imposing modern totalitarianism and is very similar in this respect to the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ party), the Nazi German ruling party in 1933-1945 which was always intensely concerned with gaining domestic public support in Germany for its public policies. Nazification of German society was thus gradual in order to as to gain public support for the policies of the ruling NSDAP.

The Muslim Brotherhood took power in Sudan in 1985 through a military coup. Sudan was partitioned in 2013 when the Israeli-sponsored SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) after decades of civil war gave rise to independent South Sudan. Islam in North Sudanese society is traditionally predominantly Sufi but is increasingly taken over by Salafi Islamism as controlled by and forming part of Salafi intelligence (SI), the Saudi Wahhabi intelligence agency as committed and devoted to spreading the official Islamist version of Saudi Hanbali Islam, including organizing Salafi Jihadism worldwide such as al Qaida and the Islamic State Caliphate. This takeover of North Sudanese Islam by Salafism is however not opposed by the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Khartoum as the strategic task of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide is to prepare the way for Salafi takeover of Islam generally by means of opportunistically sophisticated policies of “soft Islamization”. Since both the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi intelligence are Wahhabi intelligence services of Saudi Arabia do they perform different and complementary roles as part of the worldwide religio-political agenda of the Wahhabi intelligence community in Riyadh.

The Brotherhood engages in Jihadism (both war and terrorism) when it believes that this suits their purposes. Branches of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide thus actively fund and supports not only the civilian branch of Hamas (the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestinian society outside of the democratic jurisdiction of the State of Israel) but also its armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. E.g. the Swedish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood actively raises funds among Swedish Muslims to fund the Jihadist terrorism of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. The Muslim Brotherhood is also active in the Syrian civil war as dominating much of the FSA (Free Syrian Army). The AKP regime has for years during the Syrian civil war sponsored both Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist militias and Salafi Jihadist militias (including Syrian al Qaida and the Islamic State Caliphate) in the Syrian civil war. The Muslim Brotherhood Khartoum regime was defeated in Sudan’s civil war by the Israeli-sponsored SPLA and the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Khartoum was therefore forced to accept the partition of Sudan into predominantly Muslim North Sudan and predominantly non-Muslim South Sudan.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s opportunistic pragmatism and sophisticated political action as typical of intelligence agencies is often confused with political moderation by those buying into the Islamist propaganda notion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “soft Islamization” policies as an ostensibly “moderate” version of Islamism. The Muslim Brotherhood type of Islamism is in fact quite similar to Iranian state Islamism in embracing many aspects of modernity such as many, yet not all forms of Western dress. Both Iranian state Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood do justify saying almost anything untrue if it serves their Islamist political agenda although this completely heterodox practice is entirely contrary to orthodox sharia. According to orthodox sharia are religious hypocrites simply and clearly non-Muslims. Systematically lying as long as this serves their purposes is part of the operational strategy of both Iranian Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Islamists are culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse is their modern totalitarian political ideology remarkably homogenous not only in terms of ultimate political goals (totalitarian religious dictatorship) but also as regards their tactical choices in terms of which tools to deploy to promote the furtherance of the practical implementation of this very nefarious modern totalitarian neo-medievalist political ideology. These differential choices in terms of tools and tactics are however mostly a matter of complementing tactics within Islamism. Shia and Sunni Islamism as controlled by the intelligence communities of Iran and Saudi Arabia respectively are however separate from one another although being politically highly similar indeed, including in terms of their embrace of Jihadism (both war and terrorism) to further the global neo-medievalist implementation of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism.

The systematic takeover of civil societies worldwide by the Muslim Brotherhood Saudi intelligence agency by means of conventional intelligence methods does however pose a severe threat to open societies globally and is also a major impediment to democratization of and liberalization in predominantly Muslim societies. Civil societies therefore need to be cleaned, indeed liberated from the very nefarious influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. While a gargantuan task is this essential indeed and so those persons in countries around the world who have been ensnared and enslaved by this Saudi intelligence agency need to be proactively assisted and liberated so as to regain their personal and political freedom indeed.

Extensive efforts in this regard towards liberating many members of civil society in countries around the world are thus needed, including crucially in defense of open society and liberal democracy worldwide. There is thus need for extensive international intelligence sharing and global intelligence war under the leadership of the great United States of America so as to increasingly marginalize the worldwide political influence of the Muslim Brotherhood considering the immense threat that it poses to not only prospects of liberalization and democratization in most predominantly Muslim societies but also as constituting a most severe strategic threat indeed to the sustainability of open society and the viability of freedom and representative government around the world.

Bold action and courageous leadership are needed in countries around the world so as to increasingly put an end to this very nefarious threat to open society and liberal democracy globally and as severely damaging the prospects for democratization and liberalization in many countries around the world. Standing with freedom against totalitarianism is an absolute obligation and thus not merely an option and so extensive action needs to be taken to increasingly remove, marginalize and eliminate this grave threat indeed.

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