Police and Prostitution

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myself – Daniella Bartfeld, a  transgender lesbian female and radical feminist activist who is a champion of sex workers’ emancipation.

There has always been a symbiotic relationship between police and prostitution. The neighborhood prostitute of course had to provide involuntary sexual services to the neighborhood cop in order for him to turn a blind eye and not harassing her whether legally or illegally so. This very illict relationship between police and prostitution is unfortunately since long far more organized indeed.

This is the fourth article in a series about police sexual harassment. 1) My Lesbian Revolution, 2) My War on Patriarchy and 3) Police Sexual Harassment.

This is hardly news to those in the trade although the more organized prostitution is – the more organized is also the police exploitation of prostitutes. A prostitute is a partly or entirely involuntary sex worker and police sexual exploitation of sex workers is part of the tragic, yet tragically also very common social process of turning a sex worker by choice into a coerced prostitute. Indeed, when a sex worker by choice is effectively forced to provide involuntary sexual services to local police officers does that in effect turn her into a prostitute. Pimped prostitutes are also forced to provide sexual services to police officers just as they are effectively forced to do to paying exploiters. In the first case will the police subsequently not bother her when she works and in the second case will the police also not protect her from her pimp exploiter.

Police officers in virtually every country feel entitled to sexual harass and sexually exploit sex workers, LGBTQI persons and other perceived sexual minorities and irrespective of sexual practices of such particular communities being criminalized or not. Police officers worldwide tend to be heterocultural cismales and unfortunately as most other heterocultural cismales will they simply sexually exploit a cisfemale or a transfemale if there is indeed practically speaking an opportunity for that. That is after all what “marriage”, i.e. usually referring to monogamous reproductive prostitution is essentially indeed about.

It is also common for the police to sexually exploit suspects and actual criminals deemed sexually interesting and psychologically vulnerable to police extortion. The police thus threaten and extort their victims into coercively providing sexual services in return for the police looking the other way. Once the police has successfully extorted a victim can they sexually exploit the person until the statute of limitation expires, meaning sometimes for decades. This is also a common gateway into prostitution as the victim of police extortion is effectively prostituted by the police and the typically close links between the police and organized prostitution means that the victim of extortion may be turned over to a prostitution network which in turn facilitates for the police to further sexually exploiting their victim.

The fact that some police officers are trained by intelligence services as the police typically has its own intelligence branch means that prostitutes may suffer further exploitation. This is so as learning to become a seduction agent is part and parcel of the training of operatives in the intelligence community and so professional prostitution is part and parcel of the intelligence community considering that sexual entrapment and subsequent extortion and enslavement is the by far most common method for agent recruitment in intelligence services worldwide.

The rampant sexual exploitation in the intelligence community and its typically close ties with the police since there are police intelligence branches providing intermediary structures between the police and the rest of the intelligence world contributes towards the effective toleration of police sex crimes as police officers are only very rarely charged for sex crimes and police sexual exploitation also provides a convenient setting for recruitment of new operatives as victims of police sex crimes are commonly sucked into further sexual exploitation in the intelligence world.

Not only are prostitutes sexually exploited by patriarchy but society at large is complicit in turning a blind eye to the systematic sexual exploitation of prostitutes by the police, by pimps, by customer exploiters and indeed by the intelligence world. While there are many feminists who are in favor of emancipating sex workers by removing discriminatory legislation against them are there are also many feminists who are complicit in structural oppression against sex workers and prostitutes by either endorsing or turning a blind eye to discriminatory legislation against them as facilitating state sexual harassment. There has since at least the 19th century always been female feminists feeling jealous about their husbands purchasing sexual services and taking a chunk of the household budget for this purpose and so such jealous persons may turn it into their personal mission to promote state sexual harassment against sex workers, including by in so many words claiming that sex workers have “false consciousness” and therefore somehow do not understand their own best interests.

In short are sex workers typically turned into prostitutes by patriarchy and many feminists are unfortunately discursively complicit, both by stigmatizing sex workers as ostensibly not knowing their own best interest and therefore promoting discriminatory discrimination and more commonly simply by turning a blind eye to the desperate plight of prostitutes worldwide.

After coming out IRL as a transgender lesbian female did I suffer constant sexual harassment for over a year and directly so by the police and indirectly as overtly encouraged by the Swedish police through its official “partners” in crime prevention such as security guards, shop clercs etc. but also by newly criminal youth gangs of young males with recent Near Eastern origin as prominently involved in drug trade, extortion and organized prostitution. The police of course wanted to put me right back into the closet so that I by my very subversive presence in public space would no more semiotically disrupt the ideological illusion that is the pernicious cultural hegemony of cisnormativity and heteronormativy.

Yet, the police were also itching to get to put their hands on hot little me, indeed, they did precisely always put their hands on my body against my will when harassing me for living openly as an extremely attractive lesbian trangender female. Of course they could not wait to push me into prostitution so that they could sexually exploit superhot me whenever they so wanted and they endeavored to become able to do so by means of sexual harassment, entrapment and extortion, all completely illegal under Swedish law. I suffered three attempts at group rape by criminal gangs and innumerable instances of sexual harassment as intended to suck me into organized prostitution, including by these thugs constantly yelling sexual profanities against me. The regional police when notified did not seem to mind and explicitly told me to either move to another municipality or get right back into the closet, i.e. in effect saying that I had only myself to blame for living openly and transparently with makeup, sexy wig and female fashion as an extremely sexually attractive lesbian transgender female.

Sexual exploitation is a global and international problem but must crucially also be addressed nationally. This requires emancipating sex workers so that they become much less vulnerable to becoming sucked into prostitution, indeed removing all discriminatory legislation against sex workers. While this will take political time to achieve as it is politically controversial considering the widespread structural prejudice against sex workers and of course rampant sexual exploitation of prostitutes by the police, pimps, paying exploiters and the intelligence world alike are these crucial issues since protecting the dignity of persons is essential indeed to the safeguarding of both open society and civil rights.

Stern and extensive action therefore needs be taken to permanently and constantly crack down on all forms of exploitation of victims of illegal trafficking in persons both domestically and internationally so, including against police sex crime and pervasive prostitution in the intelligence world. Emancipation of sex workers is a very essential political task, yet victims of prostitution certainly cannot wait for liberation from bondage and so the state machine must no more let them down. Imagine if it were your own daughters who were victimized in coercive sex work, i.e. in prostitution and then in that case would you probably not be as indifferent to their plight as is at present and tragically so indeed society at large.

Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14 of the Babylonian Talmud

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