Rehabilitating Gaza

Realizing shared yearnings. (Historical Zionist poster quoting prominent revisionist Zionist intellectual leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky about the realization of dreams and visions.)

The people of Gaza have suffered tremendously since Israel’s 2005 comprehensive territorial withdrawal from the Gaza region. The expectation that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza region would improve the lives of the people of Gaza sadly turned out completely false. Rather; Intifadas, peace processes, premature elections, international meddling and Israeli territorial withdrawals have only worsened the living conditions of the Palestinian people since 1987 prior to which Palestinians of not not only Judea & Samaria but also Gaza had full access to Israel, including for work and could visit the beach in Tel Aviv whenever they so pleased. The 1967-1987 period was a golden age in Palestinian history which saw drastic economic growth in the Palestinian economy with hugely increased standards of living for most Palestinians there and indeed enjoyed what are in any international comparison the high legal standards of the Israeli system of justice. As with the full territorial Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon did the full territorial Israeli withdrawal from Gaza instead lead to more suffering, more conflict and sadly far more fatalities indeed than had previously been the case.

Learning from history is an essential part of political life and so we need to understand that turning over territory and political authority to Islamists/Jihadists will only worsen things. However, what is needed now in Gaza in order to increasingly improve the lot of its people is something very different from failed formulas of the past.

Palestinian clan leaders and Jordanian clan leaders are extremely eager to  participate in communal reversion to their own indigenous forms of Judaism whether to Alawite Judaism, Druze Judaism, Rabbinic Judaism or Samaritan Judaism. Ultimately merging Israel and Jordan needs therefore become the goal once communal reversion is successfully and verifiably implemented in both Palestinian society and Jordanian society.

Living conditions in Palestinian society meanwhile requires resolving the tragic plight of the Palestinian people. The formula is straightforward and simple: 1) Jordanian annexation of the Gaza region, 2) Israeli annexation of Judea (i.e. the Ramallah region and the Hebron region), 3) resettlement and rehabilitation of Palestinian descendants of war refugees in the vast uninhabited spaces of Jordan through internationally funded financial compensation and 4) establishment of a Samarian state as based on communal reversion to Samaritanism; i.e. Samaritan Judaism.

Just as it was absolutely necessary to remove the Islamist/Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) regime in Egypt is it no less essential to remove the Islamist/Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime in Turkey and the Islamist/Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood Hamas regime in Gaza.

What may be needed therefore is a Jordanian military operation in the Gaza region in order to liberate it from Islamist/Jihadist tyranny and annex it to Jordan unless the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas regime could be diplomatically convinced to unconditionally agree to  a Jordanian humanitarian annexation of the Gaza region. Muslim Brotherhood Hamas leaders like Muslim Brotherhood AKP leaders are agents of Wahhabi intelligence in Riyadh, munafiqun (Islamic religious term for hypocrites) and kleptocrats who have personally enriched themselves on a vast scale. Hamas leaders should therefore be offered retaining profits made from stolen funds while being obliged to repay stolen funds to the people and being granted immunity from prosecution provided that they fully cooperate with the Jordanian annexation of the Gaza region.

A peaceful transition is however certainly realistic and feasible and is of course the preferred option. The people of Gaza have suffered enough and mirages of diplomatic illusions have only worsened the living conditions of the people of Gaza. Jordan is a functioning state and the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) are effective, strong and adept as seen in the successful JAF involvement in Iraq’s war against the Islamic State Caliphate.

The era of diplomatic illusions has long since passed in this conflict and so unification rather than partition is the answer as part of eventually reaching a Jewish one-state solution on both banks of the Jordan River by means of communal reversion to Judaism in compliance with the original vision of the Herut political party predecessor of what became the Likud political party. Propaganda, lies, conflict strategizing, unhelpful diplomatic meddling and ignoring that Jordanian and Palestinian clans were historically coercively converted from Judaism to religious imperialism are therefore particularly unhelpful in this essential process of reversion, reconciliation and unification.

The Palestinian people needs no more illusions but rather working towards the inclusive attainment of a Jewish one-state solution on both banks of the Jordan River through internationally funded resettlement and communal reversion to Judaism. A Samaritan state similarly needs to be established in Samaria as devoted to communal reversion to Samaritanism, i.e. Samaritan Judaism. Feminist revolution on the model of Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) is furthermore needed in order to ensure ethnic harmony by also removing destructive cultural, social, political and sexual expressions of religious imperialism in Palestinian society, factors which unfortunately are major impediments to successful ethnic coexistence.

The people of Gaza cannot wait indefinitely for social improvement as its Hamas kleptocratic rulers systematically divert international aid to their own personal purses on a vast scale. Let’s however be most clear that this is not an Israeli military or an Israeli diplomatic task but rather a Jordanian one as Jordan’s enlightened and pro-democratic monarchy certainly deserves extensive international, political, diplomatic, economic and practical support indeed.

A diplomatically coordinated, yet otherwise politically unconditional handover of power to Jordan in the Gaza region is certainly quite realistic and let’s therefore hope that a Jordanian military solution in the Gaza region will not become necessary indeed.

Peace requires courage yet also readiness to apply force if necessary and JAF is in every way well prepared for assuming full control over the Gaza region and this will importantly also entail the end of Israel’s naval blockade towards the Gaza region as intended to prevent importation of weaponry that could worsen the conflict.

It is essential to move from a mindset of conflict to one of reconciliation and so demagogy, incitement, propaganda, discursive discrimination and the dissemination of lies as related to the conflict need to be phased out worldwide in order to create profound confidence among the Israeli public in the viability and sustainability of unification through local processes of communal reversion. Ending this sad, yet constantly deliberately globalized conflict is long overdue and there is now indeed diplomatic consensus in this regard between Amman, Jerusalem and Ramallah and so practically resolving the tragic condition of the Gaza region and its people is precisely essential to the cause of peace indeed.

Let’s be very clear that unification will come through communal reversion in Palestinian clans and Jordanian clans. These clans have always been halakhically Jewish to a very high degree which is the reason why Haredi Judaism (the so called “Ultra-Orthodox” stream of Rabbinic Judaism) tried to keep the distance to Zionism considering the culturally insensitive approach of Zionism and later the State of Israel towards most of the diversely Crypto-Jewish populations of the land of Israel and so Zionism was therefore deemed partly antithetical to the expected future trajectory of redemption.  

Yes the Palestinians are just as the ethnic groups traditionally constituting the Jewish people descended from Canaanites who became Jewish and much later were coercively converted by and to religious imperialism. Broadening the Jewish people is a multi-year process which requires building confidence among existing constituent communities of the Jewish people. It is true that many Palestinian communities (40% of Palestinian clans have retained traditions of some communal Crypto-Jewish awareness) do engage in systemic hypocrisy of dissimulation whereby they may be overtly Crypto-Jewish among themselves and overtly and vehemently Anti-Jewish when among other Palestinians so as to disguise themselves in this regard and protect themselves from maltreatment by Muslim society for being Jewish indeed.

Israel can however without any so called “demographic problems” annex and provide equal citizenship to Palestinian communities of Judea as the descendants of Palestinian refugees would be resettled and rehabilitated in the vast spaces of Jordan through extensive international financial compensation indeed. Continued global dissemination of anti-Israel discourse such as in various fora of the United Nations Organization makes it however difficult for most Israelis to put trust in the viability and sustainability of reversion and unification.

Even so are 1) Jordanian annexation of the Gaza region, 2) Israeli annexation of Judea, 3) resettlement and rehabilitation of Palestinian descendants of war refugees in Jordan and 4) the establishment of a Samarian state essential indeed for creating a basis for building confidence in the viability and sustainability among the Israeli public for unification through communal reversion. These four political changes will essentially put an end to the conflict and so also help build the cognitive basis for the cultural changes of feminist revolution and communal reversion to Judaism as necessary indeed for realizing the original Zionist dream of a unified Jewish state and  a unified land of Israel on both sides of the Jordan River.

This means that Jordanian annexation of Gaza is only the first step as the eventual unification of Israel and Jordan means that the Gaza region will also become part of Israel as part of Jordan after Palestinian descendants of war refugees have been resettled and rehabilitated and Palestinian and Jordanian clans have been verifiably communally reverted to Judaism. The Palestinian slum cities which emerged out of United Nations refugee camps will be dismantled and their traditional communal life and existence restored in modern form through extensive internationally funded resettlement and rehabilitation.

Not only is this the optimal solution for all involved ethnic communities in the land of Israel but it is furthermore effectively the only viable solution that will completely put an end to the conflict. It is true that former Palestinian villages will be reestablished elsewhere, yet unification means that they as citizens will be able to live where they please under law including in Haifa, Jaffa, Bersheeba, Safed etc. in thus realizing their own very Crypto-Jewish yearning for Zion indeed.

Peace is not optional but necessary in realizing the mutual aspirations and mirroring cultural longing for Zion in attaining the dream of unifying the land of Israel and its peoples excepting Samaria which requires a state of their own as based on communal reversion to Samaritanism; i.e. Samaritan Judaism. The mutual yearning for Zion are certainly compatible in theory and need also become so in practice.

Let’s however be clear-eyed about the extensive societal processes of change involved and required indeed and the necessity of utmost cultural sensitivity for all ethnic units as participating in this process of change, convergence and unification indeed. The real hard work of attaining reconciliation and unification between the ethnic units involved in this broadening of the Jewish people will however only commence after Jordan’s and Israel’s annexations of Gaza and Judea respectively. It is essential to understand that the two annexations and the resolution of the question of refugees will put an end to the violent aspects of the conflict, yet the real reconciliation will come through communal reversion and the welcoming of communal reversion by the pre-existing units of Jewish people. This is thus a reciprocal process of communal reversion and welcoming of communal reversion and so comunal reversion needs to be met with open arms rather than through the Jewish cultural attitude of suspicion towards Crypto-Judaism and Para-Jewish peoples. It is devastating for Para-Jewish reverters to be met with suspicion and so this structural attitude among Rabbinic Jews certainly needs to be de-learned.

Para-Jewish peoples with Crypto-Jewish awareness and whose ancestors were historically deprived of their heritage by religious imperialism are typically eager to communally revert and so this is the real right of return, the right to return to Judaism and the Jewish people, indeed the right to be freed from the imposed discursive shackles of religious imperialism. Palestinian descendants of refugees have continued to marry within their endogamous clans and they too need to be welcomed in their own heritage in their communal processes of reversion and resettlement/rehabilitation.

It is essential to understand that the political solution would not be possible without the subsequent communal reversion and intended territorial unification of the western and eastern parts of the land of Israel and so the sides need to start communicating towards each other rather than against each other. The initial political solution is thus only the beginning towards the unification of the land of Israel, its constituent ethnic units and the ingathering of the remaining of the exiles, Palestinian descendants of war refugees to the eastern part of the land of Israel and Diaspora Rabbinic Jews and Sephardic Crypto-Jews (Hebrew Bnei Anusim) to the western land of Israel.

Imagine if the early Zionists would have had an inclusive attitude towards the diversely Crypto-Jewish population of the land of Israel beyond Rabbinically Jewish communities of the land? Imagine if Palestinian political movements had been similarly inclusive towards Rabbinic Jews specifically and Zionist Rabbinic Jews generally? Imagine if the Zionists would have said “welcome our lost siblings to our people and shared heritage!” Imagine if the ancestors of the Palestinians would have said “welcome our lost siblings to our shared ancestral land!” Today’s situation is of course very different from that a century ago yet still the missing key word is welcome, making the other feel welcome indeed. Yalla shalom, Welcome Peace!