Defunding Islamism/Jihadism

Riyadh skyline (photo by B. alotaby on Wikicommons)

Determined and resolute action needs to be taken to cut the flow of funds to Islamism/Jihadism worldwide. In order to ensure this needs the international community therefore to stand with the royal/princely families of those oil-producing countries from which most of the funding of Islamism/Jihadism originates. However, ending the flow of funds to Islamism/Jihadism is a task for the international community at large which must stand together in taking action in the global financial system to ensure victory in the third global war against totalitarianism.

Islamism has historically multiple geographic origins and primarily so in Arabia, Egypt and South Asia, yet Islamism as a global mass movement was created by Islamist intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Iranian-organized movements are actually a small part of the global Islamist movement as most Islamist movements are indeed organized, funded and directed by Wahhabi intelligence services in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There is also much private funding of Islamism and primarily (but not exclusively so) from wealthy individuals in Gulf monarchies. Even Libya under the totalitarian dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi was an Islamist state as ruled by Gaddafi’s idiosyncratically Islamist version of sharia law and Gaddafi’s Libya was closely aligned indeed with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood which in turn is organized as a Saudi intelligence service. Gaddafi’s regime funded Islamism abroad, including a Muslim Brotherhood mosque in Sweden’s third city Malmö, a city that is infamous around the world for its public persecution by Islamists against Swedish Jews.

All streams of Islamism endorse Jihadist terrorism to varying degree and Jihadism is certainly not a fringe within Islamism but is rather part of the Islamist mainstream and indeed forms part of its very ideological core. Islamism is simply Jihadism by political means just as Jihadism is Islamism through the force of arms, including terrorism.

The Gulf monarchies has seen internal power struggles for over a decade between the ruling royal/princely families and politically powerful Islamist clerics, including prominently inside the respective intelligence communities of those countries. The royal/princely families (as most elites in Muslim countries) no longer believe in Islam but do remain fearful of the powerful Islamist political influence both inside their state apparatuses and still so in large parts within segments of their societies.

Vast funds from from fossil fuel exports are annually used to fund Islamism and Jihadism worldwide and the royal families of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and Brunei have so far been fearful of stopping the flow of funds out of concern that Islamists would seek to wage Jihadist civil war and this time inside those oil-rich monarchies. Yet defunding Islamism is precisely essential indeed to ending both global Islamist/Jihadist destabilization and Islamist totalitarian infiltration of civil societies around the world.

The international community needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with the royal/princely families of those very countries in taking determined and resolute efforts to strengthen them internally against their Islamist political rivals, including within their respective intelligence apparatuses. Yet, the royal/princely families need also take determined & resolute action in cutting the flow of funds to Islamism and Jihadism worldwide. There is certainly much will in this respect but the international community needs to do much more to support them in the process so as ensure as much as possible continued domestic stability. Not only must state funding to Islamism/Jihadism cease but so must private funding of Islamism/Jihadism as well.

Let’s be very clear that this will involve domestic/international intelligence warfare, yet it is essential to help ensure that this does not in any significant way spill over into public instability and so the international community needs to strongly support the ruling royal/princely families in them squashing their Islamist political rivals within their state apparatuses, including within their respective intelligence communities. This is no easy decision but it is indeed an essential and a necessary one. The international community therefore needs to take diplomatic and political action in order to strengthen the position of the ruling royal/princely families in the eyes of their general publics as well as engage in intelligence cooperation in determinedly squashing the Islamist/Jihadist menace within those countries and worldwide.

Political action also needs to be taken by the royal/princely families  to advance the civil rights of females and the LGBTQI communities in those countries as this is a very effective means of undermining the nefarious Islamist ideological hegemony in those countries. The feminist revolution in Rojava shows that Islamization can be rolled back by determined means as Islamism is simply a very extreme form of patriarchal sexism indeed. Feminist local YPJ forces need to be covertly organized and trained in those countries so as to prepare for liberating public space from the sexist scumbags hiding behind culture, religion and ideology in order so as to justify sexism, misogyny and masculinism under the tyranny and social terror of patriarchy. The law-abiding, yet armed feminist revolution is an essential element in crushing the totalitarian menace of Islamism/Jihadism in those countries and indeed worldwide. There is no choice but to prevail in this struggle and that requires determined and resolute, yet carefully calibrated action, including cutting off the funding of Islamism/Jihadism worldwide both domestically or internationally so.

Cutting off the funding of all forms of Islamism/Jihadism worldwide is an essential global task for the international community and not merely one for GCC countries and Brunei. Covert action needs to be taken to around the world to cut the flow of funds to Islamism/Jihadism, including for the purpose of funding the building of Islamist mosques around the world. Global political action needs to be taken to marginalize and discredit Islamism/Jihadism without of course spreading prejudice against Muslims as prejudice against Muslims works to the advantage of Islamism in creating domestic/international polarization in effectively attracting Muslims to veer over to the side of Islamism.

The international financial system crucially needs transparency (in the future needs each and every financial transaction worldwide become part of the online public domain) as this is essential indeed in also cutting the flow of private donations to Islamist/Jihadist movements, organizations and entities worldwide.

As Jihadism is part and parcel of the Islamist mainstream need not only Jihadism become militarily crushed but Islamism needs to become thoroughly ideologically discredited as well. The war for and in defense of freedom and emancipation is a global struggle and as in the previous gargantuan struggles against Nazism and Communism is there precisely no choice but to prevail indeed. Let’s however always keep in mind that the vast majority of victims of Islamism/Jihadism are themselves of Muslim background and so fighting prejudice against Muslims is an essential element in defeating, crushing, marginalizing and discreting Islamism/Jihadism. As in the previous struggles is there no choice but to commit to comprehensive victory. It is essential to understand that this global conflict will continue until Islamism/Jihadism is defeated, crushed, discredited and marginalized indeed. Anyone interested in stability and security whether nationally, regionally or globally so must therefore focus on ensuring victory in this gargantuan global struggle against totalitarianism and indeed the sooner, certainly the better. Victory leads to peace!