Upgrading Afrin

YPJ fighter (photo by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

The self-governing Kurdish Afrin region (Kurdish Efrîn‎ as historically originally named for the descendants of the deported Israelite tribe of Ephraim) is territorially isolated from the rest of self-governing Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) and lies only tens of kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea just across the Turkish border although logistical access and transportational lines are available with the rest of Rojava through areas of the Aleppo region as now controlled by the Syrian military. While the rest of Rojava is militarily aligned with the United States has Afrin been in an uneasy alliance with Russia and Rojava is rightly dissatisfied with the completely insufficient level of military support from Moscow in response to the constant aggression against Afrin by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and its allied militias in northwest Syria.

Free Kurdistan understands that it can obviously only existentially rely on its proven true friends, namely the State of Israel and the United States of America and although it seeks to make new friends are countries with strictly realist foreign policies such as Russia obviously potentially unreliable partners from the perspective of Free Kurdistan.

America and Free Kurdistan have a blossoming relationship and American service personnel in Free Kurdistan do feel the intense love of the Kurdish people for America, its people and its values. Honor and freedom are the most important things for both Americans and Kurdistanis and so Americans and Kurdistanis do intensely bond as America strategically aids Free Kurdistan in crushing the Islamic State Caliphate terrorist menace.

The emerging special relationship between America and Free Kurdistan needs however be developed far further as there is certainly mutually much strategic need and potential in this respect. US military forces need therefore be deployed to the Afrin region so as to pacify the Turkish border to its north and west just as American troop deployment pacified the rest of Turkey’s border with self-governing Rojava. This very successful American military deployment in the rest of Rojava alongside the Turkish border therefore certainly needs to be extended to the Afrin region as well. This will not only serve the peace but will save innocent lives from unnecessary conflict and will help serve contain the AKP regime structure from further meddling in Syria. It will also strengthen a blossoming relationship of love & respect between two brave peoples as always committed to the armed defense of freedom.

Pacifying the Afrin-Turkey border and therefore partially contain AKP Turkey should lead to the next logical step of eliminating Turkish-sponsored Jihadist militias in northwest Syria. This needs to become a joint operation between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, Rojava’s feminist army), the US-led coalition (which unofficially also includes the IAF, the Israeli Air Force), the Syrian government and of course also Russia itself has an essential role to play here.

This will serve to effectively end the war in most of Syria and indeed partition the country between the SDF and Damascus. The Islamic State Caliphate is determinedly being crushed by the SDF feminist war machine with important support from Israel and the United States and with that are Islamism, Jihadism and even Islam itself being rapidly discredited in the eyes of  Muslims worldwide.

Planning for the reconstruction in new independent states of Alawistan, Kurdistan, Ezidxan and Druzistan need become prioritized and a new Marshal Plan is needed in this respect with very substantial contributions from the international community. Building a very strong military for Kurdistan is absolutely necessary indeed and providing US foreign aid to Kurdistan will become particularly helpful in building the military of Kurdistan into a formidable force of regional stabilization. Just as US military aid to Israel, Jordan and Egypt have successfully stabilized the region by making sure that everyone purchases their weaponry from America and thus indeed mutually preventing war – needs the US Congress allocate substantial military financial foreign aid to Kurdistan, something which of course will strategically stabilize the region once new borders have been established. This is money very well spent.

This will crucially serve vital American interests in helping pacify the broader Middle East from which severe threats to American national security unfortunately significantly emanate. Kurdistani military forces can certainly help stabilize further parts of the broader Middle East such as Afghanistan and Pakistan by Free Kurdistan sharing its advanced know-how in feminist democratic revolution which certainly is part of what is absolutely needed for curing the pervasive political illness of the broader Middle East.

The people of America profoundly understands the importance of defending freedom and certainly so does staunchly pro-American Free Kurdistan. The internationally isolated Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure however certainly needs to understand that failure to eventually withdraw from internationally recognized Turkish-occupied Syrian territory as well as failure to desist from further supporting Jihadist militias in Syria (many of whose members are indeed citizens of Turkey) will have very significant international ramifications indeed for AKP Turkey.

A significant American military presence in the Afrin region will become the beginning of the end of the war in Syria and will further develop the emerging, indeed increasingly blossoming special relationship between America and Free Kurdistan as strengthening staunchly pro-American Kurdistan is not only the right thing to do in supporting freedom but is pivotal indeed to the American national interest as well. America prevails when it acts with high moral standards and fails when it betrays its own ideals. The people of America knows right from wrong in international affairs and America is precisely admired when it acts according to its own ideals. America has a special mission in this world in defending freedom and supporting those who genuinely seek freedom and representative governance. America is the indispensable nation in international affairs and Americans know well the pivotal importance of their mission in helping others defend freedom as well. America has chosen to stand with the modern descendants of the people of northern Kingdom of Israel who were so cruelly deported by the Neo-Assyrian Empire to what is now Kurdistan. America remains true to its values and heritage and understands the essential role it needs to play in this historical process of political redemption indeed.

In standing with Ephraim is America siding with the forces of freedom against the forces of evil. Most nominally or actually Muslim tribes in East Syria and Rojava including in Afrin are irrespective of ethnicity and language descended from involuntarily Islamized Yezidis (Zazaki Yezıdi and Kurdish Êzdî from Hebrew Yehudi meaning Jew/Jewish) and still practice Yezidi Judaism of Median Judaism in their traditional culture and there are indeed villages in Afrin whose people have remained openly Yezidi.

Jihadism must be crushed without exception everywhere and standing with Kurdistan is not only a moral obligation but a pure honor indeed. Free Kurdistan is ready to share its extensive know-how and experience in indeed helping end the scourge of Jihadism everywhere. Free Kurdistan understands the value of true friendship and is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with America worldwide. The people of Kurdistan are bravely fighting for the freedom of all in the Middle East irrespective of ethnicity, gender, language, nationality and religion and are certainly a tremendous inspiration and a beacon of liberation and emancipation indeed. The Trump-Pence administration knows the vital importance of moral clarity in its commitment to democratic realism in foreign policy and yes the people of America knows to stay true to its own values and mission in history in helping Kurdistan bring political redemption to the broader Middle East. Freedom is not free and peace is certainly also not free as wars against totalitarianism need to be won for liberty. America’s essential role in the world is to help others help themselves so that they will be able to stand ready with America in defense of freedom everywhere. God bless America and Kurdistan!