Suspiciously Lesbian

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Suspiciously hot and sexy Daniella Bartfeld

Unlike most other feminists do I live as I teach. I have initiated a personal radical feminist revolution in strict abidance of law and by my very presence doing feminist lesbian cruising in public space as an extremely sexually attractive transgender lesbian female do I serve my very own feminist purpose of destroying patriarchy including its very nefarious ideological expressions of heteronormativity and cisnormativity.

This is the fourth article in a series about my personal lesbian revolution and how I suffer systematic sexual harassment at the hands of the Swedish police and its partners as supposedly committed to preventing crime but actually committing anti-LGBTQI hate crimes by sexually harassing me for my radical feminist and overtly lesbian lifestyle which is in complete and utter adherence to the spirit, letter and every current interpretation of Swedish law. These are the first, second and third articles.

There is probably no country in the world where sexually attractive overtly transgender females are not sexually harassed by the police. Living in Sweden has however its advantages as most ordinary humans here are pro-LGBTQI. The infamously racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and anti-LGTQI Swedish police are thus certainly not reflective of human society at large in Sweden. There are many asylum-seekers from the broader Middle East in Sweden (most younger urban-origin males from those countries are functionally bisexual) and these migrants too are generally friendly, tolerant and highly accepting of me although those belonging to criminal gangs are trying to rape me with the obvious intent of prostituting this very extremely hot transgender gal.  

The police however as most other humans perceive me as very extremely sexually attractive and so they believe that everything I do is sexual and that is true in a sense as what is known as sexuality influences all aspects of human life as already Sigmund Freud pointed out. Indeed, they rightly identify me as a threat to the very sexist patriarchal order which I openly seek to destroy by purely legally permitted means of Foucauldian semiotic warfare in public space in complete and utter adherence to law. I declared war on patriarchy and should I be surprised that patriarchy subsequently declared war on my humble person?

The Swedish police and the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to be sure is well aware of the meticulously law-abiding character of my feminist lifestyle yet of course they quite understandably see it as their very purpose to preserve the patriarchal order indeed. Thus being completely openly lesbian as a transgender female makes me a potential sex offender in their prejudicial eyes and they stupidly believe that it is only a matter of time before I become one. Yet the only thing that differentiates me from the majority of lesbians is that I am transgender rather than cisgender. Lesbian cruising in public space, including cruising on teenage girls above the legal age of consent is completely and perfectly normal for cisfemale lesbians as of course disregarding the very prejudicially heteronormative notion that sexuality should be something between members of “the same age” as based on the phallocentric misconception that interpersonal intimacy is primarily about reproduction. Who is after all is so stupid that he would think that lesbian love is about reproduction?! 

Indeed am I a very ordinary lesbian and so I yes suffer constant harassment of a more less sexual character by the transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic Blekinge Police Department and its local “partners” in crime with the at least partial consent of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Malmö for having carefully tended short 1 mm facial hair. Were I passable as a female, i.e. were I visually indistinguishable  from cisfemales when dressed would there overtly be nothing that would publicly distinguish me from cisgender lesbians. I could in theory hide my hot sexy facial hair through makeup but why should I considering that my facial hair is a major turn-on as I am in practice considered extremely more sexually attractive with facial hair than without? Telling me to disguise my facial hair is indeed the equivalent of coercively “advising” a Muslim female to veil her hair from public view and I just won’t because the bigoted Swedish police is simply on the wrong side of law and emancipation.

I suppose the Swedish police may consider me a potential “terrorist” for publicly and completely legally so politically supporting the feminist PKK movement of Kurdistan which is the world’s most effective anti-terrorist military force which day and night eliminates terrorist sexist bigots of patriarchal Islamism/Jihadism. The meat-eating Swedish police may also consider me a threat to the existing socio-economic order for being an uncompromising ethical vegan since 1997 and openly supporting the non-violent yet not peaceful ALF (the Animal Liberation Front as strictly acting in accordance with the laws of war) as I am indeed committed to the worldwide vegan revolution without ever personally violating any existing legislation whatsoever in any liberal democracy. From the rather non-intelligent perspective of the brilliant Swedish police is it of course suspicious that I am strictly law-abiding as my very open existence as myself is rightly perceived as a threat to patriarchy indeed. 

Similarly may the sexist creeps of the Swedish police  – whom like sexist police officers everywhere around the world systematically extract free sexual services from prostitutes and sex workers – consider me a threat to their own petty mental worlds by my fearlessly questioning antiquated sex laws as indeed founded on proven prejudice and that of course in their small prejudicial minds surely means that I am a sexual “deviant”only waiting to break the law. In short am I committed to destroying physionomism in particular and DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice) generally without of course ever feeling any need to violate any existing legislation as that would indeed be highly unsexy and unattractive indeed. In fact has the feminist libertarian revolution in Rojava largely abolished both crime and police since both are indeed reciprocal structural expressions of extreme sexism.

The Blekinge Country Police Department as supported by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Malmö are thus essentially in complete contravention of Swedish legislation pursuing an ongoing year-long extensive investigation against me for being a lesbian with carefully tended 1 mm facial hair since there is otherwise nothing remarkable or out of the ordinary with my rather typical lesbian lifestyle as cisgender lesbian cruising is rightly perceived as cisfemales of varying ages simply socializing with each other. My extremely short hot & sexy facial hair surprisingly it may seem therefore has a revolutionary, indeed politically highly subversive character. It is certainly no coincidence that it is the very highly sexually attractive appearance of the heroic, bare-breasted FEMEN sextremist activists that makes them so profoundly threatening to patriarchy and especially so to the police everywhere FEMEN is active as the police in those countries waste no opportunity to bring them to court. Indeed, they too are revolutionary feminist warriors engaging in Foucauldian semotic warfare against the social and sexual terror of patriarchy.

Yet, why would a person supposedly seeking to commit crimes be completely vocal and transparent about those issues whether relating to PKK, ALF or sexual legislation and indeed invite police attention to herself? Bigotry of course has its own logic yet is essentially profoundly irrational and is typically very difficult indeed to reason with. E.g. why should an extremely courageous radical feminist rationally speaking be suspected by the misogynistic police of intending to sexually harass fellow females? The answer of course is projection since the Swedish police themselves sexually harass prostitutes and sex workers and extract free sexual services from them and these sexist brutes of course cannot imagine anyone rising above their own lowly sexist personal conditions.

Most bizarrely have I recently on multiple occasions encountered Swedish undercover police officers endeavoring to discuss illegal intergenerational sexual relations with me and in this purpose of course mindlessly trying to “befriend me” through alcohol. Their absolutely bizarre behaviors are completely ridiculous and macabre indeed in their utter and complete incompetence professionally speaking and comically prejudicial ignorance of anything even remotely relating to gender science. They are foolishly pathetic sexist brutes who represent everything that I despise, including the utter stupidity of alcoholic intoxication and (projective) lack of personal ethical limits.

In a sense I suppose ought I be flattered by how seriously the misogynistic police and the transphobic Chief Prosecutor’s Office take my subversive political life and strictly law-abiding radical feminist lifestyle. Surely, this means that I am strategically right in the first place in sexist patriarchy feeling so immensely under threat by fearlessly hot little me exercising my liberty and rights under law.

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