Police Sexual Harassment

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myself – Daniella Bartfeld

Police sexual harassment and especially so against females and against persons with LGBTQI lifestyles is a worldwide phenomenon but perhaps you would think that this does not occur in purportedly “progressive” Sweden?

This is the third article about my personal struggles against patriarchy as a transgender, lesbian and extremely sexually attractive female. These are the first and second articles.

Ever since coming out IRL as a transgender lesbian extremely attractive female over a year ago have I suffered systematic police sexual harassment (including stalking) by uniformed police officers, plainclothes police officers and by the official partners of the regional police department such as security guards, shop employees in police partner stores etc. I have simultaneously been systematically sexually harassed in public space by criminal gangs of younger culturally Muslim males. I have found that the sexual harassment although in both cases culturally motivated are almost indistinguishable since in both cases it’s about socially maintaining the cultural hegemony of patriarchy, including heteronormativity and cisnormativity.

Regional police officers apparently feel compelled to touch my body against my will, stop me in the streets without any legal ground and subjecting me to psychological violence of homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic interrogation without any legal basis whatsoever in order to extract a false confession and of course trying to force me to offer sexual favors to them in order so as to gain their “protection”. The police has been involved in trannyspying against me for over a year without of course finding any legal evidence of any crime being committed whatsoever.

I have never got used to living as an involuntary personal peepshow of the Blekinge County Police Department and I never would for my law-abiding feminist semiotic revolution against patriarchy will not rest until patriarchy is consigned to the dustbin of history as has already been achieved in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria), the world’s first feminist state where patriarchy has already been crushed indeed.

My personally privacy is systematically violated as the one-year police investigation against me allow them to engage in systematic trannyspying, including collecting video sequences from security cameras, interrogating females who socialize with me in public space, accessing my confidential health files, stalking me while I do lesbian cruising in public space and of course performing phone tapping as well as instructing the official partners of the police to intimidate, discriminate, humiliate and sexually harass me in order to extract a false confession for literally anything.

Of course the idea is to extract a false confession in order to wrongly convict me for something which did not even ever happen as the completely ridiculous and wholly incompetent Swedish police despite strenuous year-long efforts have not even found a single plaintiff for a criminal case and I have therefore despite a year of trannyspying masquarading as “police investigation” against me never been required to come to the police for a formal interrogation. Of course a false conviction for a non-existent crime could enable them to endeavor to try to ban me from public space. The police could then gain some degree of legitimacy for much more intense sexual harassment against me and the police would I suppose instruct their partners to ban me from shopping in police partner stores in my city, something which otherwise would be illegal under Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation as I am nominally legally protected against discrimination as a female, a lesbian and a transgender person. Indeed, the police has not even been shy to explicitly tell me to leave my own municipality.

Sexual harassment by the police and their local “partners” have a rather uniform character. The message is that I as a lesbian must not overtly socialize in public space with my fellow females for females belong to males only and every female is considered “heterosexual” by default by patriarchy despite most Swedish females being functionally bisexual, much like most Saudi males are likewise functionally bisexual. I am told by police-affiliated sexual harassers who are almost always males that “many gals complain against you” and the sexual harassers threaten me with “consequences” unless I abandon my overtly lesbian lifestyle. I have of course never received any such complaints from fellow females whom I flirt with and I would obviously long since have been ordered to attend a formal police interrogation were there even one such criminal complaint by a plaintiff against me for a criminal case considering the intense, indeed obsessive sexual interest in me by officers of the Blekinge County Police Department.  

The police is confident that they will eventually convince someone to become a plaintiff in a criminal case against me and/or extract a false confession from me and little do they understand that they will continue to fail considering that everything I do in life has a carefully calibrated political character and so my personal lesbian revolution and radical feminist lifestyle requires indeed utter perfection in social behavior with a very wide legal margin so that there is no room whatsoever for any misunderstanding from a legal perspective. These foolish trannyspies will not succeed and I will never cease leading my overtly lesbian lifestyle as a free person in open society.

I live proudly lesbian every day and will continue to do so every day for fear is not a wise guide in life. It is interesting however how little difference there is between the sexual harassment that I face from criminal gangs of recent Mideast origin and the sexual harassment that I face from the pervasively racist White police and their official “partners” in crime. Offenders from both categories are typically visibly sexually aroused by my very hot presence and their psychological purpose is simply to humiliate me so as to avail themselves from the utter helplessness that they experience due to their very sexual arousal in myself being precisely sexually unavailable to them.

The police as part and parcel of patriarchy is literally indifferent to the now pervasive sexual harassment by Middle Eastern males in public space against females of all ethnic origins in Sweden that I too suffer on a daily basis. Yet despite the Swedish police always complaining of not having sufficient financial resources at their disposal are they rather than fighting sexual harassment instead themselves perpetrating and encouraging sexual harassment against a brave transgender Jewish gal – whose middle name is courage civil – for living proudly lesbian and completely overtly and transparently so.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.