Swedish Dystopia

Sayyid Qutb
Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), the evil genius of Sunni Islamism/Jihadism and the most important thinker in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sweden although having largely succeeded in encapsulating itself from Nazism and Communism has now instead become a pioneer in Islamist dystopia in Europe. As mainstream politicians, mainstream journalists and the police to varying degrees have abandoned their duties of defending open society against its enemies are the right-wing conservative Sweden Democrats as known for championing immigration reform likely to increasingly become the main political party in the country’s political system.

Sweden has unfortunately long been a leader in Europe’s most recent dystopia, after having lived through Nazism and Communism are there now many non-Muslim voices who want Europe to embrace adherents of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism and primarily those of the global Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s largest and therefore most dangerous Islamist movement. While Islamists are culturally and religiously heterogeneous in reflecting the cultural and religious diversity of the Muslim world is Islamism as a political ideology (whether Sunni or Shia) remarkably homogenous in seeking a totalitarian religious dictatorship as ruled by a religiously appointed dictator.

The problems increasingly visible in Sweden are seen in many Western European countries that suffer from mutually reinforcing processes of structural discrimination and Islamization. Muslim neighborhoods turn into no-go zones that undergo intense Islamization (social, cultural and religious) and as the people in those neighborhoods are abandoned by mainstream politicians, mainstream journalists and the police is the state of lawlessness and Islamization increasingly spreading to  other neighborhoods as well, including through increasingly severe and pervasive sexual harassment in public space and particularly so against female human beings of any and no religion who do not individually adhere to Islamist dress code.

There has been the idea that ignoring the increasingly severe problems in no-go zones would see those problem somehow magically perish but the opposite has in fact happened and the right-wing conservative Sweden Democrats have become the last hope for more and more voters who see the mainstream media, elected politicians and the police effectively capitulating to multidimensional cultural and social processes of Islamization. Indeed, no one would deny the existence of cultural/social processes of Islamist-led Islamization in majority Muslim countries but when this happens inside liberal democracies does this become the subject of intense public denial and those who collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood agenda of “soft” (i.e. cultural) Islamization whether directly or indirectly will typically endeavor to suppress public discussion on the entire subject of Islamization, including due to fears of losing their paid positions of authority.

Ever since 1814 has has Sweden pursued an intentionally paradoxical security, defense and diplomatic policy of semi-secret alliances as combined with official isolationism and close political ties with those pose that pose threats to the country. This policy was initiated by French-born Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (1763-1844) who ruled the country from 1810 and went on to become King Charles XIV John of Sweden and Charles III John of Norway in 1818. Sweden and Finland are founding members of the NATO alliance yet their respective memberships in the alliance were never made public and official. The idea therefore was that Sweden by maintaining good relations with all those posing a threat to Sweden would be able to stay out of armed conflict in Europe. The assumption was that this policy has served Sweden well in having allowed Sweden to stay out war in Europe since 1814.

Although the Swedish government claimed to have disbanded its nuclear weapons production program already in the 1960s was it instead turned secret and so Sweden today has one of the world’s largest arsenals of nuclear weapons with strategic ability not only to strike with tactical nuclear weapons against Russian forces invading Finland but also the ability to reach any part of Russia with strategic nuclear weapons whether carried by nuclear missiles or by Sweden’s large air force as largely made up of Sweden’s own JAS fighter aircrafts.

Sweden with its ethnically diverse immigrant population from the Middle East has become a major contributor to NATO and to the ongoing global US War on Terror by means of Sweden’s elite ethnic minority military special forces as modeled on the Israeli mista’arvim, each being composed of a different Middle Eastern ethnicity using its native own language and cultural skills during covert operations. Sweden’s air force also takes an active part in America’s wars around the world although this as most elements of Sweden’s defense policy is withheld from the public. Sweden is infamous in Israel for its public relative diplomatic hostility against Israel yet in practice is Israel the best and most loyal friend Sweden has ever had as timely relayed Israeli intelligence data constantly prevents planned terrorist attacks, most of which are never publicized.

However, this time have the problems of the outside world arrived inside Sweden and so Sweden is no longer able to isolate itself from the conflicts of the outside world through its traditional policy of semi-secret alliance and overt isolationism as conflicts of other parts of the world are imported to Sweden through immigration. The peace which Sweden has enjoyed since 1814 has effectively ended as anarchy and lawlessness are increasingly spreading in the country and indeed rapidly so beyond existing no-go zones. Swedish Jews have suffered persecution in the streets of Sweden’s third city Malmö for 15 years and now more and more groups in societies across Sweden and Western Europe become victimized by these social processes of Islamization.

In my conversations with Swedish citizens do I find that most although usually not explicitly saying so at least do consider voting for the right-wing conservative Sweden Democrats which seeks a more restrictive immigration policy. The Sweden Democrats are also becoming the last hope for immigrants and foreign-born Swedes who feel abandoned by mainstream politicians, mainstream journalists and the police. The Sweden Democrats poll at around a fifth of voters yet opinion polls are known to severely underestimate sympathies for candidates and political parties seeking immigration reform. Recent election results in the United States (2016) and France (2017) indicate that voters increasingly turn to right-wing conservative alternatives when sensing that no one else is willing or ready to stop the increasing threat that politically promoted social, cultural and religious processes of Islamization pose indeed to liberal-democratic open societies.

Sweden’s next parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2018 and the Sweden Democrats are certain to gain far more than the around 20% suggested by opinion polls. The Sweden Democrats are likely to become Sweden’s largest political party and the question is only how large? Will it gain more than 30% or perhaps even more than 40%? Sympathies with the Sweden Democrats are indeed increasingly pervasive in Sweden among both non-Muslims and culturally Muslim victims of Islamism alike.

Unless mainstream politicians take a proactive role in banning any and all Islamist organizations (including all front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood) and instituting comprehensive immigration reform in stopping virtually all immigration from dictatorships other than pro-democratic asylum seekers and their immediate relatives will problems as associated with Islamist-promoted social processes of Islamization only continue to get worse, spread to more and more areas and increasingly get out of hand. The political economy of liberal democracy works by the voting public not reelecting politicians seen as not doing their job and instead replacing them with others rightly or wrongly regarded as more competent. Mainstream Swedish politicians are liable to wake up to a new political landscape after the 2018 elections unless they stop pretending that increasingly severe problems associated with social, cultural and religious processes of Islamization will somehow magically evaporate and need instead take appropriate and effective policy action in order to defend open society from its enemies.

Islamization is a global phenomenon which needs to be taken seriously as the general policy challenge therefore is to combine religious tolerance with a proactive policy against enemies of open society. Feminism as seen in Kurdistan is an important part of the answer to crushing Islamism and so ending Islamization requires militarily training and arming females so as to help us liberate ourselves from male oppression, including from Islamism which among modern political ideologies is the one that is the by far most reactionary and sexist indeed.

These problems are certainly not limited to Sweden but Sweden has since the mid 20th century prided itself as being a mass social laboratory in social engineering and so the problems of no-go zones increasingly spreading to the rest of society will no doubt occur in other liberal-democratic open societies as well unless those tasked with defending open society start taking effective action in a calibrated and deliberate fashion.

Military rule and martial law need to be instituted in neighborhoods suffering from severe lawlessness as associated with social processes of Islamization and it is precisely absolutely essential that soldiers and heavily armed police in those neighborhoods have ethnic origins similar to the populations in the neighborhoods which they operate in. Sweden’s ethnic special forces therefore need to be given new tasks in liberating their own neighborhoods as abandoned due to discrimination against and fears of Muslims among Sweden’s infamously racist police.

Feminist militias need to be trained YPJ-style in operating in affected neighborhoods to crush patriarchy and help females liberate ourselves from oppression. Islamism is simply a particularly extreme expression of patriarchy and so Islamism is most effectively crushed by destroying the menace of patriarchy. The successful feminist revolution in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) clearly shows that crime for the most part is merely an expression of extreme male sociopathology. Destroying patriarchy by empowering, militarily training and arming females and feminists of different genders as seen in Rojava therefore obviates the need for the police to continue to exist at all. Islamism is the problem and feminism is the solution.