My War on Patriarchy

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myself – Daniella Bartfeld

When I came out IRL as a lesbian, transgender person and super-hot female over a year ago did I decide to declare war on patriarchy and ever since have I been openly harassed by the police and their collaborating partners for being openly LGBTQI and the police is well aware thanks to a year of extensive surveillance and recurring police sexual harassment (including by their collaborating partners such as security guards, shop clercs etc. who are very extremely open about them publicly harassing me in cooperation with the police) that I am precisely strictly, indeed extremely law-abiding with a very wide legal margin indeed.

This is the second article about my personal experience as suffering anti-LGBTQI harassment by the Swedish police and its local partners. (The first article is here.)

Yet the vehemently anti-LGBTQI police department here in Blekinge County (Sweden) rightly see me living transparently and openly as myself as an intrinsic threat to patriarchal privileges (indeed to the patriarchal order itself including heteronormativity and cisnormativity) and are determined to push me away from public space right back into the transphobic heterocultural closet. They will fail just as they have miserably failed for over a year to pin me to anything even remotely criminal. I live in a free and open society and will continue to live as I see ethically fit while strictly conforming to every provision of Swedish legislation. For me is every day a personal Pride Parade in the sense that I will continue to live openly and proudly as myself and so things will remain irrespective of anti-LGBTQI police sexual harassment against me.

When I came out IRL as a transgender lesbian female in my small city of Ronneby in Sweden did I decide to declare war on patriarchy to pursue my feminist revolution by fully and entirely legal means. I decided that being fully and completely myself in public space as a lesbian, transgender person and a female would I begin to destroy the notion that human beings can be neatly classified into only two genders, a myth upon which of course patriarchy is intrinsically founded in many human cultures.

Indeed my very presence in public space as an extremely hot lesbian transgender female does constitute highly effective feminist semiotic warfare. E.g. males who are sexually aroused by hot little me being nearby may typically question their preconceived heterocultural identities. My being extremely sexually attractive as a female with both makeup and very short sexy facial hair serves to confuse bigots and discredits mythological notions of binary genders and binary gender roles.

The reaction from patriarchy in this country known for its purportedly advanced gender equality has been furious as my being myself and completely overtly and transparently so in public space challenges every gender myth and male privilege underpinning patriarchy.  

The police hates me for being fully and completely law-abiding and are desperately and indeed pathetically so trying to find something to prosecute me for so as to force me back into the closet and restore sexist hegemony in public space despite I having no criminal record whatsoever. Little did they understand what they were up to as their smear campaign against me has most miserably failed and I will never give up being myself in public space in full and utter compliance with every provision of law.

For the police am I a suspected prostitute when talking to men, a suspected male harasser when discussing feminism in public space with fellow women and a potential sex offender when legal minors converse with me. In short no matter whom I socialize with or who socializes with me of any age or gender does this make me potentially complicit in sex crimes in the sick sexualized minds of Sweden’s infamously racist and sexist police and this is largely due to them feeling threatened by a visually non-binary transgender female being perceived as extremely beautiful and extremely attractive indeed, including of course by themselves. For the police does my very presence in public space indeed make me a potential criminal. Due to the fact that I told them so – is the police precisely well aware that I think and act like a lawyer when doing lesbian cruising on females of many different ages in strict conformance with the legislated age of consent and indeed abides by Swedish legislation by a very wide legal margin. They believe however that it is only a matter of time until I commit some crime to which they will be able to pin me (even if only a minor one!) and in the meantime do they continue to sexually harass me in the hope of extracting a false confession for something – indeed anything!  

But the question of course arises why they believe that a meticulously law-abiding person and manifestly, publicly and extremely conscientious citizen as committed to civic courage in every field of politics would be a potential criminal despite they knowing full well that I have committed no crime? The reason is that they see me as queer/different and my very presence in public space as a threat to the patriarchal prejudice of their petty prejudicial worlds. Need I add that they are absolutely right and spot on about my being Queer, as a radical feminist being intentionally non-conforming to patriarchal prejudice and my presence of being myself in public space being an intentional political threat to the privileges and multi-dimensional structural oppression of patriarchy? Indeed, the police sexually harassing attractive, overtly transgender females is a global phenomenon in every country around the world whether doing so against the law (as here in Sweden) or in compliance with law as in many dictatorships.

But what they apparently don’t get is that they and their “partners” in anti-LGBTQI crime have no business sexually harassing me (i.e. harassing me due to my gender etc.) for being myself in complete and full adherence to Swedish legislation and they systematically and without ground suspecting a meticulously and indeed manifestly law-abiding citizen of anything is prejudice pure and simple. All there is indeed – is their structural prejudice and physionomistic fears which they project upon this gal with no legal basis whatsoever. They are thugs, bullies and agents of patriarchy and they should not even exist. In the feminist state of Rojava (West Kurdistan) in North Syria have the police precisely been abolished for the police are merely a cognitive reflection of the minds of criminals in both police and criminals exhibiting the severely socially distorted structural psychopathology of patriarchy. Her Biji Rojava!

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