Let My People Go

The Kurdish people deserve to live as a free people in their own land and achieving this by political and diplomatic means rather than by military ones is certainly most preferable indeed. Let’s however be very clear about the fact that the Islamist AKP regime is the foremost obstacle to and the prime threat to peace in Anatolia, Kurdistan and Syria.

Fighters from the women’s YPJ corps of the feminist SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) army of the feminist libertarian state of Rojava in Free Kurdistan. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

The Kurdish people as largely descended from the Jewish population of the northern Kingdom of Israel as deported by the Neo-Assyrian Empire to what is now Kurdistan have suffered terrible hardships under religious imperialism for holding on to Median Judaism, indeed a third of all Kurds remain halakhically Jewish including Alawite Kurds, Alevi Kurds, Dönmeh Kurds, Yarsani Kurds and Yezidi Kurds. Muslim Kurds are descended from adherents of Median Judaism who suffered enforced Islamization although Median Judaism actually remains practiced as part of their traditional tribal culture.  

Israel has since 1963 been engaged in the Kurdistani state building project involving immense regional, operational and logistical complexities since Israelis needed to cross neighboring states in order to assist its allied Kurdish friends.

The Kurdish people have suffered immensely throughout history and continue to suffer immensely under the tyranny of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism as Kurdistan in recent years has faced hostile Islamist regimes from almost all sides geographically speaking.

The independence of Kurdistan is not a matter of if but of when and how. Israel and America each have the military means to create an independent unified Kurdistan by means of deploying aerial superiority in a support role for Kurdistani ground troops yet it would certainly be preferable if Kurdistan were to be united by diplomatic means rather than by military means.

Is it possible to convince and indeed compel the AKP power structure in Ankara to withdraw from Bakur (North Kurdistan) and thus enable the declaration of the independence of unified Kurdistan? The Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet certainly have the means to bring down the criminal AKP regime structure but this might carry a heavy cost in resulting in Jihadist civil war in Anatolia. Israel could indeed with agreement from NATO crush the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) from the air but this too would carry a heavy cost in human life. Another option is a popular revolution as led by a coalition of minorities and other victims of Islamist AKP oppression but this could also lead to Jihadist civil war in Anatolia, something for which the AKP criminal power structure is intensely preparing in increasingly building its own domestic Jihadist para-military militias. Another certainly most viable option would be for the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) army of Rojava to militarily crush the TAF.

The pertinent question therefore is how to end Islamist rule in Ankara and enable independence for unified Kurdistan with as few casualties as possible in accordance with the principle of proportionality under the laws of war.

The best solution to this conundrum therefore would be a political solution whereby the kleptocratic hypocrites (Arabic munafiqun) of the Islamist AKP power structure were to be allowed to keep the profits made from investing stolen state funds while what was once stolen would have to be repaid to the state. They would also be granted legal immunity from prosecution for their past crimes. In return for this would there be a planned and gradual handover of power and a new government would after a transitional period become formed by Turkey’s major pro-democracy opposition parties. This political transition would obviously need to be most carefully planned by the Derin Devlet.

There is only one viable political option among multiple military options and this political option is certainly most preferable and therefore needs to be implemented with careful planning indeed. The international community needs to provide all necessary support and encouragement to the Derin Devlet in this process in making sure that this process is as peaceful as possible, including ensuring the independence of unified Kurdistan and the orderly partition of Anatolia into new states as based upon revival of historical heritage languages of Anatolia and local communal reversion to indigenous Alevi-Bektashi Judaism as teared from the peoples of Anatolia through historically most tragically enforced Islamization.

Independence for a unified Kurdistan as a regional model of communal reversion to Median Judaism and transition to self-governance in open society is indeed crucial for a politically healthy future of the broader Middle East. The political option is most preferable indeed to the military options and the international community needs to provide more political support in this process by means of establishing consulates in Rojava, delisting organizations of the feminist PKK movement and taking a more openly forceful stand against the severe abuses of the kleptocratic AKP regime structure in Anatolia, Kurdistan and Syria indeed.