Cleaning Syria

The AKP regime structure in Ankara needs to cease its hostile and illegal involvement in Syria. The AKP regime structure is involved in illegal invasion, illegal occupation of the Shehba region, continued military aggression against the Kurdish Afrin region of Rojava, criminal ethnic cleansing against ethnic Kurds, indisputably criminal settlement activity and of course extensive support for Jihadist terrorist organizations in Syria; including the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al Qaida. The Kurdish-led, yet multiethnic Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) really have no other choice than to crush Jihadism in Syria and kick out the Turkish occupation from Syrian soil although the intensity in this task depends on how the AKP power structure continues to behave. There is still time for diplomacy however and so the international community has an essential part to play in enforcing Turkey’s withdrawal, disengagement and complete exit from Syria.

Flag_of_Syrian_Democratic_Forces.svg (1)
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) flag in Arabic, Kurdish and Aramaic

The pro-Jihadist Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP criminal power structure in Ankara has long promoted, supported, organized and sponsored Jihadist militias in Syria while making it a point to regularly harass America’s and Israel’s close friends, reliant allies and admired partners of staunchly pro-American and pro-Israel Free Kurdistan. Turkey’s involvement in Syria has indeed become the main obstacle to peace in that country as the AKP regime structure in Ankara long sponsored the Islamic State Caliphate and continues to sponsor all other Sunni Jihadist militias in Syria whether those are Salafist or affiliated with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

The Kurdish-led SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of Rojava/Syria are determined to clean northern and eastern Syria from Jihadism and will complete that task irrespective of the effort, investment and time required. The criminal AKP regime structure has carved out a second North Cyprus (yet certainly one without liberal democracy) inside Syria/Rojava and the occupying power is deliberately changing the regional demographics by means of ethnic cleansing of Kurds and settlement activity and indeed indisputably illegally so in complete contravention of all international interpretations of the laws of war. The Turkish-occupied Shehba region has effectively been annexed by Turkey, the occupying power which invaded Syrian territory without any legal ground whatsoever as part of its efforts to harass Free Kurdistan and sponsor Jihadist militias in Syria. Turkey’s invasion was a war of aggression in complete disregard for and utter contravention of the laws of war.

The AKP regime structure is however playing with fire as further TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) aggression in Syria/Rojava might very conceivably cause significant regional conflagration indeed. Turkey’s NATO membership has effectively been suspended and Ankara faces comprehensive economic sanctions if it continues to pursue its Jihadist agenda to destabilize Syria.

The present US administration has no political illusions whatsoever with regard to the menace of Islamism/Jihadism generally (including the global Muslim Brotherhood) and although America is a friend of all peoples (including those neighboring Kurdistan!) does America stand with Free Kurdistan in its heroic struggle for liberty against tyranny. Americans and Israelis recognize indeed our own respective history in the brave struggle of Kurdistan. Rojava’s (West Kurdistan’s) intersectional feminist & progressive libertarian revolution brings hope for a better world and its revolutionary values are ones that are cherished by the publics of America and Israel. Rojava’s libertarian revolution is a tremendous inspiration for the leadership of the United States Republican Party and Rojava’s feminist revolution is obviously no less a tremendous inspiration for the leadership of the United States Democratic Party.

America and Israel are purely honored to support the righteous people of Kurdistan in its heroic and value-based liberation from tyranny. American service personnel in Free Kurdistan are indeed literally treated as if they were visiting royals by the staunchly pro-American, righteous and honorable people of Kurdistan. Just as America stands with today’s southern Kingdom of Judah (i.e. the liberal-democratic State of Israel) so is America faithful to its own values and heritage in standing with today’s northern Kingdom of Israel (i.e. Free Kurdistan).

The Trump-Pence administration are certainly not Dhimmis subservient to Islamist religious imperialism and are certainly not afraid of anyone. There is certainly no lack of very capable decision-makers in the Trump-Pence administration which is certainly not shy to aid the forces of liberty against the forces of tyranny worldwide. America’s support for Free Kurdistan in general and Rojava in particular is however not a matter of being leftwing or rightwing (these are domestic partisan issues) but rather one of liberty against tyranny as based on bi-partisan American values as cherished by the people of America and its friends around the world.

Kurdish revolutionary patriotism is indeed highly similar to both American civic religion and Israeli Zionism in being based on patriotically revolutionary values of liberty in the historical struggle against tyranny. America and Israel know well that freedom is far from free and indeed requires continual and indeed substantial effort and investment in indeed protecting liberty from tyranny.

The SDF as the most capable army in the world stands ready at any time to face the demoralized and mismanaged TAF – most of whose conscripts have little to no appetite for war against the SDF. The SDF does not fear, does not act on fear and instead fearlessly destroys hostile enemy combatants. The SDF has no other choice but to clean Syria from Jihadism and will bravely complete that task in complete and faithful adherence to the laws of war. The SDF is ready to wage all-out feminist war on TAF out of simple military necessity in liberating illegally occupied internationally recognized Syrian territory and subsequently Bakur (North Kurdistan) as well unless the AKP power structure in Ankara fully and completely withdraws from Syria/Rojava, fully and completely ceases its military aggression against Afrin/Rojava, fully and completely ceases to perpetrate ethnic cleaning against Kurds, fully and completely removes its illegal settlers from the occupied Shehba region and fully and completely ceases to sponsor and perpetuate Jihadism in Syria/Rojava.

This major war will however not be initiated by the SDF although the SDF is indeed ready and well-prepared to take on the task of literally crushing the spine of TAF by means of all-out feminist war of liberation. No one would be advised underestimate the advanced capabilities of the feminist SDF army as trained and armed by America and Israel, the world’s only two military superpowers. Rojava certainly prefers diplomacy over war yet is in no way afraid of major war in crushing the incompetent TAF and unseating the Wahhabi Intelligence operatives making up the criminal AKP power structure in Ankara. Both Israeli military units and American military units in Rojava/Syria indeed proudly wear SDF insignia on their uniforms. While Turkey has been effectively suspended from the NATO alliance has Free Kurdistan instead become a senior ally of this alliance of liberty.

America, Israel and Rojava are certainly not afraid of the evil clowns in Ankara and the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan require freedom no less than other peoples around the world. The international community needs to prepare for imposing not only comprehensive economic sanctions but also a comprehensive international weapons embargo so as to curtail TAF unless the AKP regime structure ends its fully and completely illegal occupation of the Shehba region, ceases to sponsor Jihadist militias in Syria/Rojava, ceases its military aggression against the isolated western Afrin region of Rojava and indeed ceases and reverses its war crimes of enforced mass population transfer against Kurds of the Shehba region and indeed removes its illegally introduced non-indigenous settlers there.

Damascus and Rojava will not tolerate Turkish troop deployment on further internationally recognized Syrian territory and although there have been tensions between Damascus and Rojava due to past disagreements within the administration in Damascus are Rojava and Damascus now politically and military coordinated in understanding the essential need to ensure comprehensive TAF withdrawal from territories of Syria/Rojava and indeed fully and completely crush the AKP regime-sponsored Jihadist militias on internationally recognized Syrian territory. Viva the feminist revolution!