KRG Referendum

Totalitarian tyrant Saddam Hussein abducted and murdered 8 000 Barzani boys and men in 1983. (Photo Jan Sefti on Flickr.)

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) plans to hold a referendum on independence. Let’s be clear however that this referendum is mostly symbolic in expressing the profound yearnings of the people of Kurdistan to live as a free people in their own land. Indeed, this referendum although it will only be held in Iraqi Kurdistan is about the liberty, independence and indeed self-determination of the entire Kurdistan.

Israel has always regarded unified Kurdistani independence as central, indeed pivotal to the Israeli national interest and the rest of the international community should recognize too that independent Kurdistan is pivotal indeed as a social model for making the Middle East a freer, better and more prosperous place as the three self-governing statelets of Free Kurdistan are pillars, indeed, beacons of stability in the Middle East.

The Kurds were throughout most of the 20th century internationally ignored and disregarded out of diplomatic and economic convenience. Israel has however since 1963 despite enormous difficulties and immense challenges due to Kurdistan’s geographic isolation and complex geostrategic position pursued the Kurdistani state building project. While in the past Israel indeed pursued a realist foreign policy elsewhere in the Middle East has Israel’s promotion of Kurdistani nation building always been based on idealism as no serious person could doubt the selfless love between the Jewish people as descended from the southern Kingdom of Judah and the Kurdish people as descended from the deported northern Kingdom of Israel. 2 700 years of enforced separation as imposed by imperialism has never succeeded in extinguishing the profound flame of love, affection and care between the peoples of Judah and Israel.

The KRG referendum although only intended to be held in Bashur (South Kurdistan in Iraq) therefore is not about the independence of Bashur alone but rather about the independence of the entire Kurdistan. While the international diplomatic response to the planned referendum has been almost mute is this referendum indeed the legitimate choice of the KRG and Israel fully stands behind Kurdistan in its quest for unified independence as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already in 2014 publicly expressed strong official diplomatic support for Kurdistani independence and so did Israel become the first liberal democracy to openly and officially support independence for Kurdistan.

Let’s be clear however about the fact that Israel has since 1963 invested enormous efforts and resources (human, technological, military, intelligence and economic) in pursuing Kurdistani independence and now more so than ever before. The geopolitical conditions long made the Kurdistani state building project far more difficult than Israel’s similar and parallel SPLA project which after decades of extensive Israeli efforts resulted in independent South Sudan in 2011.

Today however is Israel closely allied with Iraq and Syria and also maintains particularly close relations with politically influential parts of the intelligence establishments of Iran and Turkey respectively. Unified Kurdistani independence is no longer in any way a controversial issue for Israel’s powerful partners in the independent states surrounding Free Kurdistan on all sides and hence the muted response of the Iraqi government to the planned KRG referendum. There are not even any border disputes whatsoever as regards the future international borders of unified Kurdistan and so the KRG referendum has tremendous symbolic significance in communicating millennia of yearning for freedom from political, cultural and religious imperialism.

Israel fully stands behind the KRG in its legitimate decision to hold an independence referendum as that is their rightful choice indeed. Kurdish interests are Israeli interests and 2 700 years of enforced separation has not in any way lessened the profound bond of mutual peoplehood love (Hebrew Ahavat Israel) between the Jewish people and the Kurdish people. Kurdish clans descended from forcibly Islamized Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah always did their utmost to protect those in their clans who remained openly Jewish and their Israeli descendant members have always devised and implemented Israel’s policy with respect to Israel’s affectionate and perpetual commitment to the wellbeing, freedom and self-determination of the Kurdish people. Indeed a vast majority of Kurdish clans of the KDP-ruled Badinan/Adiabene region are descended from forcibly Islamized Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah of the Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene as centered in Arbala (Erbil/Hewlêr) and hence Israel’s very special bond with the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) as led by individual Barzanis and members of other Dönmeh Kurdish clans of the region. The Kingdom of Adiabene as ruled by Barzanis indeed bravely aided the Jewish people in its uprising against the colonial tyranny of Roman imperialism and so the Jewish people never forgets and always affectionally cares for its friends.

The freedom and independence of unified Kurdistan is absolutely pivotal indeed to the transformation of the Middle East and indeed the broader Middle East into an increasingly freer, stable and more prosperous place. Independence for unified Kurdistan is a global strategic interest of tremendous importance as Kurdistan is preparing itself for becoming the model for indigenous reversion to Median Judaism and feminist Rojava (West Kurdistan in Syria) has already developed effective and well-proven feminist methods for the introduction of comprehensive freedoms and representative governance in the broader Middle East.

To anyone not understanding this is it also important to emphasize that not only the United States government (diplomatic, executive, intelligence, legislative and military branches) but also importantly the people of America identify with people of Kurdistan and its brave quest for liberty in the struggle against ethnic domination and medievalist tyranny. US special forces are embedded into the YPG-led SDF (Syrian Democratic forces) and Washington is extremely well aware that feminist Rojava already has the solutions for curing the various structural pathologies intrinsic to and indeed pervasive in the broader Middle East.

Rojava and Bashur stand together in the Kurdistani struggle for the independence of unified Kurdistan and propaganda ploys of divide and rule on the part of Islamist enemies of the Kurdish people will no more deter or tear them apart. Her biji!