My Lesbian Revolution

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myself – Daniella Bartfeld

This writer devotes her life to intellectually and politically aiding victims of structural oppression around the world no matter how demeaned and structurally supressed yet this time I shall write about the severe structural oppression that I daily face in my own daily life as a transgender lesbian gal in Sweden living completely in the open since over a year ago.

I have lived fully transparently and in the open as a transgender lesbian female since May 2016. I have gradually re-apppropriated and self-designed my personal female gender roles and have gradually assumed more and more feminine semiotic markers in terms of appearance including fashion, makeup and daily using a pink wig.

Despite having androgenic reproductive organs do I have a body shape similar to those of female supermodels (yet with normal body weight) and so referring to my body as purportedly “male” is essentially ridiculous as my bodily features rather strictly conform to contemporary bodily ideals for females aside from my intimate anatomy and androgenic body hair. My intimate anatomy is anyway not visible to the public so making assumptions about it on the basis of my short, groomed beard is plainly ridiculous. I even have small natural breasts similar to those of fashion models on the catwalk in Paris.

Ever since I came out last year have I gained attention from the Blekinge county regional police intelligence sharing network which has ever since been gathering rumors about me and disseminating them to local partners of theirs. I attended law school for half semester at Stockholm University many years ago and so I do know a few things about how the Swedish legal system works and what is legal in Sweden and what is not.

Many feminists sadly do not feel able to live as they believe fit which is particularly difficult considering the typically socially brutal nature of patriarchy even in Sweden for which striving for gender equality is part of the national identity. I have however developed a certain distaste for hypocrisy and do endeavor to live as I believe see fit, e.g. I am never sexually attracted to anything that I politically oppose (that’s just complete turnoff!) and I live strictly in accordance with the provisions of Swedish law.

When coming out IRL I decided to initiate my own personal feminist revolution against moral prejudice such as ditching stupid provisions for conventional binary sex roles. I have since suffered systematic sexual harassment from two directions. For the past year have I not been able to walk the streets of my small city Ronneby without suffering sexual harassment from criminal gangs of teenage boys and young men with recent Near East origins. From the other ethnic direction have I suffered organized sexual harassment from primarily ethnically Swedish men as promoted by the transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic regional police intelligence sharing network. There has been an ongoing police investigation against me now for over a year which of course has remained inconclusive and has produced no results whatsoever considering that I take care to be meticulously law abiding. Those disagreeing with provisions of law should seek to transform legislation by public political means as opposed to breaking the law although there are clearly situations where breaking the law is ethico-politically required as public political acts.

I have on numerous occasions contacted the police due to suffering constant sexual harassment by young males trying to have sex with me as guysex in some Middle Eastern countries is nearly as common and de facto socially normalized as galsex in many European countries. In e.g. Saudi Arabia are most sexually active younger males functionally bisexual and since this is implicitly part of the socio-cultural norm is this effectively tolerated by the Wahhabi religious police there. The Blekinge regional police however treats me with utter contempt and engage in sexual harassment against me on account of my completely legal yet also fully overtly lesbian lifestyle. On the most recent occasion of police sexual harassment did a police officer even try to extract sexual services from me. Indeed, it is common for police officers around the world to treat transgender females as badly as they sadly treat prostitutes and sex workers, meaning sexually harassing transgender females and demanding sexual favors from us. The police has informed me that I have only myself to blame for suffering sexual assault (including attempted rape by criminal gangs on three occasions) and that this is my own fault due to living openly as a transgender lesbian female with makeup, women’s fashion etc.

I decided to write this article after finding out that the regional police have gone so far as deploying plainclothes undercover police officers against me and harassing and even interrogating females whom I meet in public space in desperately trying to gather a case against me when in fact there is no legal basis whatsoever for doing this since living openly as a female, lesbian and transgender person is specifically protected under Swedish law. After filing a complaint to the national police did I discover that the regional police intelligence network illicit activities against me were apparently sanctioned by the supra-regional chief prosecutor in Malmö.

The regional police intelligence network systematically gathers homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic interpretations of my fully legal lifestyle and the police has despite extensive efforts of course not been able to gather even a semblance of a case against me since myself being strictly law abiding is indeed an essential part of my personal feminist lesbian revolution in public space. During one period did the police intelligence network endeavor to persuade the local psychiatric office to harass me by describing my lesbian lifestyle as criminal, yet these issues ended after an employee from the psychiatric office accompanied me when doing lesbian cruising in the nearby city of Karlskrona and subsequently concluded by describing my lesbian lifestyle as “very innocent”. Since the police were unable even initially to bring a case against me did the police intelligence network systematically relay anecdotal transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic interpretations of my lifestyle to the local psychiatric office which however no longer causes me any problems whatsoever once understanding the truly “innocent” nature and of course fully legal status of my overtly lesbian lifestyle.

I have suffered overt police harassment on four different occasions from police officers during the past year, including in my own home. Despite having no criminal record whatsoever do the police systematically treat me as if were a sex criminal and a prostitute/sex worker (which is not even illegal in Sweden) and consider my overt lifestyle as a transgender lesbian female as a societal problem. I am fully transparent about my feminist activist lifestyle as a transgender lesbian female whose outward appearance is non-binary in the sense of not being intended as passable as I see no reason to try to disguise my beautiful, sensual and carefully tended for extremely short beard. The fact that I am almost asexual and in practice has a relatively low interest in sexual intercourse has not deterred the police intelligence network from continuing its illegally discriminatory activities against me on account of my openly lesbian lifestyle as an extremely beautiful and extremely sexually attractive transgender female.

I have always been extremely popular with females and in fact even extremely more so since coming out IRL as a transgender lesbian female. I am often treated as if I were somehow a rockstar by teenage girls in the streets and I make no secret of fully legally socializing with teenage girls while strictly respecting the sexual age of consent and other relevant provisions of Swedish law. Citizens are of course legally entitled to hold prejudice and disagree with my overtly feminist lifestyle, yet this does not somehow make prejudice legitimate.

I make it a point of myself designing my own gender roles, my own age roles and my own sexual roles while conforming to every provision of law. The fact that I as an intentionally non-passable, yet extremely attractive transgender lesbian female fully legally make out in public space with females of different ages including occasionally with fifteen-year old girls does of course provoke the ire of patriarchy for which sexuality is intended for reproduction, yet most people here in Sweden (including recent immigrants from the Middle East) are profoundly accepting of me and treat me with love and respect. It is e.g. not unusual for believing Muslims to lovingly explain to me that “we respect you”.

It is unclear what most causes the ire of organized patriarchy, whether it is my being female, lesbian, transgender, non-discriminatory and being considered very extremely beautiful and very extremely sexually attractive. I live a quite ordinary lesbian lifestyle in terms of openly cruising on females on the entire bisexual spectrum from lesbian-identified to heterocultural and the only thing seemingly not ordinary about this is my perfectly cropped, extremely short beard. Of course organized patriarchy presumes that being lesbian is somehow associated with a certain imaginary indeed phantasmatic anatomy yet this is certainly not the case as most transgender lesbian females (like most other transgendered human beings!) have no intention whatsoever to undergo surgical transition.

The police intelligence network encourages its collaborating non-police partners to gather their own transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic interpretations of my fully legal feminist lifestyle including encouraging sexual harassment against me by security guards and shop employees who illegally and discriminatorily so tell me not to socialize with my fellow females, all done in order to extract false confessions for non-existent crimes. The obsessive idea that they somehow need to stop my overtly lesbian lifestyle by any and all means available is extra-judicial and constitutes criminal indirect discrimination under Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation. Every day is for me an individual Pride Parade and so I am definitely not deterred and will not even consider going back into the closet. These foolish bigots have feverishly for over a year been trying to gather a case against a completely law abiding citizen of this county. They themselves belong to the dustbin of history and instead simply need to be ashamed of themselves for sexually harassing a female human being for being beautiful, sexually attractive and overtly lesbian. It is certainly no crime in this country to be either female, lesbian or transgender and this lady will certainly stand her ground in the global feminist revolution!  Her biji!

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