Mapping the Peace

Rojava and Damascus need to sort out their political differences by diplomatic means only and thus map lines between themselves as part of mapping future official borders between unified Kurdistan and greater Alawistan.

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Red: Syrian government control, Yellow: Kurdish-led SDF control, Dark Gray: Islamic State Caliphate control, Green: Turkish-sponsored militia control and Light Gray: Turkish government control. Map from here.

Ba’athist Syria was once an enemy of Israel and the Syrian civil war has seen an increasing struggle between pro-Israel factions and anti-Israel factions within the complex power structure in Damascus. It is not that anyone believes in Arabism or Ba’athism anymore but rather that there still is a struggle between Alawite interests (majority & pro-Israel) and kleptocratic interests (minority & anti-Israel). Awareness of the fact that Alawites are completely and fully halakhically Jewish has however rationally and wisely so brought most of the Syrian administration to align with Jerusalem.

The United States during the Obama administration partially withdrew from the Middle East and largely left Israel with the task and indeed extensive responsibilities as the sole regional great power. This means that Israel and the US during the Trump administration are now more closely coordinated on the Mideast than ever before. For Israel is this a matter of ethico-political responsibility in making sure to be fair and promote the interests of all. Israel’s credibility as the sole regional great power therefore lies not only in its ability to influence but importantly in its ability to stand with its regional partners for the common good of all peoples of the region.

Let’s be clear however that the Kurds are sacred for Israel. Indeed, Israel will always take the side of Kurds against anti-Kurdish forces among the peoples of the region. Independence for unified Kurdistan is certainly not up for negotiation but is rather a matter of implementation and timing. No reasonable person should ever delude himself that Israel would ever abandon its Kurdish partners. Israel has indeed never abandoned its Kurdish siblings and never ever will, as there is no stronger bond between two peoples in the Mideast than between the Jewish people and Kurdish people. While to Israelis whether in government or among ordinary citizens saying this is simply stating the self-evident – is it however not always perfectly clear that this is sufficiently understood by everyone in the region, including within the kleptocratic minority faction within the power structure in Damascus.

Some surely wonder why Israel has historically not been more extensively involved in assisting its Kurdish allies? There are several reasons for this: 1) Israel’s Kurdish partners tend to be afraid to ask Israel for help due to fear of asking “too much” or becoming abandoned, 2) while Israel and our other allies can do a lot to assist the Kurds is this really in actual politics simply limited by political imagination, 3) Kurdish political movements have traditionally requested that Israel’s and the Jewish people’s support for Kurdistan is given covertly as well as by means of diplomacy and lobbying in the United States rather than directly and officially from Israel to Kurdistan and 4) Kurdistan’s geographic isolation has always meant that Israelis need to cross the territory and/or airspace of other countries in order to access Kurdistan. These limitations are however now actually irrelevant and so the involvement of Israel and our esteemed global ally, the great country of the United States of America in Kurdistan is I am happy to state indeed growing by the day.

Kleptocratic elements within the Syrian administration clearly experienced this after one of its fighter aircrafts was shot down by the United States of America, the guardian of the free and dependent ally of freedom seekers everywhere. America’s relations with Free Kurdistan are growing ever closer and America’s extensive support for Rojava (West Kurdistan in Syria) is in fact rapidly deepening.

While Israel understands that the Syrian administration currently needs Russia and Iran in its efforts to defend itself against Sunni Jihadism is Israel ready at any time to assume the responsibilities of this role as protector and guardian of the halakhically Jewish Alawite people against Sunni Jihadism. The retreating Islamic State Caliphate is moving towards perdition similar to how Nazi Germany was forced to retreat until its territorial collapse and preceding regime relocation to Gestapo-controlled Argentina in 1945.

The Syrian military is holding their lines against Sunni Jihadism but are effectively unable to defeat them. This means that the Kurdish PYD-led SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) will need to do the job of eliminating AKP-sponsored Jihadism in northwest Syria simply because the Syrian military is effectively unable to do so. The same situation exists in Iraq where the Iraqi military has made important professional progress since its professional command structures were taken over by Jordanian military advisors a number of years ago, yet the Iraqi military is predominantly ethnically Iraqi Shia (i.e. post-Yarsani Sumerians) and have no real interest in maintaining permanent control over Iraqi Sunni (i.e. post-Yezidi Aramean) central Iraq as this region needs to become part of an Aramaic Yezidi state of Ezidxan. The SDF is determined to break Free Kurdistan’s geographic isolation and reach the Jordanian border and thus achieve logistic territorial contiguity with Israel as Jordan as ruled by its Crypto-Jewish royal family is Israel’s closest ally in the Middle East. The leaders of Free Kurdistan still act more like clients although being extremely close allies of Israel indeed.

No one should underestimate America’s commitment to Free Kurdistan in general and to Rojava in particular. There is a pro-Kurdish political consensus in America in the US Congress, in the White House, in the Pentagon and to a relatively a lesser degree in the State Department and the US intelligence community although there are pro-Kurdish consensuses there as well. America and Israel both together and separately have all the means available to create unified Kurdish independence at any time. Yet, this needs to be implemented and attained with as few casualties as possible and so implementing the attainment of an independent unified Kurdistan is a matter of robust commitment, determined willpower and ethically gradual practical implementation indeed.

The pro-kleptocracy elements within the Syrian administration would therefore be particularly well advised not ever betting on Israel and America somehow under any circumstances abandoning Free Kurdistan. Only a complete fool would bet on such a scenario and indeed out of complete and utter ignorance of political culture in America and Israel.

As the SDF will clean both eastern and northwestern Syria from Sunni Jihadism will the ultimate geographic and military control of Damascus be that of the Alawite and post-Alawite region in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, certainly not less, surely not more. Rojava and Damascus therefore need to sit down diplomatically and map out the new border between united Kurdistan and greater Alawistan in order to prevent any future problems between the two future major countries of the Mideast. The future borders between Kurdistan and Ezidxan and between Alawistan and Ezidxan obviously similarly need to be mapped as well. Rojava and Damascus also need to find military agreement as to the details of cleaning northwest Syria from Sunni Jihadism.

As new borders certainly need to be drawn in the region with its complex mosaic of large Kurdish enclaves in eastern Anatolia does Kurdistan surely need access to the sea while Greater Alawistan needs geographic contiguity and this is simply achieved through territorial intersections. Kurdish-speaking Alawites and Kurdish-speaking post-Alawites will no doubt prefer to be part of a post-Muslim Kurdistan returning to Median Judaism and hence unified independent Kurdistan will have territorial access to the Mediterranean Sea, including indirectly by means of territorial intersections.

Israel and America stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and with our allies in the Mideast. The broader Middle East is the Sick Man of Humanity and freedom for the Kurds is precisely strategically essential to the curing of regional political, religious, sexual and cultural pathologies. America and Israel warmly and proudly stand with both Free Kurdistan and the Kurdish people and will certainly continue to do so. America’s support for Free Kurdistan is an extremely important pillar in the Israeli-American special relationship and no one should under any circumstances be advised to in any way underestimate this fundamental commitment on the part of Jerusalem and Washington.