Egyptian Renaissance

The transgender Pharaoh Akhenaten with the Blue Crown. Akhenaten was the founder of Atenism which later developed into Canaanite Judaism. (Image by Jon Bodsworth)

Egypt needs to embrace its own indigenous heritage in charting a course to a much better future as ideologies of imperialism such as Arabism and Islamism have only brought misery to the country.

It is no secret that Egypt was once a leading nation in the world and Egypt was a nation state long before the invention of European nationalism and so the ancient Israelite notion of nationhood was no doubt inspired by the example of ancient Egypt, the regional superpower of the time.

Nazi Germany and later the Soviet Union which inherited many Nazi German intelligence assets through its East German vassal state viewed Arabism as an ally ideology and an important geostrategic resource in their respective imperialist endeavors. One reason for this was the overtly Anti-Jewish nature of Nazi Germany and later the Cold War Soviet Union for which Anti-Jewish propaganda were indeed convenient international propaganda tools for getting peoples of MENA (Middle East & North Africa) countries and “Muslim” countries generally on the side of totalitarianism in the struggle against liberal-democratic open societies.

Despite the clearly neo-imperialist nature of Arabism, a barely secularized version of pre-modern Islamic imperialism – all of which nearly destroyed many indigenous cultures of the MENA region – did intellectuals trained in or inspired by KGB propaganda such as Anti-Jewish polemicist Edward Said claim that Arabism was somehow actually “anti-imperialist”. This was based on Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in suggesting that Jews were imperialists who sought to dominate the nations of the world and so Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism according to this twisted logic were actually “anti-imperialist” and hence the adoption of official Anti-Jewish propaganda by the Cold War Soviet Union. Although Jews are indigenous to Israel was it with traditional Anti-Semitic logic claimed that Jews were intrinsically alien to the land of Israel as Anti-Semitism indeed claimed that Jews were alien to every land. Indeed are both Egyptians and Jews indigenous peoples of the MENA region despite the attempts on the part of religious imperialism and its barely secularized Arabist derivative to destroy the indigenous culture and heritage of MENA countries.

This is similar to the claim that liberal democracy (or specifically democratic conservatives, social democrats and/or liberals) is “fascist” despite the eerily similarity between Fascism/Nazism and Communism as the two forms of government are virtually indistinguishable indeed. North Korea has even created an ideological synthesis between Stalinism and Nazism whereby advocating national racial purity in the name of Marxism-Leninism. Thus are Communism and Fascism not only compatible but virtually indistinguishable indeed in political practice as systems of governance.

Arabists sought to Arabize the indigenous and non-imperialist Judeo-Christian Churches of the MENA region by forcing them to abandon indigenous languages in both prayer and religious services. Aramean churches were thus forced to increasingly abandon Aramaic and Greek respectively in prayer and religious services while Egyptian Christians were in parallel similarly forced to increasingly abandon the Egyptian language in prayer and religious services. Both Aramean Christians and Egyptian Christians were thus effectively coercively forced to adopt the dead and imperialistically imposed non-indigenous liturgic language of Islam as their language of prayer and religious services. This is extremely dissimilar to many other Christian churches worldwide which adopted the natively spoken language of the people as the language of prayer and religious services as it was the dead Arabic (a vehicle of imperialism for one and a half millennia) that was instead imposed as the new religious language and so it was precisely not the natively spoken Amiyyah language which was chosen for both prayer and religious services services.

Egypt was severely mismanaged under the rule of vehemently Anti-Jewish autocrat Hosni Mubarak whose diplomats famously claimed that “the West” had to choose between “Mubarak and the mosque”, thus creating an artificial choice between Arabism and Islamism in indirectly reinforcing false Islamist claims to represent Orthodox Islam. The victory of Islamists in the post-revolution Egyptian elections was however a social outcome of decades of oil-funded mass Islamization on the part of Saudi Arabia’s Islamist intelligence services under Mubarak’s decades of tragic rule. Despite Islamist movements remaining nominally banned under Mubarak’s dictatorship was the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood effectively tolerated in taking over and thus destroying most of Egyptian civil society. The country’s vibrant Egyptian liberalism and Pharaonic patriotism were effectively silenced by conveniently for the Arabist regime permitting Islamists to present themselves as the only serious opposition and indeed ostensibly the only political alternative to kleptocratic Arabist dictatorship.

The successor government as led by the moderate and realistically pro-democratic president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is involved in a comprehensive struggle against the forces of Islamism/Jihadism, yet the people of Egypt needs a vision of the future beyond the social terror of religious imperialism and its once barely secularized Arabist derivative.

The Egyptian Church, the Ethiopian Church and the Eritrean Church were one single denomination until 1959 and all three forms of Oriental Christianity are as other forms of Oriental Christianity superficially Christianized forms of Judaism of Antiquity. Egyptian, Ethiopian and Eritrean forms of Christianity are indeed all derived from Median Judaism as introduced to Egypt during the historical period of Persian rule.

Egypt thus needs to embrace its own heritage in introducing the Modern Egyptian language and the Amiyyah language (the first and native language of nearly all Egyptians) as the only official languages of Egypt and official Egyptian-Amiyyah bilingualism needs to be introduced in both pre-academic education and in public service media. This means that public service television broadcasts should be in Egyptian with Amiyyah subtitles and in Amiyyah with Egyptian subtitles.

The Egyptian government needs to help facilitate communal reversion of local clans, tribes and communities to the indigenous heritage of the Egyptian people as indigenous Egyptian religion developed into a synthesis between Pharaonic religion and Median Judaism as syncretically introduced under Persian rule and later known as sacred mysteries and Gnosticism. This culturally Egyptian form of Median Judaism as indigenous to Egypt is the basis of Egyptian Christianity and so Egyptian Christianity as well as Egyptian Sufism and Egyptian folk culture need to become the cultural basis for re-appropriating customs and ceremonies in reconstructing Egyptian traditional religion as it was as prior to the forced introduction of religious imperialism. Indeed, Judaism itself first emerged as the Crypto-Sumerianism Atenism in Egypt.

Ideologies of Islamic religious imperialism (traditional as well as contemporary) and its Nazi-sponsored and later Soviet-sponsored barely secularized Arabist derivative have not proved especially conducive – to put things mildly – to Egypt’s societal, economic and democratic development as Arabism rather played into and effectively legitimized the attempted Islamist takeover of Egyptian society. Egypt instead needs to embrace its own colonized indigenous culture and heritage in charting a course to a very different; indeed much freer and prosperous future.