Delisting the Feminist PKK

Free and proud female fighters of the feminist YPJ women’s corps. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr.)

The feminist PKK movement of Kurdistan has since 2004 evolved into the major pro-democracy and anti-terrorist force of the Middle East in spearheading successful grassroots democratization through armed feminist revolution as strictly in accordance with the laws of war and successfully building the world’s first feminist state in Rojava/North Syria. This needs to be officially recognized, including by officially delisting organizations of the feminist PKK movement from the historical and now clearly antiquated designation as ostensibly “terrorist”.

The feminist PKK movement in Kurdistan as every political movement has a history of its own. The United States Democratic Party used to support slavery and segregation but then changed and later became the favorite political party of typically 90% of African American voters. Obviously no reasonable person would blame the current US Democratic Party for its tainted past. This is not to say that one should not study, review, discuss and remember history and historiography (narration of history) but rather that political movements change over time and should be recognized for doing so. What is now the armed feminist movement of Kurdistan emerged in the context of the Cold War and turned into a proxy of Ba’athist Syria and the Communist Soviet Union. The PKK then was a Marxist-Leninist organization and acted as such. Things have changed a lot however since then.

The PKK movement as a whole became aligned with Israel in 2004 when the the Israel-KRG alliance was upgraded into a covenant between the Jewish people and the Kurdish people. This began the ideological and organizational transformation of the PKK into a pro-democratic movement of armed feminist liberation. Today is feminism the foundational ideology of the feminist state in Rojava/North Syria and of the PKK movement as a whole.

The PKK is today the spearhead of the global feminist revolution. The evolved PKK are moderate radical feminists who wage feminist warfare as strictly in accordance with the laws of war. Following the armed feminist liberation of a village are the female humans beings there liberated from sexism as well and there is no tolerance for sexism whatsoever. The feminist PKK is ethnically inclusive, religiously tolerant, multicultural and militantly pro-democratic.

The feminist PKK in fact has a social value system that is almost identical to that of the US Democratic Party in e.g. championing LGBTQI rights and is even preparing to join the global vegan revolution. At the same time does the feminist PKK share the passionate love of liberty of the Republican Party with its strict emphasis on respecting religious freedom, protecting individual legal rights and emphasizing the importance of bearing arms in order to protect honor, dignity and liberty. The pro-liberty PKK are progressive libertarians who strictly respect private property and believe in small and lean government with robust individual rights. The feminist PKK acts in the Middle East like the US acts on the global arena, meaning coming to the aid of those who seek liberty while crushing totalitarianism with all means available under international law.

From having been on the wrong side in the Cold War is today’s feminist PKK an Israeli-trained major anti-terrorist force. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP power structure in Ankara has in sharp contrast long sponsored Salafist terrorist organizations in Syria. The AKP power structure in Ankara long sponsored the Islamic State Caliphate and still prominently sponsors the Nusra Front (Syrian al Qaida) and all the other Sunni Jihadist organizations in Syria. The AKP power structure in Ankara is thus a major state sponsor of terrorism and needs to become officially designated and legally penalized as such.

Today’s feminist PKK is a major and militarily powerful ally of Israel, of the United States and now also of NATO with AKP leaders having been effectively frozen out from this alliance of liberty. The Feminist PKK has the most effective military forces in the world as indeed reminiscent of the IDF of early Israel and Israeli Kurdish military specialists are an inseparable part of the military command structures of Free Kurdistan.

The feminist state in Rojava/North Syria is an an accomplished pioneer in successful feminist grassroots democratization as paving the way for open society and a further developed and enhanced liberal democracy. The feminist revolution has only began and the feminist PKK intends to not only liberate Kurdistan but human females generally in the broader Middle East and around the world. Indeed, political freedom and representative government will arrive to the broader Middle East beyond Israel through the armed feminist revolution which puts weapons into the hands of women in crushing Islamism, the most oppressively patriarchal political ideology in existence in today’s world.

It is really about time to delist PKK movement organizations currently falsely listed as ostensibly terrorist. The feminist PKK movement opposes every form of terrorism and is a major counter-terrorism force whose armed feminist fighters crush bigoted Jihadist terrorists and Islamist patriarchal oppressors. Also, PKK movement flags currently forbidden in some jurisdictions need to become fully legalized indeed. The time when the people of Kurdistan could be smeared and ignored is no more. America and Israel stand with the people of Kurdistan as the geographic isolation of Kurdistan is about to be ended as Rojava/North Syria indeed intends to reach the Jordanian border in its quest to liberate the suffering peoples of Syria.

Free Kurdistan is the Second Israel in the Middle East as a third of all Kurds remain part of Crypto-Jewish denominations of Median Judaism whose members indeed remain fully halakhically Jewish and Muslim Kurds are themselves descended from coercively Islamized members of denominations of Median Judaism. Free Kurdistan passionately desires to build an eternal covenant of liberty with the United States of America as similar indeed to the eternal covenant of peoplehood which Free Kurdistan already has with Israel. The United States Congress needs to stand with Free Kurdistan in delisting organizations of the feminist PKK movement. The US State Department needs to be put into intense diplomatic action in order so as to motivate European governments to delist organizations of the feminist PKK movement. The people of Kurdistan is staunchly pro-American and pro-Israel and the US Congress needs to officially stand with the passionately pro-American people of Kurdistan.

Islamism/Jihadism as other totalitarian ideologies/movements before it will collapse in the coming years but America, Israel and Kurdistan will prevail as beacons of liberty and a fervent hope for the downtrodden everywhere.