Sanctions against Turkey

Official flag of Syrian al Qaida (the Nusra Front), one of the Jihadist terrorist organizations in Syria long sponsored by Turkey’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime.

Turkey needs to withdraw all its military forces from Syria and end its sponsorship of Jihadist militias in Syria or the international community and particularly the United Nations Security Council will need to take substantial diplomatic action in order to make sure that this actually happens.

As the internal power struggle in Turkey between the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood (AKP) and the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet rages on is it essential to understand that ultimate control over the state has always remained in the hands of the Derin Devlet. The AKP never succeeded in even partially implementing sharia law as state law and the Turkish military continues to quite frequently disobey major orders from the partially ruling AKP.

Anatolia is an important area in the region yet it is vital to understand that just as the Egyptian military ultimately did not permit the Muslim Brotherhood to remain in power in Cairo so will the Derin Devlet not permit the Muslim Brotherhood to even partially remain in power in Istanbul. Furthermore, the Turkish state ultimately needs to be partitioned into a number of new independent states aside from Kurdistan and crucially as based on indigenous revival of Anatolian languages as well as return to pre-Islamic Armenian/Greek language use. All this will importantly be facilitated by local communal reversions to Alevi-Bektashi Judaism throughout Anatolia and the wider Judaism generally will need to return to Sumerian sexual gynocentrism and feminist ritual sex in Inanna Temples of Love. Islam has increasingly become corrupted and destroyed by Islamism and so has Islam increasingly become a shell of hypocrisy and oppression and once local Para-Jewish populations communally understand that their ancestors were indeed torn away from their own heritage do they indeed increasingly develop desire for communal reversion to their own regional indigenous form of the wider Judaism.

Just as the Muslim Brotherhood was never intended to remain in power in Cairo is there no intention whatsoever on the part of the Derin Devlet to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to remain in power in Istanbul. The AKP is a rogue regime that long sponsored the Islamic State Caliphate and continues to sponsor Syrian al Qaida (Nusra Front) and other Jihadist militias in Syria. Turkey has illegally occupied parts of Rojava/Northern Syria and engages in activities to change the demographic composition in the occupied Shehba region by means of expelling Kurds and supplanting Kurdish-speaking populations with non-Kurdish-speaking populations. These activities are war crimes and the pro-Jihadist and Islamist AKP regime crucially needs to be held accountable.

It would certainly be extremely helpful in terms of ending the Syrian civil war if the United Nations Security Council were to most clearly explain to the AKP regime that there will be international economic sanctions against Turkey unless it withdraws all its military forces from the Shehba region in Rojava/Northern Syria and ends all sponsorship for Jihadist militias in Syria. There needs crucially be individual sanctions (travel bans, asset freezes) against senior AKP regime leaders as Turkey also needs to become suspended, if not yet expelled from the otherwise liberal-democratic NATO family.

Rojava (West Kurdistan within the Syrian Arab Republic) is the world’s first feminist state and never uses its territory to engage in liberation action in Bakur (North Kurdistan within the Republic of Turkey) and so it is essential that the international community emphasizes that it will no longer permit the AKP regime to support Jihadist militias in Syria/Rojava and attack the Syrian Democratic Forces and SDF territory, including Rojava. The AKP regime is pro-Jihadist and Islamist and it is essential to keep in mind that usurpator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was once sentenced to ten months of imprisonment for incitement after reciting a Jihadist poem which included the words: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers….”. As mayor of Istanbul did Erdoğan explain that Democracy is like a train; you get off once you have reached your destination.”  

Getting Turkey out of Syria is precisely essential to ending Jihadism and civil war in Syria and subsequently diplomatically partitioning this very artificial Franco-British colonial construct. Diplomatic peace is possible in Syria but this requires strict Turkish non-involvement on internationally recognized Syrian territory. The United Nations Security Council needs to adopt a particularly stern attitude towards every kind of Turkish involvement in Syria and Rojava. None of the permanent members of the UNSC is favorably disposed towards Jihadism and so the UNSC needs to demand complete and utter non-involvement by Turkey in Syria. Unless Turkey complies will the international community and the UNSC needs to formally intervene in order to protect Syria and Rojava from Turkish-sponsored Jihadism of every kind.  

The SDF is very effectively militarily crushing the Islamic State Caliphate and once the Euphrates Valley is liberated will the SDF turn its eyes westward so as to clean the rest of Syria from other Jihadist militias, including Syrian al Qaida. The Turkish economy is highly dependent on trade with the outside world and imposition of trade sanctions should not be incremental but rather instant and crushing. This is likely to ignite a major revolution in Turkey as the corrupt AKP regime previously managed to gain popularity by means of engineering debt-driven economic growth. The AKP regime supports Jihadist terrorism and has therefore become a major international problem. Indeed, a pro-democratic popular revolution should from the perspective of the international community be preferable to a military coup as ordered by the Derin Devlet and so crushing economic sanctions against Turkey is therefore good for development of freedom and democracy in Anatolia.

There is no way to be nice with Jihadists as they must become comprehensively militarily defeated everywhere in the world. Syria will need to be partitioned into Alawistan, Aram, Druzistan, Ezidxan and Kurdistan and so ending Turkey’s pro-Jihadist involvement there is precisely essential for bringing peace to the wartorn lands of Syria.