Education of Kurdistan

green-1738220_1280The Kurdistani movement of liberation and Kurdish political culture have long suffered from various tactical deficits. One area of this is information as Kurds being a Crypto-Jewish people have a highly secretive political culture in unhelpfully keeping their own people largely uninformed. One third of all Kurds are still completely halakhically Jewish, including prominently but not limited to Kurdish Alevis, Kurdish Dönmeh, Kurdish Yarsanis and Kurdish Yezidis.

The KDP runs sophisticated disinformation projects such as Rudaw that insert carefully devised disinformation into otherwise factual informational contexts and the three main Kurdish political movements/parties (the respective wider political movements of KDP, PUK and PKK) have a long history of spreading propaganda against each other in order so as to delegitimize each other also in the eyes of the outside world and so effectively compete for protection and assistance from Israel, the United States and to some degree European governments. These practices of disinformation, propaganda and completely unnecessary competition for the political attention of Israel and the US are intrinsically harmful to the Kurdistani cause and Kurdish leaders would certainly need to reconsider these profoundly unhelp, even destructive political practices.

Rather than spreading propaganda (i.e. intentional political disinformation) need the Kurdistani movements educate the people of Kurdistan in the field of Kurdology (including prominently Kurdistani history of religion) while at the same time mutually committing themselves to desisting from disinformation as that precisely undermines international diplomatic credibility for Free Kurdistan and enhances Anti-Kurdish strategies of divide and rule on the part of Kurdistan’s Islamist adversaries.

Active members of Kurdish movements from grassroots activists to top leaderships need to be trained in the art of democratic politics. Democracy without being propelled by a democratic value system is patently undemocratic and thus constitutes mere “procedural democracy”. The KDP and the PUK need also embrace and apply the feminist methods of the PKK movement for grassroots democratization. Affluent liberal democracies such as the US, Israel, Japan and EU countries need to provide extensive democracy aid to Kurdish movements and certainly not by providing funding to Kurdish NGOs but rather by dispatching specialists and educators to the three self-governing regions of Free Kurdistan and even training Kurdish exiles living abroad. Also, Kurdistani leaders and diplomats are still neophytes in diplomacy, tactics and strategy and so advanced training is needed in these areas as well.

Kurdish leaders strongly need to consider the expansively dynamic political power of the constantly developing liberal-democratic value system, and especially so moral clarity in propelling political change in Kurdistan, the region and worldwide for the Kurdistani cause. Every political narrative is articulated through perspective and so telling truth is certainly an imperfect art of articulating and transmitting moral clarity and truthfulness. The historical experience from the 20th century and onwards shows that spreading political disinformation eventually serves to partially or entirely discredit the political movements in whose name the disinformation is disseminated. Israel for example is internationally credible to the degree that it is truthful and transparent about its past, present and future and this tends to be the case generally in the politics of digitized informational modernity as suppressed truth tends to eventually surface. This does not mean that there is necessarily immediate acceptance of moral clarity and striving to be truthful but rather that this is what strongly tends to eventually win out whether in the short term, mid term or long term.

Diplomacy as based on dialogue is the art of creatively deploying power by means of  assistance, cooperation and coordination, yet its core is empathy in the sense of learning to understand how others actually think and not just how they speak. Diplomacy is similar to chess, yet the rules are far more flexible, ever-changing indeed and so learning creative deconstruction (creative liminal thinking) is essential to devising advanced diplomatic strategies.

The people of Kurdistan with extensive Israeli and American help are increasingly leaping towards the attainment of independence for unified Kurdistan and once this is secured will there need to be vast informational campaigns explaining the past, present and future of Sumerian Judaism, Median Judaism and Rabbinic Judaism in Kurdistan, including feminist return to sexual gynocentrism in Inanna Temples of Love. Tribal and clan leaders are essential in leading the reversion to various indigenous forms of Judaism throughout Kurdistan and the region and so can Kurdistan become a model indeed for the wider region in becoming an example for yet other countries throughout the broader Middle East.

A regional union forming the nucleus of the future Federal Israel will need to be created between Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan and many others (such as the future Ezidxan in the Euphrates Valley) desiring communal reversion to their own indigenous forms of Judaism. This union will need to be both economic and military and once liberal democracy is firmly established also devise a federal democratic political system in turning this confederal union into Federal Israel and eventually United States of Media.