Rethinking Intelligence World

Lubyanka building in Moscow, the former KGB headquarters. (Photo A. Savin)

The intelligence world as it historically developed increasingly became a threat to open society and liberal democracy and so transparency and fundamental restructuring is really needed. The sexist organizational culture of the intelligence world needs to become fully dismantled.

The world of intelligence services as most other public institutions in so called “modernity” has its historical roots in Catholic organizational culture, namely specifically here the historical Inquisition. In the 20th century did intelligence services develop as tools for both nationalism (“national interest”) and dictatorship and especially so for totalitarianism.

The intelligence world suffers from numerous structural dysfunctions. For example is it routine to withhold information from the political leadership while at the same time intelligence services are effectively mutually unable to prevent infiltration from each other. This means that governments are typically not granted due information while rival intelligence services from friend and enemy alike can in principle (but not always actually) easily penetrate and illicitly obtain purportedly “well-guarded” state secrets.

This has meant that intelligence services around the world have increasingly cannibalized each other in effectively wresting control over large parts of intelligence services of yet other countries. One important historical case is how much of the Nazi German leadership including Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina which was then under the control of Nazi German intelligence which remained fully active around the world throughout the Cold War and after. Nazi German intelligence were masters in hijacking other countries by means of infiltrating intelligence services and so it was easy to conquer other countries once those countries were already under the effective political control of Nazi German intelligence and this is the reason why there was initially almost no military resistance to the Nazi German invaders in most European countries and subsequently puppet regimes were so easily installed.

Nazi Germany in their imperialist project to control the entire planet were also active in non-Western countries such as famously in Iraq and Nazi German intelligence as based in Argentina continued to both exercise control over and wrest control over many other countries around the world. Thus many of these proxy regimes around the world with typically highly fascistic characteristics became allies of the US during the Cold War. Much of the Mossad was tragically hijacked by Nazi intelligence which was then used to wrest control over yet other intelligence services in many other countries (including most Western intelligence services) and indeed completely contrary so to Israel’s national interest of ethically assisting its friends around the world.

The Soviet Union deployed similar strategies in its imperialist project to control the world and so did later although much less successfully so both Iran and Saudi Arabia’s Islamist intelligence services, the most famous of which is known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The predominant method for recruitment of agents and operatives is that of sexual entrapment as followed by extortion to recruitment. Once the victim “consents” to the recruitment subsequent to the extortion is s/he typically in most major intelligence services enslaved and in many cases turned into a seduction agent, i.e. an intelligence prostitute. The most common type of seduction agents are “honeytrap” decoys who make themselves sexually available to their victims for the purpose of later sexual extortion. Most decoys are women and children and the use of children as seduction agents is especially effective for subsequent sexual extortion. Although everyone ought to know that one should always refuse extortion is extortion effective precisely because it plays on profound individual fears and so the extortionist thus manages to obtain “agreement” from the victim of extortion. There are also seduction agents (popularized in the 007 movies) who actively seduce and most of those are men although usually it is done in a rather sleazy and lowly manner. Seduction agents always take cocaine prior to a mission, they are trained to become functionally bisexual and if enslaved are not allowed to choose their missions. Rape agents however use techniques from sexual trafficking in first raping a victim and then enslaving her/him.

There is thus mass sexual exploitation in the intelligence world which creates its own laws and has its own typically highly politicized military courts. Whistleblowers are usually either executed or crushed by medical confinement to mental hospital, the latter a method that was deployed by the Gestapo and famously prominently used by Stasi, its successor in East Germany. Intelligence services thus became states within the states without checks, balances or supervision and so did intelligence services emerge as a major threat to open society and liberal democracy worldwide.

What is thus needed is transparency and so the archives of intelligence services around the world need to be opened to researchers and the general public so that citizenries are given the opportunity to learn from history. Intelligence services are tactically successful due to their structural state of secrecy as the general public is mostly unaware of their illicit methods. Yet, like other parts of the public sector is the intelligence world quite stupidly managed and patriarchy traditionally reigns supreme in the intelligence world with middle-aged men at the top sexually exploiting women and children.

The purpose of intelligence training is to create skilled seduction agents, i.e. intelligence prostitutes cynically exploiting the major weakness of every human being, namely sexuality. Intelligence training is carried out according to a physionomistic pseudo-science as mainly based on highly cynical interpretations of sexology and psychoanalysis. Rather than developing existing individual talent and harnessing that very individual talent is intelligence training instead based on military methods for transforming persons into standardized behavioral units for standardized intelligence tasks. The term “intelligence service” is therefore really a misnomer for what are actually “stupidity services” that are no less oppressively irrational than the rest of the public sector.

The physionomistic pseudo-science underlying intelligence training is based on imposing stereotypical behavioral narratives and assumes that humans can be psychologically and sexually easily taxonomized, i.e. reducing personhood to taxonomy. Seduction agents are precisely trained to exploit psychological and sexual weaknesses in their victims. Everyone is cynically taught to stereotypically internalize sexist approaches to interpersonal intimacy and are even trained to endure rape. There are many different types of standard operations which are all based on imposing stereotypically sexist behaviors on the person undergoing intelligence training and so the person in training is supposed to accept those despicably sexist protocols in order to become an intelligence prostitute.

What is thus very much needed is public transparency and intelligence services need to be subdivided into large numbers of small and lean intelligence services with very clear, narrow and well-defined tasks and become fully subject to intense public scrutiny and supervision. Sexual exploitation, enslavement, sexism/transphobia and other internal abuse in the intelligence world need obviously cease completely worldwide. The highly inefficient public sector has a tragic tendency to constantly expand and this is no less true of the intelligence world which developed into a major threat to open society and liberal democracy around the world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.