Securing Kurdistan

78b8a6e362There is an intense power struggle going on inside Turkey between the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime and the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet, Turkey’s famed “Deep State”, a secretive Turkish military intelligence agency as created by Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk”, the ethnically Dönmeh founder of the Republic of Turkey. Despite the Islamist regime’s bombastic pronouncements has it however in practice proven unable to introduce sharia law as state law and therefore end state secularism.

While this internal conflict within the Turkish state structure has many victims are Turkey’s military attacks against Rojava, i.e. West Kurdistan in Syria simply wholly unacceptable. The HPG (PKK’s armed forces in Bakur, North Kurdistan in Turkey) never launches liberation operations from Rojava and Rojava is thus one of many victims of the internal power struggle in Turkey. There is thus need to pacify the Syria-Turkey border and this needs to be done by means of both a no-fly zone over Rojava and Free Northern Syria and an extensive international peacekeeping mission on the Syrian side of the long border that will serve to completely pacify the Rojava-Turkey conflict. The AKP regime has a long record of sponsoring Jihadist terrorist organizations in Syria and the Turkish military occupation in Syria must end as the only reason for Turkey remaining in Syria is to harass the peoples of Rojava.

The Derin Devlet needs to accelerate its takeover of the Turkish state structures and the Islamist AKP itself eventually needs to become fully liquidated as a power structure and outlawed as the terrorist-sponsoring Jihadist organization that it truly is. Indeed the hypocritical AKP (part of the Turkish branch of the worldwide Islamist Muslim Brotherhood) regime has shown its true face in Syria by consistently sponsoring Jihadist terrorist organizations there.

The Derin Devlet has no interest whatsoever in perpetuating the Turkish occupation of Bakur which simply will need to end. The iron will of the Kurdish people can no longer be ignored and the Israeli Air Force (IAF) could in principle easily force a Turkish withdrawal from Bakur. The international community therefore needs to internalize that independence for a unified Kurdistan is only a matter of political time while at the same time Islamism (a form of modern totalitarianism synthesizing traditional political Islam with strong influences from Nazism and Communism) as well as generally intolerant forms of nationalism all truly belong to the dustbin of history.

The international community needs to more strongly support the pro-democratic opposition in Turkey and Bakur and while America is a friend of all human peoples can there no longer be tolerance for Turkish intolerance for legitimate Kurdish aspirations to live at peace with their neighbours. While the power structure in Ankara is increasingly confused is it vital to understand that the the US government, the US Congress and the American people are squarely behind the peace-loving people of Kurdistan. The regional bullying of Kurds must end and there is no question that the staunchly pro-American people of Kurdistan will become a no less staunch ally of the US and from which no doubt freedom will spread to the region at large.

While the current power struggle in Turkey will need to take its course is the alternative a major uprising in Bakur that will once and for all shake off any and all ambitions for political and religious domination of the people of Kurdistan. Due to Israel’s warm relations with the Derin Devlet since 1949 is Israel well positioned in enjoying normal relations with Ankara at the same time as training all armed branches of the feminist PKK movement in Kurdistan, including the YPG/YPJ and the HPG which due to Israeli Kurdish trainers is particularly skilled at urban warfare.

Rojava is the world’s first feminist state and the patriarchal assault on feminist Rojava is wholly unacceptable. The highly militarily competent YPG/YPJ feminist defense forces of Rojava need to be fully equipped with all weaponry necessary, including an advanced air force of its. The now thoroughly secular leaderships of GCC countries have a vested interest in strengthening Rojava as a developmental model for the region as has indeed the Derin Devlet itself and so GCC countries need to fund the serious armament of Rojava which will boost the American defense industry, provide many new jobs for the American people and importantly for global economic growth therefore also boost the American economy.

America and Israel stand with the pro-democratic, peace-loving, pro-American and staunchly pro-Israeli people of Kurdistan and so it is essential to understand that Kurdistan in its entirety will remain an American-Israeli zone of regional influence until independence is fully secured for unified Kurdistan. It is therefore essential that Turkey withdraws from Syria (they have no reason being there other than harassing Kurds), that international peacekeepers are posted on the Syrian side of the Syria-Turkey border so as to pacify and end the Rojava-Turkey conflict, that a no-fly zone is established over Free Northern Syria (Rojava), that Rojava is comprehensively armed and that a Turkish military withdrawal from Bakur is secured within a reasonable timeframe and preferably as peacefully as possible. It is precisely essential that the international community internalizes that the dying Islamist AKP regime does not represent the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan and that the Derin Devlet is increasingly prevailing in the internal power struggle in Ankara and so it is essential that everything is done to bring freedom and peace to the people of Kurdistan while always striving to prevent the loss of human life. The US and the EU bringing the option of trade sanctions against Turkey to the diplomatic table is therefore particularly helpful in ensuring freedom for the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan.