Free Korea

Official unification flag of Korea (image by Kokiri)

Official North Korean hyperbole is no longer an obstacle to the strategic liberation of the Korean people and the unification of the Korean peninsula which whether by diplomatic or military means simply cannot be indefinitely deferred considering the unspeakable suffering of the Korean people under Juche totalitarianism.

North Korea is a state under the rule of a totalitarian regime officially advocating racial purity in the name of Juche, an ethnically Korean brand of Communism. Like most dictatorships is North Korea a kleptocracy under the rule of an extremely politically hypocritical social elite engaging in a vast range of organized criminal practices. North Korea is one of few remaining totalitarian regimes in the world and as such is the continued existence of this very regime with its archipelago of atrocious concentration camps entirely and completely unacceptable. Almost no North Koreans support the racial supremacist totalitarian regime and virtually all North Korean soldiers and commanding officers would if given the chance instantly desert to the liberating military forces of liberal-democratic South Korea. This is obviously well known to the North Korean intelligence community which knows perfectly well that the North Korean regime is perpetuated internally by means totalitarian rule and externally by military propaganda and psychological warfare which unfortunately has long successfully preempted the military liberation of North Korea. However, the new Trump-Pence administration unlike preceding US administrations certainly does not buy into the empty threats and propaganda hyperbole of North Korea’s kleptocratic leadership which is vehemently opposed by North Korean society.

It has long been claimed that North Korea cannot be militarily liberated and that the assumed “price” is too high as if the fate of Koreans under totalitarianism was not a far too high price of toleration of totalitarianism. It is in fact easy to make North Korea militarily collapse within hours of commencing a strategic military operation to liberate the Korean peninsula although North Korean threats are indeed infamous for their macabre hyperbole. In an imminent situation of an inevitable regime collapse will the North Korean criminal leadership without doubt instantly disappear to China with their ill-gotten financial resources that are still in North Korea as there would be no point whatsoever for them even to try to flatten Seoul. North Korea thus is a house of cards that is very easy to militarily collapse in strategic terms. The North Korean military is an extremely predictable stale bureaucracy and its chain of command will without doubt be extremely interested in deserting to their South Korean liberators as soon as they conceivably can.

Rather, the North Korean politically hypocritical, kleptocratic socio-economic elite knows perfectly well that North Korean arms will be turned against them within hours after the strategic commencement of the military liberation of North Korea. This is easy to understand and predict by means of game theory as the North Korean leadership knows perfectly well that they have no other choice than instantly vanishing into already well-prepared pockets of the gargantuan demographics of Chinese society. There is no question that North Korean intelligence is logistically extremely well prepared for this planned rapid evacuation & escape of its kleptocratic political elite and so North Korean hyperbole is just that. Most of their stolen financial resources are anyway already invested in China and so North Korean evacuation and escape plans are ready for instant implementation on the model of Adolf Hitler’s and many Nazi leaders’ successful escape to Argentina which then was under the control of Nazi German intelligence.

However, it is certainly most preferable if the liberation of the Korean liberation peninsula can indeed be achieved by diplomatic means. The criminal North Korean leadership thus needs to be offered a fair deal whereby they are permitted to retain the revenues of their ill-gotten financial resources while having to pay back everything else that they have stolen from the Korean people. They would also be offered immunity from prosecution for their vast crimes under a new South Korean law and would be permitted to orderly relocate to China with their families. However unless they agree to this, they should not be in any doubt whatsoever about the aggressive determination of the new US administration to implement and achieve the long overdue liberation and unification of the Korean peninsula. Just as the totalitarian Islamic State caliphate cannot conceivably be permitted to continue to exist so certainly cannot the totalitarian North Korean regime either. The North Korean leadership thus needs to be convinced by diplomatic means that these are no mere threats but rather that the long overdue liberation and unification of the Korean peninsula is a core American national interest indeed. Unlike North Korean psychological warfare is American determination in Korea certainly no hyperbole.

As Median Maggids (Median Kohanim) travelling in trade worldwide syncretistically converted almost the entire humanity excepting the Jewish people of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah to Median Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel are not only famously Japanese Shintoism but also Korean Sinism and and Chinese Daoism (Taoism) historically syncretistic ethnic forms of Median Judaism with kohanite hereditary priests of their own whom since their historical arrival from Media having been marrying within those syncretistically converted human societies.

The liberation of the Korean people is an extremely urgent issue which although due diplomatic time as of necessary certainly needs to be granted to diplomatic intermediaries – certainly cannot be perpetually deferred considering the vast and entirely unacceptable suffering of the Korean people under the ruthless thumb of the racial supremacist totalitarian regime in Pyongyang. America under the new Trump-Pence administration is more closely aligned than ever with Israel as Israel is today’s sole superpower in military technology and so America has been granted strategic access to deployment in the Korean peninsula of some of Israel’s secretive futuristic military weapons systems which will allow America to far more effectively aid the Korean people in ensuring the security and wellbeing of the people of the Korean peninsula. Israel no less than America is always strategically committed to the determined and robust defence of the security of liberal democracy and open society worldwide and no one should be in any doubt whatsoever as to the very extremely advanced secret high tech military technological capabilities of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Millions of rabbinic Jews who later became Israelis historically suffered immensely under totalitarianism and America and Israel will always stand with freedom.

Just as Israel very substantially aids its Kurdish and non-Kurdish partners in the war to to end the Islamic State caliphate so does Israel stand with the freedom-loving people of Korea. Freedom is not free and Israel always stands with its allies worldwide. The criminal leadership of North Korea should be particularly cognizant that their detailed evacuation and escape plans are well known to the intelligence communities of Israel, China and the United States and so they certainly need to be diplomatically convinced that not only is the American strategic commitment to the liberation of the Korean people and the unification of the Korean peninsula robust and aggressive indeed but that the power of freedom always prevails over the tyranny of totalitarianism.