Ziggurat of Jerusalem

Reconstructed Sumerian Ziggurat of Ur in southern Iraq (photo Hardnfast on Wikicommons)

Comprehensive archaeological excavation is really needed at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the entire historical site needs to be turned into a multi-floor non-religious museum of the history of religion.

What is known as Judaism emerged as a certain cultural synthesis between Crypto-Sumerian Atenism and Canaanite ethnicity. What is known as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Hebrew Yerushalayim from YahUrShalim) was originally the site of a Sumerian Ziggurat, i.e. in Jerusalem a proto-pyramidical structure built adjacent to a minor hill or major rock in Jerusalem. Indeed early pyramids in the Nile Valley were actually quite similar to Sumerian Ziggurats; Sumer being the first human civilization from which all other human civilizations directly or indirectly historically emerged, including those in the Western hemisphere which of course historically were not as historically isolated from Asia as typically presumed in Eurocentric historiography.

The Temple Mount is therefore much older than Canaanite Crypto-Sumerian Atenism. However, most of the Temple Mount is composed of materials that were brought there throughout the ages as beginning with the building of the original Ziggurat of Jerusalem that later suffered historical decay and/or possibly politically motivated destruction. The Israelite King Solomon built walls around the original Jerusalem ziggurat and so landfill and archaeological layers as added throughout the ages ensured what became the somewhat flat, yet historically increasingly physically elevated structure that is today’s Temple Mount.

Two Jewish temples historically stood on the Temple Mount in which macabrely mass Canaanite Animal sacrifice was sadly historically practiced and this is surely nothing to be proud of. Later was Muslim architecture added to the site by Arabian imperialists as it was historically the practice of converting sites of temples etc. of conquered lands into mosques. This is also nothing to be proud of for anyone as religious war and religious imperialism are surely no virtues but should rather be appropriately identified as marks of shame. The notions of Jerusalem as a ”holy city of Islam” and the Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount as the “third holiest site in Islam” are however a Anti-Zionist political construction of the 20th century although there are crusader-age antecedents. Indeed this is cultural appropriation of the most despicable kind.

Yet, much archaeological heritage is buried within the Temple Mount which needs to become comprehensively excavated. Historical Muslim architecture should be protected while also building real size reconstructions of both historical Jewish temples as there is indeed ample space for that. The entire compound therefore needs to be turned into a multi-floor, futuristically shaped historical museum that is entirely covered in black glass with steel frames that would encapsulate everything in and on the Temple Mount. The entire place thus needs to be turned into an historical museum on the very successful model of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

The cure to prejudice and extremism are knowledge and science and so it is essential to disarm the political powder keg that this historical site constitutes as a threat to international peace and order and instead turn over the site to archeologists and historians. Any notions of religious segregation whether on the basis of denominational affiliation or sex/gender as well as denominational geographic jurisdiction generally must therefore be completely rejected. Indeed all denominational sites in the Old City of Jerusalem which is actually the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina need to be turned into museums without any religious jurisdiction or segregation on the basis of sex, gender or denomination. Indeed the Old City generally has many architectural floors built on top of Aelia Capitolina and it too needs to become subject to comprehensive archeological excavation down to the earliest historical layers while protecting and reinforcing all historical structures there at all archaeological levels.

The multi-floor historical museum experience should include reconstruction of all historical structures that have ever existed on the site as well as advanced augmented reality technology that would provide visitors with realistic experiences of historical life at the site. Notions that this important archaeological site should be devoted to celebrating either religious imperialism or the the organized mass murder of vast numbers of non-human persons are indeed repugnant and entirely unacceptable.

Most Palestinian hamulas (clans/tribes) are descended from involuntarily Islamized Jews whether from Rabbinic Judaism, Druze Judaism, Alawite Judaism, Samaritan Judaism or Judeo-Christians as descended from involuntarily Christianized Jews from the aforementioned streams of Judaism. Many Palestinian hamulas have retained Jewish communal identity to varying degrees, e.g. are residents in many Palestinians village hamulas only informed of their Jewish ancestry once they have become middleaged. Even descendants of Palestinian refugees living in slum cities continue to marry within hamulas. Hamula genetic endogamy has caused the problematic social condition of the rate of diagnosed disabilities being twice as high among Israeli Palestinians as compared to among Israeli rabbinic Jews. Hamula endogamy is however the Crypto-Jewish social device by means of which their complete Jewish ancestry as fully recognized under halakha (rabbinic religious law) by the poskim (religious decisors) of Haredi Judaism is indeed retained.

For Palestinian hamulas to be warmly communally welcomed back to the varying denominations of the wider Judaism from which their ancestors were tragically torn by religious imperialism is for most Palestinians like hitting the jackpot in a major lottery. Most Muslim hamulas will indeed gladly communally leave Islam if welcomed back to the heritage from which their ancestors were so tragically torn away. Of course this will need to be combined with Judaism itself (both Rabbinic Judaism and Median Judaism) revertering to its gynocentric Sumerian roots, including importantly to feminist ritual sex in Inanna Temples of Love as in ancient Sumer. Indeed feminist ritual sex would be far more interesting than patriarchal worship to most human persons.

Peace therefore needs spring forth from Zion as Zionism indeed needs to embrace a more inclusive paradigm and so Jerusalem and the Ziggurat of Zion (from Sumerian D*Inanna compare Latin Diana) are indeed an important part of that very much needed historical change.