green laser swordThe Islamic State Caliphate has long cultivated an image of itself as purportedly invincible. However, Israel’s large-scale military intervention in Kurdistan in recent months on the ground and from the air is increasingly eroding the Rapist Entity which is rapidly shrinking in terms of its territorial size and military capabilities. Israeli ground forces in Free Kurdistan include both Israeli Kurdish special forces and European Kurdish military units trained for years by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Europe. Israeli forces in Free Kurdistan fight in regular Kurdistani military uniforms and speak perfect Kurdish.

The Islamic State Caliphate has passed its Stalingrad and will face utter destruction unless it agrees to capitulate. Israel is the world’s strongest and most powerful military power and has the power to eliminate the Islamic State Caliphate within the course of a few days. An Israeli mass aerial assault will comply in every way with the international laws of war yet will be utterly brutal in rapidly erasing the Rapist Entity.

There can be no more tolerance for totalitarianism in the 21st century and the Rapist Entity has only two choices, either capitulation or demolition. No one in his right mind should indeed doubt Israel’s ability to very rapidly turn the Rapist Entity into a Second Gaza Strip. Israel’s military abilities are extremely technologically advanced and Israel can deploy military power in ways that are both extremely rapid and utterly devastating.