Ending the Axis of Evil

Islamic State control June 3 2016.png
The Al Qaida State in Syria in white and the Islamic State Caliphate in gray as of June 3, 2016.

While totalitarianism found itself rising most tragically during the 20th century even Islamism is now undergoing comprehensive global self-discreditization; indeed historically like all the other totalitarian ideologies before it. The evil gods of totalitarianism have not only lost their power & appeal, they have been conclusively & finally killed, indeed fully exterminated by freedom.

However, four hideouts of totalitarianism still remain where most brutal totalitarian terror still rules indisputed and these are North Korea, Eritrea, the Islamic State Caliphate and the al Qaida State in northern Syria. Al Qaida of course still controls a few other enclaves here and there around the world. The leadership of Iran is now abandoning totalitarianism much as have the leaderships of most nominally Communist states already done.

However, the Axis of Evil and its four remaining states are still in place although under increasing internal and external pressure. North Korea is approaching comprehensive state collapse while all four remaining totalitarian states increasingly face an overwhelming internal collapse of ideological credibility. The Islamic State and the al Qaida State find themselves under increasing military pressure by Israel’s allies such as Syria and Kurdistan. Turkey as still under some control of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist regime finds itself on the brink of an urban popular revolution, despite still retaining significant popular support outside of the major metropolitan regions.

However, the strategic threat of totalitarianism must not be underestimated and the strategic cooperation between the four remaining totalitarian states poses a profound threat to global security despite ideological differences between the four. However, they certainly have more in common than dividing them as totalitarian forms of governance are quite similar irrespective of nominal ideology. North Korea is thus a Communist state with a Neo-Nazi (“Juche”) state ideology advocating national racial purity of blood and practicing serial monarchic succession within the same ruling family. While there are certainly differences between the al Qaida state in Syria and the Islamic State Caliphate, the ideological and religious similarities are overwhelming indeed. Eritrea remains a totalitarian anomaly in Africa bizarrely practicing 25 years of compulsory military service for men.

The increasing strategic coordination between the four remaining members of the Axis of Evil however do still pose a significant threat as there are increasing extremely credible indications that the increasingly desperate Axis of Evil is planning significant global escalation, including mass terrorism with weapons of mass destruction. As their evil gods are now  dead and have indeed been all been finally liquidated by the tremendous, indeed completely overwhelming Power of Freedom, the leaderships of the four remaining totalitarian regimes now face the strategic choice between abandoning totalitarianism and facing the strategic reality of increasingly imminent comprehensive regime collapse.

Indeed the four remaining still ideologically believing totalitarian states must make the strategic decision of abandoning totalitarianism once and for all or face the painful reality of total war by means of the US military doctrine of Rapid Dominance, also known as Shock and Awe. There can be no more tolerance for totalitarianism in the community of nations and so the four remaining members of the Axis of Evil will face complete collapse unless they speedily make the choice of abandoning totalitarianism. The remaining strategic threat as posed by the Axis of Evil is tremendous and so the Axis of Evil must end or be ended by all legitimate means, including Total War.

North Korea’s strategic cooperation with the Islamic State Caliphate and the al Qaida state in Syria has increasingly deepened in recent years despite the seemingly nominally insurmountable ideological dissimilarities between North Korea on the one hand and the Islamic State Caliphate and the al Qaida state on the other. Political misalliances are however nothing new in political history such as the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between totalitarian dictators Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and which indeed directly commenced WW2.

The Axis of Evil would be most ill-advised to underestimate the tremendous political resolve and immense military power of the community of nations to end the scourge of totalitarianism once and for all. North Korean plans for attacking major US cities with nuclear weapons are simply intolerable to say the least as are the completely intolerable genocidal threat posed against the peaceloving & prodemocratic Kurdish people by the Islamic State Caliphate and its weapons of mass destruction as are indeed al Qaida’s apparent plans for unprecedented global terrorism, including the use of weapons of mass destruction against major cities around the world.

The Axis of Evil must face the reality that they stand no chance of surviving neither politically nor militarily and that their only choice is between voluntarily leaving totalitarianism or going down in blood. Indeed the Axis of Evil would be particularly well advised to act rationally or else face the Overwhelming Power & Wrath of Freedom. Indeed, North Korea and Eritrea are certainly more predisposed to act rationally in this regard than the twin lunatic Salafist states of al Qaida in Syria and the Islamic State Caliphate. However, human beings are certainly predisposed with ability for reasoning and so the four remaining members of the Axis of Evil are therefore advised to end the lunacy of their respective regimes and behave rationally now that their evil gods are all dead and gone forever.