Putin’s Gambit

The 2014 Russian invasion forces in the Crimean peninsula of southern Ukraine wore no national insignia.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin made a carefully calculated and certainly also carefully calibrated move with his militarily innovative incremental invasion of the Ukraine as NATO liberal democracies obviously reacted precisely as Russian military intelligence had indeed predicted, expected and calculated in accordance with established academic doctrines in the field of Peace and conflict studies that strongly influence policymaking on defense, security and diplomacy in Western countries. Crimea specifically and the Ukraine generally therefore was and remains a test case for Russia as part of Putin’s emerging, aggressive, expansionist geostrategic plan for restoring Moscow’s former superpower status. Had NATO immediately threatened Russia with war already in the early hours of the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, then there is no doubt whatsoever that president Putin would have instantly withdrawn Russia’s invasion forces from the Crimean peninsula. Russian invasion forces in Crimea wore no national insignia precisely so as to ensure plausible deniability and thus if necessary enable rapid retreat without loss of valuable domestic political prestige. The limited Western sanctions against Russia have however only served to lessen Western influence over Russian policymaking.

2012 Islamist demonstration in Sidney, Australia.

Russia regards the ongoing processes of Islamization in numerous neighborhoods of major cities of Western Europe as threatening Russia with increasingly becoming geographically encircled by political Islam. Therefore, Russia is prepared to wage large-scale wars of conquest in Europe so as to put an end to the ongoing Islamization in those countries. Russia itself wisely, correctly and accurately legally designates the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood (the world’s largest and most dangerous Islamist network) as a terrorist organization as the various branches of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world variously sponsor and engage in Jihadist terrorism in various countries such as Egypt, France, Iraq, Israel, Kurdistan, Libya,  Syria and Turkey. (Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime sponsors the Islamic State caliphate that committed terrorist attacks in France in November 2015 and the great France simply dared not hold Erdoğan the Islamist dictator responsible. Instead President François Hollande is apparently devoted to his habit of issuing diplomatic threats against Israel as a political response to Jihadist attacks perpetrated in France. Does he perhaps believe that the Jews are to fault for worldwide Jihadist terrorism?)

President Putin and President Obama meeting in 2015. (Photo by the office of the President of Russsia.)

NATO’s utter failure in Crimea and later in Eastern Ukraine certainly gives the impression to Russia that the defense alliance is no more than a paper tiger and Russia’s strongman therefore considers President Barack Obama to be a profoundly weak person. There is no question however that president Putin’s next targets in Europe are Finland and Sweden – countries which although closely associated with NATO are officially outside the defense alliance as president Putin believes that president Obama will not want to start war with Russia for the purpose of defending Finland and Sweden. Although it is true that Sweden never scrapped its nuclear weapons program as Sweden officially claims – from Russia’s perspective, Sweden’s nuclear defense posture which is based on deploying tactical nuclear weapons against invading Russian military forces in the wilderness of northern Finland, northern Sweden and adjacent areas in Russia; this poses little credibility as far as Russia is concerned and Sweden has furthermore unwisely scrapped its conventional military capacity for repelling a Russian invasion. If the Russian invasion however takes place mostly in and adjacent to urban areas, then liberal-democratic Sweden could obviously not conceivably use tactical nuclear weapons against Russian invasion forces in those areas. President Putin’s Russia apparently intends to invade Finland and Sweden while President Obama is still in office as a successor in the White House may potentially turn out more hawkish than President Obama. Russia also does not believe that liberal-democratic members of the NATO alliance are willing to deploy tactical nuclear weapons against invading Russian military forces and so Russia regards NATO as something of a joke and entirely so at the expense of NATO liberal democracies themselves. Capturing Finland and Sweden would therefore be a step towards conquering the rest of liberal-democratic Europe as well.

Turkish Straits
The Bosporus in red and the Dardanelles in yellow.

President Putin’s overall military geostrategic plan apparently now seeks to gain direct Russian territorial access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean & the Persian Gulf, including retaking independent former Soviet republics of Asia. Russia certainly intends to take advantage of any potential Jihadist chaos in Turkey during and after the coming pro-democracy revolution there for the purpose of establishing Russian military bases in the international waterways known as the Turkish straits (connecting the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea) and subsequently reduce the entire territory of the Republic of Turkey (including occupied northern Kurdistan) to the status of a mere vassal state of Russia. Moscow similarly intends to take advantage of a revolution in Iran by gaining control over that country and thus reach the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf as well. Controlling Sweden with its Atlantic coast, Turkey with its Mediterranean coast and Iran with its Indian Ocean & Persian Gulf coasts would therefore once more turn Moscow into a hegemonic superpower as well as tragically prevent the establishment of a United Kurdistan. Despite providing some welcome diplomatic support to self-governing Syrian Kurdistan and strategically containing Islamist Turkey, Russia has indeed refrained from delivering arms or providing other forms of assistance or training to Free Kurdistan despite in theory being perfectly unrestrained and capable of doing so. While Russia seeks to gain full control over Turkey, that certainly includes Turkish Kurdistan. Russia’s continuing extensive disinformation campaign as directed towards the Kurdish general public in falsely claiming that Russia supports the Kurdish movement clearly showcases that Russia’s real intentions towards Kurdistan and the Kurdish movement are not exactly very friendly.

High tech Israel is a military superpower.

Moscow regards liberal-democratic Israel (the only great power in the Middle East and a military superpower) as a regional rival that Russia intends to politically subjugate into a vassal state as part of Russia’s wider neo-imperialist project as Moscow indeed intends to become the sole global superpower, including conquering the Gulf monarchies and therefore control the fossil fuel resources there. Russia’s planned conquest of all European democracies is internally justified inside the Russian leadership precisely by the very real need to indeed stop ongoing processes of Islamization in Western Europe. The ability of most European liberal democracies to collectively defend themselves from a Russian invasion is certainly in severe doubt and not only from Russia’s strategic and military perspective and Russia therefore recognizes most European liberal democracies as inherently incapable of defending themselves.

Sweden’s minister of housing Mehmet Kaplan (b. 1971) has never renounced or apologized for his past in top leadership positions in major front organizations of the Swedish branch of the global Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most dangerous Islamist network. Kaplan has become an infamous symbol of totalitarian Islamization in Sweden.

While Israel and Sweden have certainly had their diplomatic differences, Israel regards defending and safeguarding liberal democracies around the world as part of its own national interest. European democracies thus face a dual threat from totalitarian Islamization and from large-scale Russian military conquest. Both threats therefore need to be taken seriously. The highly unfortunate situation of misguided and typically ignorant Western political and media elites ignoring the very real threat of Islamist totalitarian Islamization has quite understandably resulted in ever-increasing popularity for rightwing populist movements inside Western liberal democracies. European liberal democracies therefore face either Russian conquest, political takeover by rightwing populists or a combination of the two. European rightwing populist political parties would therefore either come to power through the ballot box or else become appointed by president Putin in European countries subject to Russian conquest.

Genocidal Arabic-language instruction on how to stab a Jew.

European leaders should have long since realized that the situation of Jews once more being daily persecuted on the streets in major cities of Western Europe is merely the beginning. European leaders apparently need to relearn the essential European historical lesson that it begins with persecution against Jews but it really does not end there. In fact, more and more minorities in Sweden are increasingly victimized by the radical intolerance of Islamist totalitarianism whether this is on the basis of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexuality. Furthermore, local Christians in countries strongly dominated by political Islam face a situation that is far worse than the situation of Jews in Europe. What is structurally perpetrated in both cases is public humiliation so as to pressure non-Muslims to involuntarily convert to Islam so as no longer therefore have to face structural humiliation in public space.

Mohammed Badie (b. 1943) is the “Supreme Guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood global Islamist movement which seeks to end every liberal democracy and establish a worldwide religious dictatorship as ruled by Islamist interpretations of sharia (Islamic religious law) as law of state. The Muslim Brotherhood uses official front organizations in most countries and so operates covertly.

While it is certainly true that democratic multiculturalism can indeed function well, yet democratic multiculturalism cannot however permanently coexist with the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism considering that the purpose of Islamism is indeed the very opposite of democratic multiculturalism as Islamism seeks to establish its own worldwide religious, cultural, political, indeed totalitarian hegemony. Those who rightly criticize the sour heritage of European imperialism should and must indeed stand up and equally oppose all forms of contemporary neo-imperialism irrespective of ethnicity, religion, civilization, geography and even species.

European leaders need to learn to understand that domestic, totalitarian Islamization is not solely a threat against European Jews and against open society in Muslim suburbs of Western Europe, but actually threatens major war across the subcontinent and therefore a potential, historical end to liberal democracy throughout Europe. France has however in principle admirably invested much effort in fighting hatred against French Jews, yet fighting Islamist Anti-Jewish hatred without fighting Islamism itself in its entirety as a mass movement and as a political ideology is literally as hopeless and as fruitless as would be fighting Nazi Anti-Jewish hatred without fighting Neo-Nazism itself in its entirety as a mass movement and as a political ideology indeed.

Military intelligence officer Lieutenant Shelly Markheva. Photo by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

European leaders therefore need to very clearly and seriously so politically signal both to Russia and to their own respective domestic audiences that they will no more condone Islamization on the subcontinent and that sovereign open society will therefore be reestablished in all parts of their countries including through a highly visible female military presence in currently Islamist-controlled neighborhoods of Western European cities terrorized by Islamist morality squads. Indeed, this requires substantial changes in immigration policy as well as zero tolerance towards totalitarian, existential adversaries of open society irrespective of religion, ethnicity, civilization, geography or history.

Russia in turn needs to commit to democratic borders for conflict resolution and indeed peacefully redrawing borders by democratic local consent. On the one hand, Russia feels strategically threatened by the ongoing totalitarian Islamization in numerous neighborhoods of major cities in Western Europe and so serious European policy change aimed at putting an end to that very totalitarian Islamization is precisely vital for defusing the looming NATO-Russia military confrontation. If on the other hand Russia does not back down from its aggressive, expansionist posture in Europe then NATO will simply have no choice but to preemptively attack Russia in order to restore Crimea and the eastern Ukraine to full Ukrainian military and administrative control. Democratic borders will however crucially give local populations a substantial say in redrawing borders which should be to Russia’s advantage in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Also, Russia should be invited to become a full member of the European Union provided of course that Russia first becomes a proper liberal democracy.

Bnei Anusim (Sephardic Crypto-Jews) in a festive Jewish religious meal.

Israel is and Federal Israel certainly will remain the sole regional great power of the broader Middle East and that includes Turkic-speaking independent states that are important parts of the future Median Union. Communal reversions of local communities of Para-Jewish peoples to their own regional forms of the wider Judaism are actually quite easy to perform and indeed successfully implement. When a Para-Jewish people or community becomes aware of their own Para-Jewish ancestry, they intuitively restore Jewish communal identity among themselves. Indeed, the highly diverse wider Judaism is the world’s oldest documented still existing religious tradition and to once more become part of its ongoing historical narrative is a profoundly powerful emotional experience both individually and communally. It is true however that communal reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism is very much facilitated by government support; yet communal reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism certainly becomes intuitive in a local Para-Jewish community once Jewish communal identity has been reestablished there which typically happens quite quickly. Therefore, Para-Jewish local communal reversions to regional forms of the wider Judaism is both easy and intuitive, hence first restored Jewish communal identity and subsequently the multi-year communal educational process of reversion itself. Also, no local Para-Jewish community would be formally offered communal reversion before they are ready to communally accept that very offer by means of informed consent indeed.

Freedom House world map, conditions as of 2015. Green = Free (liberal democracies), Yellow = Partly Free (semi-democracies) and Blue = Unfree (dictatorships).

Instead of engaging in neo-imperialist military fantasies, Russia’s political leadership needs to craft a realistic plan for Russia’s own domestic democratization and liberalization. It is true however that instant democratization in Russia would probably have disastrous consequences with Fascists coming to power, yet this reality certainly does not release Russia’s leaders from the fundamental democratic obligation to responsibly liberalize and democratize their own society. It is less important how much time it takes, what really matters is that it is successfully achieved even if it requires a decade or more. The same is by the way true of Para-Jewish local communal reversions to regional forms of the wider Judaism as what really matters is that the change is everlasting even if the entire process in a particular country requires a decade or more. This process begins with those communities psychologically most ready for communal reversion in gradually involving more and more Para-Jewish communities in order of challenge and so concludes with those communities originally least amenable to communal reversion on the societal continuum. Religion is collective behavior of the Human herd animals and so reversion must incrementally proceed in proper order on the societal spectrum by serially continuing in order with those respective communities relatively more amenable to this communal change. Communal reversion should importantly also be inclusive of those who migrated to the cities whether in the same country or abroad.

Russian neo-imperialist, expansionist military adventures whether in the Atlantic military theater, in the Mediterranean military theater or in the Caspian Sea, Indian Ocean & Persian Gulf military theater are entirely intolerable to liberal-democratic, sovereign-indigenous Israel as well as to Israel’s allies among liberal democracies and Para-Jewish countries alike. Turkey’s Dönmeh Deep State, the PKK and Israel are indeed perfectly capable of ensuring a responsible transition and partition indeed throughout the coming revolution and beyond in Anatolia. Russia has however in recent months played a most constructive role indeed in providing Syrian Kurdistan with limited but much welcome diplomatic support. Israel certainly warmly appreciates international support for the Kurds (even if in Russia’s case tactically so) yet Russian neo-imperialism is certainly not welcome in the broader Middle East. Israel as a patriotically liberal-democratic military superpower will therefore need to implement an immediate and militarily highly significant strategic deployment of some of Israel’s highly advanced, secretive futuristic, high tech defense systems (and operated by Israeli personnel) to Sweden, Finland and elsewhere in liberal-democratic Europe and in threatened Para-Jewish countries as a defensive deterrent to Russian expansionist aggression.

“Khilafah [Caliphate] Has returned”. Jihadist propaganda poster for the Islamic State caliphate. Image by JennahIsOurGoal
Israeli society is part of worldwide open society and Israel is an important partner within the global community of liberal democracies. Israel condones neither totalitarian Islamization in Europe nor that liberal-democratic Europe and Para-Jewish countries are conquered by Russia. European leaders certainly need to wake up from dystopian dogmatism of multiculturalist utopia and understand that Islamization can in fact as in so many other countries throughout Muslim history indeed happen in any society with a Muslim minority, indeed that is always how Islamization commences. Islamization therefore is not limited to predominantly Muslim societies as those societies were originally Islamized by Muslim minorities indeed. Europe is certainly not immune to totalitarian Islamization which in fact is currently taking place in Muslim neighborhoods across Western Europe. Indeed the threat of totalitarian Islamization in Europe invites both Russian conquest and democratic takeover by rightwing populists through the ballot box. In fact, most voters in liberal democracies of Europe would irrespective of ethnicity and religion prefer pro-democratic rightwing populists in power to having their countries incrementally become Islamist sharia dictatorships with Islamist dress code for girls and women (informally and later formally) enforced by Islamist thugs on every street of Europe for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Visitors piling relatively small stones is a traditional Jewish practice that is also found in Tengrism, a form of Median Judaism.

Para-Jewish reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism is an important part of what needs to done to defeat and discredit the scourge of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. Yet both Russia and leaders of liberal democracies in Europe need to reassess their current strategies for dealing with the very real threat of totalitarian Islamization as indeed posed by Islamism in Europe and around the world.

Both Syria and Turkey are ultimately controlled by members of halakhically Jewish Crypto-Jewish denominations (ethnically Alawite leaders and the Dönmeh Deep State respectively) and both leaderships are in fact now very important allies of Israel. Although it is true that Russia is an important country not only for Israel and Kurdistan but for Syria and the Turkish Deep State as well; Israel and its many regional partners are quite capable of crushing Islamism as well as redrawing and pacifying the broader Middle East. The Islamic State caliphate and all the other Jihadist organizations in Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon and Syria will need to be comprehensively destroyed and so the regional power with both will and capacity for doing exactly that is precisely Israel.


Russia would therefore be particularly well advised to continue to play a most constructive role indeed in containing Islamism as it currently does without resort to any unfortunate neo-colonial adventure whether in the Atlantic military theater, in the Mediterranean military theater or in the Caspian Sea, Indian Ocean & Persian Gulf military theater. Turkey certainly needs careful and responsible democratic change and the Turkish Straits international waterways will always remain open to international sea traffic both military and civilian and so Russian military bases abroad must only be established with full consent and not through Russian exploitation of a potentially chaotic Jihadist situation as engineered by the dying Islamist regime in Ankara before, during and after the coming pro-democracy revolution in Anatolia. Russia’s geostrategic containment of Erdoğan’s Turkey however helps strengthen Free Kurdistan and that is certainly important and most welcome indeed. The Russian military presence in Syria and the defense of the (halakhically Jewish) Alawite heartland by the Russian Air Force is certainly most welcome as Syria prepares to transition to become extended Alawistan with completely new borders.

The people of Israel stands with the people of Kurdistan.

While Israel is always strongly committed to the attainment, consolidation and defense of the self-determination and independence of the entire Kurdistan; imposed foreign forces of any kind are certainly not welcome in Kurdistan. The Kurdish people have long suffered domination under tyrannical imperialism and so the freedom and self-determination of the people of Kurdistan is simply non-negotiable. Israel stands behind the Kurdish people so as to strategically assist the Kurdish movement in every way necessary on their path to freedom and self-determination through the establishment of independent United Kurdistan. There will be no sell-out of Kurdish interests under Israel’s watch and anyone inadvisably trying that certainly unpromising avenue will discover that Israel will automatically side with the Kurdish people in every way necessary so as to safeguard and defend the peaceful and pro-democratic people of Kurdistan in ensuring that United Kurdistan indeed becomes a prosperous model for the wider region in democratization, liberalization and communal reversion. Most of the Kurdish people are actually very much well aware that there is no better friend and steadfast ally in the world than the Jewish people and so the covenantal nature of the strong support for Kurdistan should certainly not be in doubt to anyone in the world whether within or outside the broader region.

“Khilafah [Caliphate] Will Dominate the world” in Jihadist propaganda poster. All forms of Islamism seek a worldwide religious dictatorship as their ultimate political goal. Indigenous Israel opposes all forms of neo-imperialism and is ready to wage war on Jihadism. (Image by JennahIsOurGoal)
While Israel is indeed the region’s sole great power, Israel is so precisely by mutually free consent as wisely backed up by the overwhelming force of the high tech Israeli military superpower. Israel is a force for freedom and social progress and so for Israel there is no place for neo-imperialism in the broader Middle East. Just as Israel stands with Kurdistan against neo-imperialism, so will Israel stand with its other allies against neo-imperialism threatening Para-Jewish lands and liberal democracies alike around the world. There is indeed a past and a present of hybrid states in a number of countries in the broader Middle East with two or more parallel independent centers of executive political power, yet no one should confuse Erdoğan’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood regime with the Dönmeh Deep State whose political agenda is obviously antithetical to that of Erdoğan’s Islamist agenda. Creating an independent Alevistan as indeed planned by the Dönmeh Deep State since the turn of the century although certainly at least temporarily necessary in Turkish-language Alevistan is simply insufficient as communal reversions to Bektashism in local communities throughout Anatolia and importantly also involving their respective relatives in the cities and abroad are indeed absolutely essential to the democratic future of Anatolia. Just as Israel stands with Kurdistan against neo-imperialism, so will Israel as of need and necessity indeed assist Israel’s other allies if they find themselves threatened by aggressive neo-imperialism.

The Kingdom of Sweden in green and the Republic of Turkey in orange. Controlling both would grant Russia direct access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Let’s be extremely clear, Russia’s apparent geostrategic plans to expand to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean & the Persian Gulf as well conquering European liberal democracies and Para-Jewish countries through neo-imperialist aggression will neither be condoned nor permitted by Israel and the United States. Both Russia and liberal-democratic Europe need to seriously and profoundly reassess their respective policies for dealing with the severe global threat posed by mainstream Muslim extremism and indeed also counter and publically discredit each and every form of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. The way to end armed conflicts is by developing international law in instituting democratic borders and outlawing all forms of totalitarianism through a new international convention.

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling[a] together; and a little child will lead them. The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the cobra’s den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Isaiah 11:6-9