Converging Mosaic

Mustafa Barzani (1903-1979) was a prominent Kurdish guerrilla leader in Iraqi Kurdistan, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), an honorary Major General in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the head of the Barzani (Barzillai) Kurdish kohanim clan.

1. PanJewish

Mustafa Kemal (later Atatürk) dressed up in Janissary (historical Bektashi military) uniform in 1913.

The broader Middle East constitutes a rich mosaic of Para-Jewish communities, including various Crypto-Jewish denominations of Median Judaism in the Middle East. Some countries are even to varying degrees ruled by Crypto-Jewish descent groups. These include Turkey’s Deep State (Turkish Derin devlet), a common name for a secretive Turkish military intelligence agency that was founded by Turkey’s first president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) who was part of the Crypto-Jewish Dönmeh community. This institution subsequently ensured continued Dömneh oversight over the affairs of the state even after the demise of Atatürk in 1938. Even today, the Turkish military remains ultimately controlled by the Deep State military intelligence agency and so the Turkish military therefore disobeys most of the orders given to them by the Islamist Erdoğan regime.

Sabbatai Zevi
Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) founder of Sabbatean Judaism and its official messiah who was subsequently deified in Dönmeh Judaism.

After Sabbatai Zevi in 1666 formally joined the Crypto-Jewish Bektashi order (which is sometimes outwardly but not actually Muslim) Sabbatai Zevi succeeded in gaining many adherents within the Bektashi order itself despite losing most of his prior adherents among rabbinic Jews after a rumor spread which falsely suggested that Sabbatai Zevi had converted to Islam. As Sabbatai Zevi and his increasingly few remaining rabbinically Jewish followers in the Ottoman Empire had thus transitioned from the Southern Jurisdiction to the Northern Jurisdiction (specifically to Alevi-Bektashi Judaism), they de facto (but not de jure) excluded themselves from the Southern Jurisdiction although the rabbinical excommunication of the Sabbateans was prompted by this very false rumor, indeed falsely claiming that Sabbatai Zevi had converted to Islam which of course did not exactly happen. It is true however that the Ottoman authorities threatened Sabbatai Zevi with execution unless he converted to Islam so Zevi formally joining the Bektashi order in fact permitted him to elude this very forced conversion to Islam. Certainly as many other Bektashis (and Alevis), Zevi sometimes had to outwardly pretend to be Muslim so as to avoid Muslim religious persecution.

Religiously artistic Alevi-Bektashi deification of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

In addition to today’s remaining Dönmeh descendants of rabbinic Jews in Turkey, there are even now about one million usually highly secretive Dönmeh adherents of Sabbatai Zevi within the Bektashi order primarily in Asia Minor and the Balkans, including Dönmeh Alevi villages. Atatürk however came to be venerated among the Dönmeh as almost a second mashiach (messiah) following upon the Dönmeh messiah Sabbatai Zevi and a large image of Atatürk is thus still typically prominently displayed inside cemevis, Alevi synagogues. Indeed, this is evidence of the continuing strong influence of the wider Dönmeh community within the Bektashi order which in turn dominates Alevism.

Pir Riza (1863-1937) was a prominent Zazaki-speaking Kurdish Alevi Dede (Alevi Kohen) and a political leader of the Dersim rebellion. He was exucuted by the Turkish state in 1937.

Many thousands of Zazaki-speaking Kurdish Alevis were however massacred by Atatürk’s military in 1937-1938 as part of the Dersim massacre. The Kemalist state regarded Kurds as a threat to the secular order as Kurds during the Kemalist era tended to be more religiously traditional than the Turks. Like the rest of the region’s political leaderships during the 20th century the Derin devlet simply remained unaware that Alawism, Alevi-Bektashi, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism are in fact all Middle Eastern denominations of Median Judaism. The real origin of the Kemalist antagonism against the Kurds was therefore not Turkish nationalism which was a mere excuse for the continued Dönmeh supervision over state affairs in Turkey.

Statue in Cordoba of Spanish-Egyptian universal genius and eminent rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135-1204) abbreviated Rambam (RaMBaM). He is widely known to posterity as Maimonides and is universally recognized as the most important rabbi in history.

Members of denominations of Median Judaism including the Dönmeh themselves individually and communally remain recognized as halakhically Jewish provided that they individually do not belong to another theistic religion, meaning they do remain recognized as fully Jewish under Halakha, rabbinic religious law. The diverse mosaic of Median Judaism in the region and worldwide however differently historically evolved than Rabbinic Judaism – obviously does not constitute “another theistic religion”. A person recognized as halakhically Jewish by Halakhic Rabbinic Judaism (Conservative JudaismNeolog Judaism and Orthodox Judaism) is therefore someone either born by a halakhically Jewish woman or else converted into a Jewish denomination complying with either the southern or the northern jurisdiction of Jewish law or at least so with regard to conversion. Karaite Judaism has its own halakha but accepts only patrilineal descent for defining Jewish personal status and has resumed conducting conversions after centuries of not doing so.

German liberal rabbi Regina Jonas (1902-1944) was the first woman in non-Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism who was ordained a rabbi. She survived two years in the Theresienstadt concentration camp but was ultimately murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Kurdish rabbi Asenath Barzani (1590–1670) was however the first Orthodox female rabbi.

There are antinomian (antilaw) religious movements in Rabbinic Judaism, most of which nowadays also accept patrilineal descent for accepting someone as Jewish, meaning that Jewish personal status in these denominations can be conferred either matrilineally, patrilineally or both. Antinomian movements in Rabbinic Judaism are those denominations of Rabbinic Judaism that regard Halakha as no longer binding as a religious legal code for personal behavior in private and communal life and these include the non-theistic Humanistic Judaism, the New Age Jewish Renewal, the British Liberal Judaism, the naturalist Reconstructionist Judaism and the reformist Reform Judaism.

Haymanot (Ethiopian Judaism) and Samaritanism are today socially close to Rabbinic Judaism in Israel but do actually belong to the Northern Jurisdiction, i.e. they are part of Median Judaism. Dönmeh Judaism is sometimes described as an antinomian denomination of Rabbinic Judaism in the Southern Jurisdiction but Dönmeh Judaism has been a subset of Alevi-Bektashi Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction since the 17th century.

The Emblem of the State of Israel depicts the Menorah olive oil lamp in massive gold that once stood in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem until confiscated and taken to Rome by European imperialists in the first century CE.

Jewish personal status in today’s Israel also infers that Crypto-Jews who remain (or resumed being) recognized as halakhically Jewish by Orthodox Judaism (even if secretly so) remain automatically legally entitled to immigrate to Israel under Israel’s Law of Return and immediately receive Israeli citizenship upon arrival in Israel when formally immigrating.

The question of who is a recognized member of one of the many denominations of Median Judaism in the Middle East and around the world is however decided by each denomination itself and not really by Rabbinic Judaism which simply does not have religious jurisdiction over Median Judaism as the religious jurisdiction in Judaism was split in two in 930 BCE when the united monarchy of Israel was partitioned into the Southern Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Israel.

Syrian president Bashar Assad (b. 1965) tends to be deified in state Syrian promotional materials in the civil war in Syria and esoterically portrayed in Syrian Alawism as “the Young Lion of Judah” as indeed the name Assad literally means “lion”.

Although Syria is often wrongly portrayed as ruled by one person, the truth is that Bashar Assad unlike his all-powerful late father Hafez Assad is basically the figurehead, spokesperson and internal coordinator for a state under effective control of the Syrian intelligence community which in turn is controlled by secular Syrian leaders who are ethnically Alawite and who as the Dönmeh do remain fully halakhically Jewish as they never actually genuinely converted to Islam despite sometimes claiming to have done so.

The Syrian and Turkish polities therefore ultimately remain controlled by members of halakhically Jewish Crypto-Jewish denominations. These political leaderships were however paradoxically it may seem not aware during the 20th century that both Alevi-Bektashi Judaism and Alawite Judaism are indeed very ancient forms of Median Judaism, meaning that they are part of the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel. This lack of knowledge obviously prevented a profound regional political convergence between Israel and others in the Middle East in the 20th century. Also, it is highly unlikely that the secular Syrian and Turkish states would have treated the Kurdish people in the terrible manner that they did had they known that Alawism, Alevism, Yarsanism and Yezidism (all practiced within the Kurdish people) are indeed Middle Eastern Crypto-Jewish denominations of Median Judaism. There are 11 million halakhically Jewish persons within the Kurdish people (a third of all Kurds) most of whom are Alawites, Alevis, Yarzanis and Yezidis although there are also some 250 000 Kurdish rabbinic Jews in Israel. The majority of the members of these denominations of Median Judaism still live in Kurdistan although many now live in major Turkish cities and in Europe. Most Muslim Kurdish clans are descended from involuntarily Islamized Alawites, Alevis/Bektashis, Rabbinic Jews, Yarsanis and Yezidis respectively.

Iranian-born Iraqi Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani (b. 1930) is a Sayyid and the most senior religious authority in Twelver Shia Islam.

Considering that Muhammad of Islam is a politically invented literary character intended to retroactively legitimize Bedouin imperialism/colonialism, many descent groups of Levites (and Kohanim) of the Northern Jurisdiction managed to physically survive enforced Islamization by claiming descent from a new prophet who of course never existed. There are also multiple ruling dynasties of Jewish ancestry in the Arabophonie and yes surely there are even such things as secret conversions to Crypto-Judaism.

Today, Iran is ruled by Sayyids, meaning in Iran endogamous descendants of involuntarily Islamized Levites (including Kohanim) who are ultimately descended from Sumerian ENs (i.e. Sumerian ruling hereditary priests) who spread and became established throughout the broader region as far east as India in the centuries subsequent to the fall of the Neo-Sumerian Empire in 1940 BCE thanks to their universal scientific knowledge and advanced technological skills.

1) Ya Allah = Yah Elah (Yah is Goddess), 2) Ya Muhammed = Yah MHM”D (Moshe hu Melekh David, i.e. Moses is King David), 3) Ya Ali = Yah Eli (Yah is My God). The Crypto-Hebrew text is superimposed on an “Ali” iconic image that is a remnant from the Christian era of domination in the Middle East. Iconic representation of the mythical “Ali” in Shia Islam is very similar to iconic representation of the deified Pharisaic rabbi in Christianity and in fact constitutes a continuation of that iconographic tradition. The Crypto-Jewish Yarsanis among whom Shia emerged thus sometimes under Christian rule pretended to be Christians just as Yarsanis today will sometimes pretend to be Muslims.

All forms of Shia historically originated as Judaism/Crypto-Judaism. Zaydi Shias are the surviving Himyarite Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction. Shia (etymologically from Hebrew Yah from Ea, i.e. Sumerian Enki) generally including Twelver Shias specifically historically first emerged within Yarsani Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction yet Ismaili Shias historically emerged out of Alevi-Bektashi Judaism which is also part of the Northern Jurisdiction. The Jewish origin of Shia is furthermore well documented in historical Sunni theological literature. There are certainly highly learned Shia religious authorities (Zaydi, Ismaili and Twelver) outside of Iran who can positively confirm this to much less knowledgeable Iranian regime clerics.

It is hardly a secret that Shah Ismail who founded the Iranian state in 1501 with an Alevi army was an Alevi leader who is still revered in Alevi-Bektashi Judaism. The fact that Shah Ismail self-identified as an avatar of the god of Israel (the official designation Shah Ismail was an exoteric metaphor for Yah Israel) is hardly compatible with any kind of orthodox interpretation of Islam.

The Alevi Shah Ismail I (1487–1524) founded the Iranian state in 1501.

Endogamous Sayyids of Iran are certainly not descended from one single Muslim male ancestor named “Ali” as is universally claimed in Islamic mythology, but Iranian Sayyids are rather descended from Levites (including Kohanim) of Median Judaism (the Northern Jurisdiction) who were tragically involuntarily Islamized like so many other communities of the broader Middle East. The genetic evidence is clear that Sayyids around the world are not patrilineally descended from one single male ancestor named “Ali” (cousin and son-in-law of “Muhammad”) as is universally, yet wrongly claimed in Muslim religious tradition.

Local processes of communal reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism throughout the future Median Union means that that all peoples of Federal Israel will become equals without one people or state dominating another. Or to put it in religious terms, the peoples of the union will all be recognized as fully Jewish indeed once communal reversion is complete and the peoples will therefore be able to marry among each other irrespective of denomination within the wider Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction and the Southern Jurisdiction alike. As the Median Union will evolve into a Federal Israel and ultimately a United States of Israel with free migration between all (or most) of its member states, there will therefore be tremendous religious diversity and so religious pluralism will be norm in all its states. The wider Judaism of the Median Union should certainly be welcoming and inclusive but never, ever missionary or imperialist in conduct or doctrine.

2. Shift of Paradigm

Yusuf al-Qaradawi (b. 1926), the de facto top cleric of the global Muslim Brotherhood (the world’s largest and most dangerous Islamist network) condones wife beating, supports perpetrating a second Holocaust against Israeli Jews and believes that apostasy in Islam should be punished with execution.

The broader Middle East has for decades already faced a situation where the world religion of Islam in these countries has become more and more taken over by the fossil fuel funded modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism and so therefore impedes most forms of social progress in those societies. Islamism is hence making a pre-existing complex of societal problems involving extreme conservatism in Islamdom even far worse. Secular leaders of countries in the broader region therefore tend to be quite frustrated by their seeming inability to achieve social progress within their own respective societies. They share the same analysis in drawing the same conclusion that the problem lies within Islam itself, as the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism is a heterodox form of Islam that is strongly syncretized with Islamism’s fellow modern totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and Communism.

Ali Khamenei (b. 1939), dictator of Iran, is the world’s by far most kleptocratic Muslim cleric. Image of his predecessor as Iran’s clerical dictator, Ruhollah Khomeini, in the background.

Fewer and fewer citizens of Iran now put faith or trust in the official Islamist ideology of the corrupt and discredited Iranian regime. It is thus increasingly unclear whether leading members of the Iranian regime even believe anymore in the regime’s own Islamist ideology. Iran’s extremely kleptocratic head of state Ali Khamenei has amassed a fortune of over 100 billion USD through systematic criminal appropriation of private property. How really does he justify this to himself? Does he even believe anymore in the regime’s official Islamist ideology? Or does he believe that sharia prescribes theft? Are members of the ruling elite perhaps nowadays pretending to each other to believe in the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism?

Lebanese Hezbollah is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Hezbollah blood cult propaganda banner after Israel taught Hezbollah a lesson by means of the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Twelver Shia Islam has become increasingly discredited in domestic public opinion in Iran due to the almost complete conflation of Twelver Shia Islam with regime-imposed Islamism as very few Iranians indeed now put faith or trust in the corrupt Islamist regime. Support for the Iranian regime in Iranian public opinion is today therefore most negligible indeed and it is furthermore unclear to what degree kleptocratic regime structures such as the Revolutionary Guards still believe in the regime’s official Islamist ideology. Therefore one must certainly wonder and ponder to what degree even the corrupt regime leadership itself believes in the regime’s self-discredited totalitarian ideology.

Most citizens of so called Muslim countries who can financially afford to use the Internet also do so and that includes most citizens of Gulf monarchies who tend to not be gainfully working and therefore typically also spend much more time online. Exposure to the Internet is transforming not only socio-economic elites in so called Muslim countries but also the general public considering that socio-economic elites – as is common in many societies around the world – serve as social role models for ordinary citizens. Exposure to Internet pornography is changing the perception of sexuality from one that is part of a religious institution – namely the Muslim religious marriage – to a social leisure and recreation activity as typically in late modern Western societies. This has hence led birth rates to collapse in various Muslim societies.

The digitalization of open society globalizes its many different subcultures.

Open society has become increasingly digitalized in countries around the world and so has this also served to globalize open society in enabling its spread even to notoriously ultra-conservative Muslim societies. Exposure to the Internet is therefore also revolutionizing cultures of Muslim societies from within. It is true that Islamists such as the Islamic State caliphate do use the internet for their own political purposes, however most Internet content worldwide is secular and therefore the digitalized secularization impact is overall so incomparably much more powerful than the impact of Islamist online propaganda and Islamist online recruitment activities.

3. Phasing out Religious Imperialism

Leyla Zana (b. 1961) is a famous intellectual leader in the feminist PKK pro-democracy mass movement in Kurdistan.

The Pan-Jewish political project as constituting the intended second stage in the trajectory of Zionism offers an opportunity to move forward by means of communal reversions to regional forms of the wider Judaism of the Northern Jurisdiction and the Southern Jurisdiction alike. There is increasing convergence of interests between most governments of the broader Middle East including Israel and so the Pan-Jewish project offers a real opportunity for achieving domestic social progress in many spheres by indeed supplanting the main obstacle to that very domestic social progress. Iran is surrounded by Israel’s allies from all sides and the question is therefore whether the Iranian regime leadership is capable of exiting their own dystopia?

Reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism would also obviously entail phasing out Islam itself in Para-Jewish societies currently dominated by Islam. The hypothetical alternatives from the perspective of secular rulers of the region would be to either reform Islam or try to end religion altogether, neither of which has proven effective, feasible or realistic during the course of the 20th century. Attempts at marginalizing the religion Islam in Muslim societies such as in Atatürk’s Turkey and the Shah’s Iran instead created a social vacuum that was then subsequently filled by the forces of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism in both countries. Enver Hoxha’s extremely totalitarian Communist regime in Albania tried to wipe out religion altogether (including the Crypto-Jewish Bektashism) although even they did not succeed in ending religion so how would anyone else?

Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) endeavored to abolish all religion but failed and ended up creating a new “religion” with himself as the self-designed deity.

Religion is an intrinsic part of the human zoological condition and individual or collective abandonment of a particular religion or denomination leads inexorably to adoption of yet other forms of religion, including forms of “religion” epistemologically legitimized as purported “non-religion”, often denoted as ideology, philosophy, culture, nationalism, civilization, weltanschauung etc. Yet, zoologically speaking there is no discernible difference whatsoever between those worldviews/lifeviews claiming to be religions and those worldviews/lifeviews claiming to be non-religions. While “religion” claims to represent transcendental perspectives in the articulation of “life” and “world”, non-religion in modernity is legitimized precisely by its pretentious and ultimately baseless, “mysterious” claims to transcend “religion itself” by means of the unfounded Western nonreligion/religion dichotomy as culturally derived and reversed from the medieval Christianity/Christendom binary.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919-1980) as Shah of Iran sought to marginalize Islam but ended up paving the way for Islamist takeover.

Yet it should certainly be kept in mind that it was the very secularist marginalization of Christianity and Judaism in Europe that provided space for the modern totalitarian political ideologies of Nazism and Communism to emerge, grow and subsequently take over entire societies in Europe and around the world. The attempts to marginalize the religion of Islam by imposing the Christian ideology of secularism in so called Muslim countries similarly played into the hands of the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. Jihadism is however increasingly discrediting Islamism generally and so is Islamism in turn likewise increasingly discrediting even the non-Islamist streams of Islam.

The Pan-Jewish political project also involving voluntary communal reversions to regional forms of the wider Judaism thus offers a real solution to the relative helplessness and in fact profound frustration experienced by leaders of so called Muslim countries in the broader Middle East and who in most cases simply do not any longer even believe in any form of Islam whatsoever. A highly pertinent question indeed is therefore whether most members of the Iranian top leadership are simply kleptocratic hypocrites (Arabic munafiqun) pretending to still believe in Islam or whether they as the Islamic State caliphate insanely remain willing to die for the losing cause of an increasingly discredited, neo-imperialist, modern totalitarian political ideology strongly syncretized with Nazism and Communism?

Islamist demonstration in the Maldives. (Photo by Dying Regime)

Indeed, leaders of most so called “Muslim countries” regard Islamism as the single greatest threat to their respective rule and as Atatürk and the former Shah of Iran they regard Islam itself as the single most important impediment to social progress in their respective societies and they are unfortunately right about this state of things in Islam considering the way that Muslim religious history has so far unfortunately historically evolved. Secular leaders of countries of the broader Middle East thus find themselves effectively reduced to mere administrators who are unable to transform their respective societies and merely succeed in preventing Islamist takeover in therefore barely clinging to power.

Jihadist terrorism grows and spreads because it is state-sponsored, state-funded and state-organized.

Islamism clearly needs to be defeated and the instruments of state power and state funding need to be completely removed from the hands of the powerful ruling clerical elites of Iran and Saudi Arabia respectively who after all are the ones who organize and fund the dissemination of the totalitarian ideology of Islamism worldwide, including Jihadist terrorism around the world. However, local populations in Para-Jewish countries must certainly be substantially aided in communally reverting to their own regional forms of the wider Judaism. A liberal-democratic United States of Israel with free migration between most or all of its member states will importantly be profoundly religiously pluralistic.

The famous major Jewish historical building in Hebron, Judea that is known as the ‘Cave of the Patriarchs’ was built over 2 000 years ago by the Jewish King Herod the Great of Judea who lived 74/73– 4 BCE. Hebron remains the second most holy city in Rabbinic Judaism after Jerusalem.

Ending religious imperialism in the broader Middle East and paving the path towards liberal democracy and regional democratic integration obviously require years of carefully calibrated societal transformation. However, Para-Jewish communities that historically lost their Jewish identity generally do return to Jewish communal identity once they become aware of their own Jewish ancestry and Para-Jewish heritage. A Para-Jewish population with a surviving or restored Jewish communal identity is always psychologically not so far away from communal reversion to their own regional form of the wider Judaism. Para-Jewish local communities do however certainly require substantial help and assistance in the process of communal reversion in local communities throughout the broader region as well as around the world. The question is hence whether the ruling Levites of Iran could be persuaded to join the rest of the region in thus helping revert the local communities of the peoples of Iran to the Median Judaism of their own ancestors? Is it therefore possible that Iran’s ruling Levites could become part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem?

4. Israel’s Responsibilities

An LGBTQI Pride event at Taksim Square in Istanbul on June 30 during the otherwise mostly ethnically Alevi Gezi Park protests in Turkish cities of summer 2013.

Turkish society finds itself on the brink of a revolution as prepared and organized by the pro-democratic opposition forces in clear defiance of the AKP regime’s electoral fraud in the November 2015 parliamentary elections and increasing repression of dissent. This revolution in Turkish cities will not only include Alevis (as mostly in the 2013 Gezi Park protests) and Kurds but also social movements such as feminists, trade unions and further minorities such as the LGBTQI community.

Female Iranian MPs in the1970s
Female members of parliament in the Shah’s Iran in the 1970s.

An organized revolution in Turkish cities will almost certainly trigger a spontaneous revolution in Iran as society in Iran is even more ready for revolution than is society in major Turkish cities. How then will the Iranian regime react to an Iranian revolution? They have basically two sets of action at their disposal. One is massacring demonstrators in the thousands and the other is invading neighboring countries as a means of political diversion so as to create a “patriotic” atmosphere instead of the current revolutionary atmosphere in Iran. Israel as the sole regional great power and also a military superpower simply cannot remain a passive onlooker as the corrupt Islamist Iranian regime massacres vast numbers of demonstrating citizens and/or invades Iran’s neighbors.

Israel carries a tremendous responsibility not just as the sole regional great power and a military superpower, but Israel carries a profound responsibility for the welfare and freedom of Para-Jewish peoples in the broader Middle East and around the world. Could the profoundly corrupt and kleptocratic Iranian leadership indeed be persuaded to act in the manner of the last leadership of the former Soviet Union in giving up its totalitarian ideology and neo-imperialist agenda? Is it possible that their corrupt, kleptocratic personal financial interests may ultimately trump the regime’s official Islamist ideology? Could Iran as the former Soviet Union become relatively peacefully partitioned or will Iran inevitably end up in ruins like Nazi Germany?

Electric vehicle powered by solar energy.

Although peaceful political change in Iran may seem unlikely, it is nevertheless not completely out of question. The ruling kleptocratic leadership of Iran should therefore repent and indeed restore what they have stolen from the peoples of Iran while being permitted to keep the profits they subsequently made and they would in return be individually granted immunity from prosecution for the many crimes that they have sadly committed. Iran would need to be transformed into a voluntary confederation of relevant states with relevant borders, indeed facilitating local communal reversions to Median Judaism among the peoples of Iran and subsequently the establishment of liberal democracy throughout the new states of Iran by means of carefully calibrated societal processes of transformation. Iran would also have to undo its capacity for future production of nuclear weapons as the current agreement is simply insufficient to use a vast understatement. Indeed, atomic power like other environmentally harmful, hazardous or otherwise unethical means of producing energy should be abolished entirely and become supplanted mostly by environmentally friendly large-scale solar energy production.

Famous Iranian-Israeli singer Rita Yahan-Farouz Kleinstein (b. 1962).

The peoples of Iran are as a matter of fact extremely ready for revolution, indeed now more than ever before and Israel certainly stands behind them. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews have family background in Iran and the peoples of Iran have in recent decades become very strongly pro-Israel and they are certainly not Israel’s enemy. Rather, Israel’s real enemies in the region are corruption, ignorance, medievalism, neo-imperialism, oppression, prejudice, torture, totalitarianism and indeed religious imperialism itself.

An Iran armed with nuclear weapons and led by its current criminal leadership would pose a far greater threat against Israel, against the broader region and against the world than does the current pre-nuclear Iran. The unfortunate removal of a sanctions regime that has crucially contributed much to a growing revolutionary political climate in Iran means that it is increasingly inevitably becoming time for revolution against Islamism unless the Iranian regime rapidly undergoes fundamental shift of political paradigm. Israel has spent past decades in building up the necessary high tech military capacity for undoing the corrupt Islamist political hegemony in Iran and the peoples of Iran have therefore for years literally been looking at the skies in waiting for Israeli fighter planes to thus ultimately appear.

Coat of Arms of the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

There are in principle three ways of undoing the corrupt, kleptocratic, Islamist political hegemony in Iran; namely 1) negotiated transition with Israel, 2) popular revolution and 3) war. A political change that is as peaceful with as few fatal victims as possible (indeed preferably none!) is certainly highly desirable. The corrupt Iranian leadership needs however to be helped by Israel to climb down from the totalitarian tree and its poisonous fruits. Also, pervasive hypocrisy (Arabic nifaq) in the general population should certainly not be underestimated as a social mass phenomenon and a strong political force for social change. The Iranian regime has lost virtually all political credibility amongst the peoples of Iran who therefore are very much ready for ending Islamist rule once and for all.

Female Israeli soldiers

The Iranian regime leadership would be particularly well advised to negotiate the crucial transition directly with Israel. If they do not relatively expeditiously agree to gradually transfer power in a negotiated, responsible manner to a new confederal structure in Iran – then the change of governance will need to happen through revolution and if necessary also war. Surviving Iranian regime leaders would then subsequently be prosecuted for their very serious crimes and in any case entirely stripped of their ill-gotten vast financial resources.

Israeli soldiers in the Netzach Yehuda (i.e. Judah’s Eternity) Haredi (strictly Orthodox) battalion with prominently protruding sidelocks.

However, the lifting of the sanctions means that undoing the Islamist rule cannot be delayed anymore. Iran is surrounded on all sides by allies of Israel, allies who are very much well aware of the neo-imperialist ambitions of the Iranian regime and they have no intention whatsoever of suffering the fate of so many European countries in Nazi Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. Indeed, they are particularly well aware that Iran’s regional strategy is modeled on that of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Israel certainly wishes no harm to the peoples of Iran and hopes for an orderly transition that is as peaceful as possible. In fact, the peoples of Iran are wonderful friends of Israel. The members of the Israeli-Saudi alliance surrounding Iran is however literally prepared for every conceivable and inconceivable military contingency.

Israel is a military superpower with a flourishing high tech defense industry, yet much of Israel’s advanced futuristic military capacities are classified and will remain so.

Iran’s military is highly professional, yet the motivation among Iranian soldiers is now lower than ever before. Israel’s high tech military and technologically highly advanced defense industry has prepared for this challenge for decades and Israel is therefore now more up to the task than ever before. Many of the secretive military capacities available to Israel would probably appear to most ordinary human persons as belonging almost to the realms of “science-fiction” and the so called “supernatural”. However, the fact that they are and will remain classified does not make them any less real and together extremely potent and militarily powerful indeed. Certainly, no one should underestimate the tremendous resolve of Israel specifically and of its allies in the Israeli-Saudi regional coalition generally. Israel is militarily stronger than ever before in its history and truly has no choice but to survive and prevail in a region where Nazi-style, Anti-Jewish extermination ideologies tragically remain part of the Muslim norm.

Yezidi men with sidelocks. Yezidi males with sidelocks have four sidelocks as opposed to two sidelocks among Rabbinic Jews. The word Yezidi (Zazaki “Yezıdi” and Kurdish “Êzidî”) is a phonetic variation of the Hebrew “Yehudi” meaning both Jew and Jewish. Yezidis are quite strictly endogamous and remain fully halakhically Jewish.

Free Kurdistan may to Iranian military planners seem like the weakest link in the chain of the Israeli-Saudi alliance surrounding Iran; however the fact that there are 11 million halakhically Jewish Kurds speaks volumes for itself. In fact, the quite strictly endogamous Alawites, Alevis, Yarsanis and Yezidis are no less halakhically Jewish than the (rabbinically) Jewish people itself. The Israeli government and its intelligence community was in the 20th century scandalously unaware of this fact and the Israeli Air Force did not bomb Saddam’s Iraq as they ought to have done after the Iran-Iraq Algiers Agreement in 1975 as well as during Saddam Hussein’s 1986-1989 al-Anfal genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people in Iraq and Kurdistan. Israel of course was under no treaty obligation to bomb Saddam’s Iraq and the KDP did not even request Israeli aerial military support during these difficult times as the KDP remained keen to keep its alliance with Israel nominally “secret”. However, there can be no doubt whatsoever that there would have been significant Israeli aerial military intervention had Israel known that Alevis, Yezidis and Yarsanis are halakhically Jewish indeed, meaning recognized as fully Jewish under halakha, i.e. Jewish law.

Honorary IDF Major General Mustafa Barzani with IDF Brigadier General Tzuri Sagi in Kurdistan.

Israel tragically morally failed a for a third time with regard to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014 when Israel successfully pressured the US government to intervene militarily rather than Israel timely militarily intervening on its own to prevent the Islamist genocide against the Crypto-Jewish halakhically Jewish Yezidi community at the hands of the Islamic state caliphate. Indeed, the US aerial military intervention tragically came one day too late. As the Iranian regime contemplates using chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurdistan, they would be particularly well advised to indeed internalize the fact that Israel is continually learning from history and will therefore in fact defend Free Kurdistan from any strategic threat as if it were Israeli territory. Safeguarding and defending many millions of halakhically Jewish Kurds of Kurdistan is hardly less important from Israel’s perspective than safeguarding six million halakhic Jews of Israel. In fact, it is equally important.

The famous Yezidi shrine of Şêx Adî in the Yezidi holy city of Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Israel will ask nobody’s permission for intervening militarily to safeguard and liberate the warmly pro-Israel and pro-democratic, Para-Jewish Kurdish people from its brutal Islamist oppressors. The scenario of the morally corrupt regime of Iran attacking the Hewlêr (Erbil from Arbala from Urbilum in Sumerian) capital of Iraqi Kurdistan with chemical weapons would trigger the same extremely devastating unconventional (traditionally unspecified) overwhelming Israeli military response against Iranian military bases and other significant Iranian military targets as if indeed Iran were to attack the metropolitan region of Tel Aviv with chemical weapons. In fact Iranian regime leaders should certainly not be wishing for their military forces to literally burn in hell on earth. Just as Arbela (the capital of the Jewish kingdom of Adiabene of the Southern Jurisdiction in Judaism) stood with Jerusalem in the first century CE so will Jerusalem unreservedly defend Arbala with all means necessary in the twenty-first century. Israel is obviously well aware that much of population of the Badinan (i.e. Adiabene region) is descended from Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah and Israel will obviously do everything necessary to safeguard them from any and all strategic threats.

Head of the Mossad Meir Amit (1921- 2009) with KDP leader Mustafa Barzani (1903-1979) in Kurdistan.

Israel is obliged by Jewish history and by Zionist (i.e. Jewish democratic) ethics to assist Para-Jewish peoples around the world wishing to be represented by Israel and Zionism, yet Israel’s responsibility to safeguard and defend Crypto-Jewish communities that do remain or have resumed being halakhically Jewish is obviously of the highest possible order of importance for the Jewish state. This apparently remains to be internalized among the ruling elite in Tehran and it is yes true that this is indeed peculiarly poorly understood among governments around the world.

Israel will if necessary wage all-out war on Islamism, yet Israel certainly hopes that the Iranian regime will wake up from its own myths, lies and slander and will therefore prefer to end more like the Soviet Union than Nazi Germany. The fact is that the Iranian regime simply cannot militarily survive a military confrontation with the overwhelming military might of the Israeli-Saudi alliance surrounding Iran from all sides. The last leadership of the Soviet Union realized that it could not win and so gave up – indeed quite unlike Nazi Germany which suffered comprehensive demolition due to its leadership’s irrational unwillingness to face the strategic reality of inevitable military defeat.

Israel’s advanced secret military capabilities.

The corrupt Iranian leadership would be particularly well advised to no longer engage in wishful thinking in deluding themselves that they somehow have powerful divine sponsorship. Israel loves the peoples of Iran and fervently wishes peace for everyone in the region. However, freedom and self-determination for the Kurdish people are non-negotiable just as freedom and self-determination for every people of Iran are non-negotiable indeed. Israel will stand with Kurdistan and its people, including crucially taking every necessary preemptive measure and precaution so as to safeguard the entire Free Kurdistan including its halakhically Jewish Kurds. The Iranian regime should not miscalculate; Kurdistan is Israel (today’s Northern Kingdom) and Kurdish interests are Israeli interests. It is true that the Iranian military is relatively technologically advanced for a developing country, however the Iranian military is certainly no match for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as Israel and its defense industry has in recent decades developed a wide range of means so as if necessary comprehensively defeat the Iranian regime and its military forces. Israel can thus militarily crush Iran’s military from the air while causing limited (yet unavoidably significant) collateral damage to civilians under the principle of proportionality of the laws of war.

Israel is Kurdistan and Kurdistan is Israel.

The option of peace, diplomacy and negotiated transition with Israel is certainly there and the corrupt, kleptocratic Iranian leadership would therefore be particularly well advised to timely back down from the medievalist, neo-imperialist mindset inherent to the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism as indeed strongly influenced by Nazism and Communism. Israel stands with the peoples of Iran and in particular obviously with the people of Kurdistan as most Israelis are strongly pro-Kurdish indeed. Make no mistake, Israel is Kurdistan and Kurdistan is Israel, there is no difference between the two in terms of Israeli military strategy vis-à-vis Iran. Israel’s air force is literally Kurdistan’s air force and Israel will not desist from taking every preemptive measure necessary so as to protect the people of Kurdistan in general and its major halakhically Jewish population in particular. Israel will if necessary wage comprehensive war on Islamism and the corrupt, discredited Iranian regime will face comprehensive defeat as Iran will sadly face widespread devastation as Israel will indeed if necessary apply the US military doctrine of Rapid Dominance, also known as “Shock and Awe” on Iran. Israel would therefore turn Iran into one huge Gaza Strip and the devastation would be tremendous, far beyond anything that Iranian military planners may envision.

Israel’s hands are outstretched in peace, yet Israel also has long arms.

Israel is a military superpower beyond anything that the Iranian military can possibly imagine as Israel has used recent decades to comprehensively prepare for war with Iran by developing a vast spectrum of high tech secret weapons systems, most of which are for exclusive use by the IDF (including for the future unified armed forces of the United States of Israel) and in many cases so due to the risk of undesirable weapons proliferation. Israel’s hands however remain outstretched in peace and respect for cultural diversity. Israel certainly wishes the peoples of Iran no harm; rather the people of Israel love the peoples of Iran and especially obviously the people of Kurdistan including its many millions strong halakhically Jewish Kurdish communities. Iranian leaders tend to suffer from hubris and would do well to reconsider and admit to each other that their hostility against Israel was a major strategic misjudgment, a colossal blunder indeed. Iranian regime leaders would therefore be particularly well advised to muster the courage to abandon the modern totalitarian political ideology that tragically has brought no benefits whatsoever to the peoples of Iran.

Israel seeks peace, yet is ready for war.

Are there leaders within the Iranian regime ready to rise to the challenge of political and religious transformation in Iran? If yes they will quickly find out that Israel is the best friend the peoples of Iran ever had. As Iranian regime leaders face endgame in Iran and the region they will do well to consider their inevitable military defeat unless they back down and realize even to themselves that they certainly do not enjoy divine sponsorship and stand no chance of winning a war that inevitably will become their own undoing. Let us all hope that Iranian military planners and Iranian generals will muster the courage to tell Iranian regime leaders that their prospects for winning a war are nil, zero, non-existent.

Graduates of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) 163rd flight course.

The message of the people of Israel to the leaders of Iran is therefore, don’t force Israel to liberate the peoples of Iran, do it yourself. Take action for yourself and for your country. Be politically courageous and do consider your own non-existent political future in a country crushed by war. The Islamist regime will simply not exist in an Iran turned into a gargantuan Gaza Strip. Almost no one in Iran will fear a discredited former regime that brought no social or economic progress whatsoever but only corruption, theft and medievalism. Where will Iranian regime leaders flee? They have nowhere to escape in the broader region and there will be no refuge as their neo-imperialist outposts in the region will fall as well. The peoples of Iran will not be particularly forgiving to former regime leaders who despite pretentious rhetoric only proved successful in causing their own undoing.

handHowever, we are still not there yet and there is certainly still a political opportunity for regime leaders in Iran to reconsider and indeed climb down from the totalitarian tree and its poisonous fruits. Iranian regime leaders should consider how dismally they will be regarded by future generations and reconsider indeed. The peoples of Iran will ask why the corrupt Iranian regime leaders proved unwilling to prevent this war as the outcome will be the same politically speaking in Iran irrespective of whether Iranian regime leaders will opt for reconciliation with Israel or not. It is still in their hands to choose peace and open society and therefore back down from a medievalist tyranny that certainly has no place in the 21st century.

Transforming Iran into a confederation of relevant states with relevant borders is certainly not about dividing the Para-Jewish peoples of Iran from each other but rather about ensuring self-determination for all within a much larger Median Union which through democratic societal transformation, local communal reversions to Median Judaism etc. and voluntary regional integration would develop into a Federal Israel and ultimately a United States of Israel.

Iranian leaders would be particularly well advised to choose reconciliation, freedom and friendship. It is certainly much advisable to be Israel’s friend!

Israel is a friend, not an enemy and the ruling Iranian Levites of Iran would certainly do well to reconsider and embrace their own Jewish roots and Para-Jewish heritage and therefore fulfill their own natural leadership role as modern descendants of Iranic ENs in guiding the peoples of Iran in local processes of voluntary communal reversions to the Median Judaism of their own ancestors. Iranian regime leaders must indeed seriously ponder their own personal futures and the futures of the lands of Iran and its peoples unless regime leaders responsibly change course. The rational answer should be to leave the tragic situation behind and join a bright future that is coming anyway. PEACE