Permanent Status

The Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem

1. Beyond the Status Quo

The geographic status quo of the Oslo map has proven stable for many years despite numerous Palestinian terrorist campaigns against the indigenous Jewish people in both Israel and Samaria and Judea due to Israel’s patient posture of restraint. However, Israel has clearly been far too lenient towards the profoundly corrupt Palestinian Authority regime and its constant indoctrination to preparation for genocide against the Jewish people in its media, schools, mosques and Jihadist pro-terrorist political movements.

The words for Philistines (falistiuwn) and Palestinians (filastiniiyn) are very similar in Arabic. Philistines were European colonialists in ancient times, yet Palestinians are however not ethnic Philistines despite the word “Palestinians” being etymologically derived from the word “Philistines” which in turn comes from the Hebrew designation “Plishtim”, meaning “invaders”. Most Palestinian local communities are instead endogamous Para-Jewish descendants of involuntarily Islamized communities of Jews, Samaritans and Judeo-Christians respectively. The Hebrew ancient designation for the extinct Philistine people meaning *invaders* has however throughout history been repeatedly appropriated for imperialist agendas, including for Anti-Jewish purposes such as genocide against the Jews.

Palestinian dictator and major embezzler of European tax payers’ money Mahmoud Abbas has apparently designated his overtly extremist and overtly Anti-Judaist, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist propaganda chief and former so called “chief negotiator” Saeb Erekat as his successor as dictator of the Palestinian Authority autonomy. Erekat as Abbas himself and before him Arafat has however always refused to engage in substantive negotiations with Israel on permanent status. The inconvenient fact therefore is that Abbas has no interest whatsoever in negotiating a permanent status agreement with Israel as he opposes both end of claims and end of conflict. This very fact paradoxically made Mahmoud Abbas a convenient security subcontractor for Israel considering his kleptocratic regime’s strong financial interest in remaining in power without making peace with Israel.

However, it’s about time to leave historical myopia behind and deal with the real roots of the conflict which is the root of every conflict in the broader Middle East, namely historically enforced Islamization of the land of Israel and the broader Middle East. It is not especially difficult to voluntarily, communally restore Para-Jewish populations to their own regional forms of the wider Judaism but it certainly requires carefully trained organizations with extensive government funding and government support as well as of course not least communal reversion methods that are both highly ethical and highly effective.

Map of Samaria from 1894.

Most Palestinian clans and tribes are descended either from Jews or from Samaritans. It should however be a general rule with regard to organized Para-Jewish communal reversion to the various forms of the wider Judaism that Para-Jewish communities historically ‘lost’ to religious imperialism should primarily be aided to revert to their own regional forms of the wider Judaism although they may of course very legitimately so want to become part of some other form of the wider Judaism than their own.

Most Palestinians of Samaria are descended from indigenous Samaritans who were first involuntarily Christianized and later involuntarily Islamized. Samaritans are an indigenous Para-Jewish people that therefore almost disappeared due to the horrifying terror, genocide, persecution and tyranny of religious imperialism. The Para-Jewish communal reversion in local communities of Samaria and the adjoining border communities just inside Israel should thus in most communities be to Samaritanism because that is precisely the Samarians’ own ancestral, regional form of Judaism which they were so tragically deprived by religious imperialism. Therefore, Samarians should not only be aided by Israel in their respective local communal reversions to Samaritanism, but they should be helped in every way to establish a contiguous, independent Samaria to the inclusion of Samarian border communities just inside Israel.

The indigenous Samaritans on their sacred Mount Gerizim in Samaria south of Nablus.

It is generally preferable that Palestinian reversion to Judaism is organized either by the ruling, pro-democratic Jordanian royal family or much less plausibly so by the Palestinian Authority. In order to establish permanent, sovereign Israeli borders that can be militarily defended by Israel under any hypothetical military scenario, Israel certainly needs to annex the indigenous Israeli regions in Judea and Samaria excepting the last Samaritan village of Kiryat Luza on their sacred Mount Gerizim south of Nablus where the Samaritan Temple once stood. Kiryat Luza should therefore be part of independent Samaria despite being an indigenous Israeli community. Virtually all Samaritans are Israeli citizens and Kiryat Luza was only established after Samaritans fled Muslim persecution in Nablus in the late 1980s. The Samaritan Temple should however be rebuilt on Mount Gerizim as a secular museum in independent Samaria.

Orwell on deceitIsrael should also annex Aramean (ethnically Judeo-Christian) towns, villages and neighborhoods and may subsequently offer to annex those Judean Palestinian communities that successfully communally revert to Judaism and who therefore also communally return to the Jewish people itself. This would certainly be facilitated if the full cooperation of the Palestinian Authority could be obtained in the process of reversion to Judaism and Samaritanism. Both Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat come as most Palestinians from hereditary communities of fully Jewish ancestry as this descent is rather quite well-known in the ancestral communities of Abbas and Erekat.


The three non-Samarian Palestinian regions in Judea-Negev, Gaza and the Central Galilee should be annexed by Jordan while Israel would annex indigenous Israeli regions and the indigenous Aramean towns, villages and neighborhoods. The Aramean communities would generally much prefer to be part of Israel although they typically dare not say so openly due well-founded fears of persecution at the hands of Muslims. The indigenous Arameans practice non-imperialistic, Crypto-Jewish forms of Christianity and have suffered much oppression throughout the history of Muslim rule as it is precisely their Crypto-Jewish Christianity that has allowed them to remain Jewish and survive as a distinctive Para-Jewish people indeed.

Genocide prevention is a central Israeli regional interest in the Middle East and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) keeps all Israelis safe irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

The establishment and subsequent tyrannical rule of the Jihadist Palestinian Authority has tragically caused mass emigration in Aramean communities under its jurisdiction while Aramean communities in Israel are flourishing and growing demographically. The Palestinian Authority really does not have much of a future to speak of and so its political demise should certainly not be mourned by any sincere, reasonable and informed human person and it will certainly not be missed by most local Arameans.

Pan-Jewish Israeli activist Tsvi Misinai helps Palestinian local communities of Jewish ancestry to return to Jewish communal identity.
Pan-Jewish Israeli activist Tsvi Misinai helps Palestinian local communities return to the Jewish heritage of their ancestors.

The discredited Fatah regime could however remain in power for at least some years provided that they accept optimal partition between Jordan and Israel, an independent Samaria, fully voluntary communal reversion to Judaism/Samaritanism, end of claims, end of conflict, a Jordanian-Israeli permanent status agreement, responsible democratization/liberalization, resettling descendants of refugees in Jordan and indeed that the Palestinian Authority politically completely submits to the will of the Jordanian monarchy and the authority of Jordanian sovereignty. The contiguous Palestinian region in Judea-Negev would thus become a self-ruling contiguous canton under Fatah rule with United Jordan decentralized into a number of self-governing cantons including also the Palestinian region of Gaza and the contiguous Palestinian region of the Central Galilee.

The Kingdom of Jordan should however subsequent to its annexation of the three [non-Samarian] Palestinian regions organize and promote local communal reversion to Judaism on both sides of the Jordan River. This should start in towns, villages and neighborhoods either having historically retained or in recent years returned to Jewish communal identity, typically after undergoing DNA-testing and befriending Pan-Jewish Israeli activist Tsvi Misinai. The reversion to Judaism will subsequently continue in yet other towns, villages and neighborhoods after communally readopting local Jewish identity.

2. New Jerusalem

6th century CE mosaic map of the Old City of Jerusalem.
6th century CE mosaic map of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The areas in and adjacent to the ancient historical sites of Jerusalem such as the Old City, the City of David, the Mount of Olives, the Temple Mount and Mount Zion should become the New Jerusalem capital city of the future Federal Israel and should therefore also become its federal district. There would be federal government offices and service businesses such as restaurants and stores in New Jerusalem but no possibility whatsoever of homes or other housing such as hotels. The Old City would be carefully renovated and primarily used for government offices. Federal buildings and major national monuments should be constructed instead of current slums that were mostly built without permission during the course of the 20th century. The ethnically and religiously diverse current human population of the area of the future New Jerusalem should be generously compensated with attractive housing options elsewhere in Israeli Jerusalem and Jordanian Jerusalem respectively. Jerusalem is mostly built in Jerusalem stone yet New Jerusalem should be beautified with spectacular, monumental buildings in white stone, including the Federal Knesset, i.e. the future parliament building of Federal Israel. New Jerusalem should contain the very lean and smart federal administration although New Jerusalem should become the world’s first mostly virtual capital in being established in virtual reality (VR).

The Ziggurat of Ur

The Temple Mount was originally a Sumerian Ziggurat and should so be extensively excavated at all levels by archaeologists from around the world. The entire Temple Mount, its adjacent surroundings and its historical buildings should be completely enclosed within in a black glass structure with steel frames in turning visits to the Temple Mount into an interactive indoors museum experience with augmented reality technologies reconstructing the ancient past. There would be multiple floors in the secular Temple Mount Museum, in part as a result of extensive archaeological excavations. Real size models replicating the two historical Jewish Temples should be built as devoted to documenting the horrifying mass crimes as committed throughout history by human animals against non-human persons, including sadly in the two Jewish historical temples in Jerusalem.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

The Temple Mount should therefore become a secular museum as already long since Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was originally the site of a temple, then a church and later a second and a third church were built on its site. The third church was eventually Islamized into a mosque and was ultimately in 1935 established as a secular museum by Turkey’s first president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) who was Dönmeh and regarded Islam as a profoundly reactionary influence on society that he therefore sought to severely limit. Historical religious buildings in New Jerusalem should all become secular museums and there should be no denominational establishments of worship in New Jerusalem. Rather, there should be freedom of quiet, polite worship throughout New Jerusalem for all (including for tourists and other visitors) without any separation whatsoever on the basis of gender or religion.

3. Rehabilitation

Forests bring both life and quality of life.

Jordan’s deserts should be extensively planted with forests comprising both trees and shrubs. Former Palestinian villages should be reestablished for Palestinian clans and tribes as green, sustainable urban and suburban neighborhoods in extensively forested ex-deserts of Jordan in therefore also giving rise to further Palestinian regional cantons of Jordan. However, the resettlement of a Palestinian tribe or clan descended from refugees and currently living in refugee slum cities would probably only happen once the communal reversion process to Judaism is completed (or at least advanced) and they would then therefore also agree to receive the appropriate financial restitution from the international community in compensating for property lost in wartime.

850 000 Jews were expelled from or fled Anti-Zionist persecution in Arabophone countries mainly from 1948 until the early 1970s.

Large numbers of residents of Palestinian refugee slum cities should therefore be productively employed in foresting the region’s deserts. There is really no question that the powerful economic incentive structure inherent in rehabilitation and resettlement in former deserts forested for this purpose in Jordan will serve to facilitate communal reversion to Judaism in the refugee slum cities of extended Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should importantly contribute to the rehabilitation of descendants of Palestinian refugees by ceding an uninhabited, neighboring desert territory of appropriate size to the Kingdom of Jordan. Israelis descended from Jewish refugees from Arabophone countries should be fully compensated for lost land and other lost property as Jewish refugees from Arabophone countres indeed lost communally and privately owned land six times the size of internationally recognized Israel.

Sunrise as reflected in the Dead Sea.

The Jordan Rift Valley depression should be flooded with seawater up until the normal oceanic level and a broad seawater canal should be built as commencing between the Red Sea port cities of Aqaba in Jordan and Eilat in Israel and leading northwards into the Jordan Rift Valley depression. A massive seawall should be built in the narrowest section of the depression north of Hemdat in the Jordan Valley east of Samaria. Although it is true this will require relocating a number of agricultural and residential areas in the depression; this will importantly transform Jordan into a country with a long coast and Israel will have a long East Coast that will be even longer than Israel’s existing Mediterranean West Coast. Israeli Jerusalem will therefore also expand into becoming a major coastal city. The new, restored sea should be officially named as the Jerusalem Sea.

The 1947 UN partition plan was based upon mutual territorial intersections that would thus have provided mutual territorial contiguity. The plan was however rejected by Israel’s adversaries.

All Jordanian territory west of the Jordan River and the Jerusalem Sea should be demilitarized with the airspace and the electromagnetic spectrum under full and permanent Israeli control. Subterranean activities such as with regard to tunnels, underground water resources and mining would always be subject to continual Israeli approval. These limitations on sovereignty would also apply to the landlocked, independent Samaria and Jordanian territorial waters would all be demilitarized. Independent Samaria and Jordanian Judea would each be internally contiguous, yet also mutually contiguous with each other by means of a tunnel through a hill in the Ariel corridor in the area in between Samaria and Judea, an Israeli regional corridor which militarily ensures vital strategic depth for the Tel Aviv metropolitan region in the hypothetical event of future major regional war threatening Israel with major invasion involving millions of enemy troops. The Ariel corridor would have an intersecting tunnel at a different level in the same hill ensuring territorial contiguity for Israel as well. Mutual territorial contiguity between Israeli territory and Samarian territory, between territory of Israel and territory of Jordanian Judea and between territory of the Israeli Galilee and territory of the Jordanian Galilee would be established locally at numerous strategic locations through horizontally intersecting tunnels at different levels within the same hill.

Jordanian Judea would be connected through subterranean traffic arteries with both the Gaza region and the East Bank. A Palestinian system of major traffic arteries (including tunnels under Israel and under the Jerusalem Sea) would have two centers, one in Jordanian Jerusalem and the other in the contiguous Palestinian region of Judea-Negev in the area of the city of Ar’arat an-Naqab, including through tunnels both under Israeli territory and under the Jerusalem Sea. There would be both roads and railroads in those major traffic arteries.

The Israeli Bedouin city of Ar’arat an-Naqab (known in Hebrew as “Ar’ara baNegev”).
  1. A rapid and straight traffic artery would connect the East Bank city of Ma’an with Gaza City through the Bedouin cities of Ar’arat an-Naqab and Rahat, including through subterranean connections under Israeli territory and under the Jerusalem Sea.
  2. A rapid and straight traffic artery would extend from near Ar’arat an-Naqab through Jordanian Jerusalem to Ramallah.
  3. A rapid and straight traffic artery would extend from near Ar’arat an-Naqab through the Bedouin agricultural town of Bir Hadaj to Cairo with a subterranean connection under Israeli territory from Bir Hadaj to the Egyptian border.
  4. A rapid and straight traffic artery would connect the Jordanian capital Amman with Gaza City through Jordanian Jerusalem, including through subterranean connections under Israeli territory and under the Jerusalem Sea.
  5. A rapid and straight traffic artery would connect the East Bank city of Irbid with the ethnically Palestinian, coastal Mediterranean Old City in the otherwise mostly Jewish city of Acre. The traffic artery would run through the contiguous Palestinian region of the Central Galilee which will be connected with the East Bank through a subterranean connection under Israeli territory.
The predominantly ethnically Palestinian, peninsular Old City of the Mediterranean otherwise mostly Jewish city of Acre in northern Israel.

These subterranean connections under Israeli territory and under Israeli territorial waters in the Jerusalem Sea would be under full Israeli sovereignty but would always remain open without any checkpoints as long as not used for military transports in contravention of demilitarization and in the absence of Israeli authorization for military transports. The historical process of settling the Bedouin communities of the Negev in the Judea-Negev canton of Jordan would be completed as part of the Israeli-Jordanian permanent status agreement.

Pride Forest (Hebrew “Ya’ar haGa’avah”) in northern Israel was planted in honor of Israel’s LGBTQI community.

Sodom City should be established as an Israeli East Coast city geared especially for attracting the LGBTQI community both in Israel and in the Jewish Diaspora. More Israeli coastal cities should be established on Israel’s new East Coast as specialized for further such communities such as the Israeli BDSM community and the Israeli Fetishist community. Israel’s new East Coast will crucially help turn the Negev desert of southern Israel into a densely populated and densely forested region and will especially help attract new Jewish immigrants to Israel’s South. It is absolutely vital however that the Negev will become populated in such a way that will allow for successful coexistence with the region’s non-human habitats; both animal and non-animal.

4. Optimal Partition

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Mahmoud Abbas tragically has no intention whatsoever to end to the conflict with Israel while the Kingdom of Jordan is sincerely devoted to perpetual peace with Israel. The pro-democratic Jordanian royal family is an enlightened partner for peace and therefore the approaching collapse of the Palestinian Authority will enable peace and permanent status partition since this is a major shared Israeli-Jordanian strategic interest. Israeli security forces should therefore simply cease preventing the fall of the very redundant Abbas regime that tragically oppresses the Palestinians both in Samaria and in Judea.

Palestinians and Jordanians speak the very same language with extremely minor variations in dialect, namely the major Semitic language of Amiyyah which has its own standardized spelling system with Latin characters and single digits used for representing Semitic sounds. Arabic is in contrast a dead (but not extinct) language with no contemporary native speakers as similar indeed to the historical status long given to the dead (but not extinct) Latin language in Catholic (and Protestant) Europe. Palestinians and Jordanians are also virtually culturally indistinguishable and the artificial distinction between the two ethnic groups is a vestige of British imperialism.

Abbas Jihadism
Neo-Nazi, Jihadist incitement to genocide by Mahmoud Abbas on Palestinian television.

There is no logic whatsoever in establishing another corrupt, failed and imploding Arabist state that would undoubtedly be described as “an outdoor prison” in Palestinian propaganda if ever established which at present as a purported ‘solution for peace’ clearly is a logical impossibility considering the almost complete lack of popularly anchored democratic values and the pervasive Anti-Jewish mass indoctrination to genocide in Palestinian society under Fatah rule. Such an implausible, indeed impossible state could not reasonably be expected to be peaceful towards Israel in any borders and would no doubt escalate the conflict in therefore unnecessarily causing major humanitarian disaster for both sides.

Map of the mostly rural Gaza region which borders both Egypt and Israel. Although there is a highly effective Israeli weapons embargo in place in the form of both a permanent Israeli naval blockade and a permanent Israeli no-fly zone, Israel controls no territory in the Gaza region since its 2005 withdrawal and so Gaza’s border with Egypt is therefore entirely controlled by the Islamist and Jihadist Hamas terrorist regime ruling the Gaza region since 2007. Egypt however keeps its own border with Gaza closed due to Hamas’ support for Jihadist terrorism in Egypt’s Sinai. Israel practices free trade with the Gaza region despite the permanent state of war and allows imports/exports as well as every form of humanitarian delivery through Israel’s borders. 20 000 rockets and missiles have been launched by Jihadists from the Gaza region specifically targeting civilian Jewish communities in Israel since 2001. Israel’s highly effective weapons embargo and a number of highly restrained Israeli military operations have however with increasing success served to effectively contain the conflict.

In fact, the Gaza region has been frequently described in Palestinian propaganda as a purported “outdoor prison” ever since Israel’s complete territorial withdrawal from the Gaza region in the year 2005 and this fallacy has been constantly repeated despite Gaza’s border with Egypt not being under any Israeli territorial control whatsoever. Rather, the establishment of an independent Samaria and optimal partition between Jordan and Israel will lay the ground for lasting peace.

Yet real peace is possible indeed and both Jordan and Israel are therefore determined to bring peace to the region. Indeed the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) will need to militarily liberate the Gaza region from the Hamas thugs who currently rule it. Israel and Jordan are two durable and lasting powers in the region as determined to end conflict and bring peace and freedom for all, including for the Palestinians.

Insisting on a wrong and unworkable solution has become popular among the chattering classes in Western countries, yet that means in effect promotion of conflict perpetuation rather than conflict resolution. It is typically presumed that this very mistaken notion of “a Palestinian state” will resolve everything when in fact it rather resolves precisely nothing as it does not end the conflict or resolve any of the permanent status issues. Despite this logical impossibility having been given much undue support; this fallacy remains part of the Anti-Jewish false consciousness that maintains and perpetuates the very conflict it is supposed to resolve. That fallacy is not part of the solution; rather that fallacy is part of the problem itself. Insisting on the wrong, irrational and indeed unhelpful “final solution” is precisely why the conflict has not been terminated despite the lasting readiness and determination of Jordan and Israel to implement peace of optimal partition.

Saeb Erekat is a racist neo-imperialist.

Israeli security forces have long prevented the fall of the Palestinian Authority regime; yet should simply no longer continue to do so. The dictator Mahmoud Abbas is 80 years old and neither he nor his intended extremist 60-year-old successor Saeb Erekat has any genuine intention whatsoever to end the conflict but are tragically stuck in the very antiquated genocidal mindset of throwing the Jews into the sea which sadly is the origin of all Palestinian historical tragedy in modernity. The strategic partnership between Jordan and Israel is however lasting and enduring and the Jordanian royal family does very well understand the requirements for real peace. Peace is very much possible and both Israel and Jordan are ready to end this conflict and bring enduring peace not only between governments but also between the peoples of Israel, Jordan and Samaria.

Judea and Samaria were completely ethnically cleansed from its Jewish populations by Jordan.

The Jewish population of Samaria and Judea escaped and was expelled in wartime during the period of 1947-49 and the remaining population was naturalized as citizens of Jordan in 1950 when the area was annexed by Jordan. Samaria and Judea remained part of Jordan until 1967 although administrative ties were only fully cut in 1988.

Judea and Samaria were part of Jordan until 1967. The map shows Israel’s pre-1967 armistice lines. Gaza was under Egyptian administration.

Jordanian annexation of the three Palestinian regions of Gaza, Central Galilee and Judea-Negev will give rise to an extended United Jordan in reuniting Jordanians and Palestinians on both sides of the Jordan River and the Jerusalem Sea into a joint state that would crucially be much larger in size than the non-existent, fictional state claimed by Mahmoud Abbas and his very redundant Jihadist regime. Non-Samarian Palestinians around the world should have automatic immigration rights to extended United Jordan in precisely the same way that Diaspora Jews have automatic immigration rights to Israel. Samarian Palestinians living elsewhere than in Samaria should similarly be granted such automatic immigration rights to independent Samaria.

The Samaritan synagogue in Holon, Israel.

The vital communal reversion to Samaritanism locally among the people of independent Samaria should be led by the remaining Samaritan ethno-religious community with every necessary support from Israel. Independent Samaria should also initially be ruled by the remaining ethnic Samaritans in aiding their fellow Samarians in their Fourth World de-colonialization process of reversion to indigenous Samaritanism and subsequent verified stages of democratization and liberalization in strongly anchoring democratic values among the people of Samaria.

Amiyyah-speaking Galilee towns and villages would wherever possible be partitioned in such a way that the (halakhically Jewish) Druze and the (Judeo-Christian) Aramean neighborhoods would remain part of Israel while the Sunni neighborhoods would be part of the contiguous Palestinian region of the Central Galilee.

The Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO) seeks to establish an independent Aram in parts of Lebanon and Syria.

An independent Aram should be established in parts of Lebanon and Syria. While Arameans everywhere (including in Kerala in southern India and the Assyrian Crypto-Jewish Christians) should enjoy automatic immigration rights to Aram; ethnic Arameans who originated in pre-state Israel but have since 1948 lived elsewhere should be granted an exclusive opportunity to immigrate to Israel and reestablish their few former villages in Israel. Restitution in other respects should be fully paid out by the international community. Aramean communities in southern Lebanon on the border with Israel should become part of Israel when Lebanon and Syria are appropriately partitioned.

There are nationalist movements among Aramaic-speakers seeking statehood elsewhere in what would be miniscule sovereign enclaves, namely Assyria near Mosul, Tur Abdin in Turkish Kurdistan near the border with Syria or even the Aramean part of the Khabur river area in Syrian Kurdistan. This however seems unreasonable considering that there is still a relatively large contiguous Aramean (ethnically Judeo-Christian) homeland in parts of Lebanon and Syria (including in the Orontes River region) and where Arameans make up most of the human population. However, in order to claim a non-coastal enclave as a second sovereign homeland so to speak, it would reasonably have to be both populous (which of course in principle could be achieved through Aramean immigration) but also relatively geographically large (which is not the case) but is indeed the case with major Kurdish region in Iranian Khorasan and the major Kurdish region southwest of Ankara.

Feminism is the fundamental political ideology of Western (Syrian) Kurdistan. Rojava means “west” in Kurdish.

The question isn’t really “a one-state solution” or “a two-state solution” but rather a multi-state solution for the Fourth World de-colonialization of West Asia and the broader Middle East. Relevant states with relevant borders mean both democratic borders and an end to political domination between the peoples of the region. There is the persistent political problem in West Asia of peoples dominating yet other peoples, nevertheless not reversely wanting to be dominated by other peoples.

These unfortunate ambitions for domination between peoples must therefore end through optimal partition throughout the broader region, including through territorial intersections providing for mutual territorial contiguity in the region, including for Aram, Druzistan, Kurdistan, Turkish-speaking Alevistan and for the extended Alawistan which would incorporate most of Western Syria and Muslim parts of Lebanon which were Alawite prior to the historically enforced Islamization. There are also two culturally Alawite Mediterranean regions in southern Turkey that should be joined with Alawistan. Local communities in the new extended Alawistan should thus be given the opportunity to gradually communally revert to the Alawism that was practiced by their ancestors until the tragically enforced historical Islamization. Sunni parts of southern Syria whose population is descended from Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction should however be incorporated as a canton within the Kingdom of Jordan.

The former communities of Kurdish rabbinic Jews in Kurdistan were particularly geographically concentrated in the area of the former Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene. The map shows the geographic distribution in 1950. Many Muslim Kurds in Badinan (the former Adiabene) including famously the Barzani clan are endogamous descendants of rabbinic Jews.

The new regional map laying the ground for democratic borders of relevant states with relevant borders is therefore a first, necessary and indeed essential step towards transforming the regional cognitive map by means of states that are loyal and responsive to their respective peoples. Druzistan, Kurdistan and the Turkish-speaking Alevistan would all have their own respective coasts thanks to mutual territorial intersections with their neighbors. Kurdistan would be composed of relatively large self-ruling cantons and each one of the cantons would be ruled by one the three main Kurdish parties, namely KDP/KDPI, PUK and PKK throughout the process of transforming the cognitive map in returning Islamized regions of Kurdistan to Kurdish religion (Yarsanism, Yezidism, Alevi-Bektashi and Kurdish Rabbinic Judaism) and ultimately establishing liberal democracy throughout Kurdistan. Borders between the cantons of Kurdistan would be drawn in such a way so as to avoid geographically dividing clans and tribes. The respective self-governing cantons of United Kurdistan should be situated within each one of the four respective cultural regions of religion in Kurdistan, namely the three denominations of Median Judaism in Kurdistan as well as Kurdish Rabbinic Judaism in Badinan, the former area of the Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene. Existing surviving regions of Alevis, Yezidis and Yarsanis in Kurdistan would have their own unified regional cantons within United Kurdistan.

Ezidixan flag

An independent Ezidixan (Yezidi state) should be founded south of the religiously diverse United Kurdistan in the Amiyyah-speaking Euphrates Valley north of Baghdad both northwards and northwestwards as well as in neighboring Amiyyah-speaking areas. The Kurdish PKK movement is a contemporary pioneer in social transformation in local communities and so the PKK is therefore particularly well disposed to eventually aid the people of Ezidixan in their respective communal reversions to the Yezidism of their ancestors. Kurdish Yezidi communities should however be part of Kurdistan.

Flag of Sumer
Proposed flag of a future independent Sumer.

Iraqi ethnic Shias of southern Iraq are descended from the Sumerians and they historically adopted Yarsanism which as Yezidism and Druzism is a form of Median Judaism. They were gradually coerced by the Ottoman authorities to leave Yarsanism and they therefore preferred to become Twelver Shias because that at least continued to ethnically and religiously distinguish them from their Sunni oppressors. South Iraqis (i.e. Modern Sumerians) have remained one people despite these historical changes yet they should be aided in their future organized communal reversions to Mandaeism which is the Sumerian ethnic religion that is still practiced by surviving Sumerian hereditary priests or ENs (meaning Levites) and are now simply known as Mandaeans. Yet, Mandaeism is the oldest form of Judaism still in existence anywhere as Judaism is an historical development of Sumerian religion. Both revived Sumerian and the natively spoken Amiyyah should be official languages of independent Sumer.

Three types of communal reversion to forms of the wider Judaism should be distinguished.

1) Reversion to one’s own form of Judaism such as to Yezidism, Alawism, Samaritanism, Odinani, Tengrism etc.

2) Reversion by reconstructing regional forms of the wider Judaism such as undoing the various historical layers imposed by religious imperialism in Hanbalism, Twelverism, Zaydism, Kharijism, Ismailism, Oriental Churches, Sufism in Para-Jewish lands but also restoring elements from historical and archaeological documentation as well as from Crypto-Jewish folk culture and regional folk Islam as historically influenced by regional forms of the wider Judaism.

3) There would also be the option of communal (or individual) reversion to another form of the wider Judaism than one’s own.

Borders between states in the Amiyyah-speaking sectarian areas of West Asia should be drawn as according to restored religious region as awaiting later regional integration of Federal Israel.

Hebrew as the national heritage language of the wider Jewish nation should be one of the official languages in every member state of Federal Israel. Every official language of the member states must be an official federal language as well.

Israel and Kurdistan form the very core of the future Federal Israel.

Iran is an Islamist, Jihadist and neo-imperialist polity that was originally established as an empire in the early 16th century but became secular in the 20th century and remained so until the ill-fated revolution against the Shah in 1979 that was tragically hijacked by Islamists. Post-revolutionary Iran will certainly need to be partitioned as per the map of ethnic languages of the peoples of Iran and irrespectively so to what degree those languages are still spoken as the many Median-derived languages of Iran have been largely superseded by Persian and the Turkic Oghuz language (Turkish-Azerbaijani-Turkmen-Qashqai etc.) as a by-product of historically enforced Islamization. These largely superseded Median languages include Talysh/Azari, the Semnani languages and the Central Iranian languages that all remain spoken in minor enclaves and therefore need to be revived. Kurdish is the largest surviving Median language. Both post-revolutionary Turkey and post-revolutionary Iran will need to be reorganized into confederations of relevant states with relevant borders from which it would then be fully possible to democratically and peacefully secede. Also there should be rapid withdrawal of the central military from Kurdistan and from any other regional state requesting to secede from its respective confederation.

Alevi PKK militia

An Alevi-Bektashi state needs to be established between Anatolia (Turkey) and Kurdistan for Turkish-speaking Alevis, Bektashis and Dönmeh and which would have a miniscule Black Sea coastal area thanks to mutual territorial intersections with Anatolia. Alevis in Turkish society live under permanent threat of genocide, Alevistan should however be fully reunited with Anatolia once Anatolians have locally communally reverted to Bektashism as Alevis and Bektashis simply are two castes within the same Crypto-Jewish denomination that is Alevi-Bektashi Judaism with Alevis being the Levites (priests) and the Bektashis the ordinary people. The Dönmeh are part of the Bektashi order and there are also Dönmeh Alevis. Kurdish Alevis whether speaking Kurdish or Zazaki generally strongly want to be part of an independent Kurdistan as much of Kurdistan was historically Alevi-Bektashi and many Kurdish local communities will therefore need to be aided in communally reverting to the Alevi-Bektashi Judaism of their ancestors. Kurdish (Kurmanji-Sorani) and Zazaki (Dmili-Gorani) are both ethnically Kurdish languages and most Kurdish schools should therefore be bilingual in Kurdish and Zazaki and so Kurdistan will also be Zazaistan as Zazaki historically used to be much more widely spoken among Kurds.

A Maghreb union should be created under the supervision of the pro-democratic Moroccan royal family that would give rise to an independent United Tamazgha with both the indigenous language of Tamazight (“Berber”) and the major natively spoken Semitic language of Dariyyah as official languages. Also, both Afghanistan and Pakistan should become confederations of relevant states with relevant borders. Both Modern Egyptian (with currently hundreds of native speakers) and Amiyyah (the native language of most Egyptians) should be official languages of Egypt. Two new homelands for the Dom and Romani Para-Jewish peoples should be created in uninhabited regions of the Arabian peninsula that would become inhabitable trough largescale forestation efforts throughout the broader Middle East.

Federal Israel means self-determination for all.

Establishing a new regional order of relevant states with relevant borders is absolutely vital for beginning the long process of profoundly transforming the cognitive map of the broader region. Optimal partition and democratic borders will therefore very much be needed so as to give everyone self-determination in the process of Fourth World decolonization in communal reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism and eventually anchoring liberal democracy throughout the broader region. This means that there would be optimal partition in order so as to further the reconciliation between the peoples throughout the region towards the goal of eventual federal reunification and democratic regional integration.

This crucial change therefore represents the second stage in the historical trajectory of indigenous Zionism. The Pan-Jewish cause is intended to achieve for Para-Jewish peoples what Zionism has already achieved for the Jewish people. Accession to Federal Israel will be continual in the region as full development of liberal democracy will be required for accession to Federal Israel. This means that different Para-Jewish states will proceed in their respective processes of accession to Federal Israel at different speeds in providing the time needed for the respective full development of liberal democracy. The speed of the process of reversion to regional forms of the wider Judaism will obviously also wary locally, regionally and therefore naturally also between different Para-Jewish states of the future United States of Israel.