Endgame in Turkey

hitler and erdoganSince the Islamist AK party first came to power in 2002, Turkey’s self-appointed dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been gradually Islamizing the country. Yet ultimate control over the state has effectively remained shared with Turkey’s secretive secularist Deep State military intelligence agency.

It has however always been clear to the two centers of power in Turkey that this is merely a temporary détente. The neo-imperialist and totalitarian Islamist ideology of establishing a global totalitarian sharia dictatorship guides the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most dangerous Islamist movement, of which the AKP is part and parcel. The Deep State on its part remains strongly committed to its core mission of protecting the secular nature of the Turkish political system. It has however always been clear to both sides that there would inevitably at some point be a deciding confrontation between the two.

Elections in Turkey are now to a significant extent rigged by the AKP regime and the free media is disappearing as the AKP regime increasingly highjacks independent media and turn them into obedient mouthpieces of the self-appointed dictator. There is still a window of opportunity however during 2016 for an organized popular pro-democracy revolution against the Islamist usurpers whose massive electoral fraud hijacked the recent elections; i.e. as long the pro-democratic opposition parties in parliament have not yet been outlawed and there is still some significant independent media available in the country. Yet a pro-democracy revolution is certainly preferable in every way to solely a military coup d’état that would have to deal quite harshly with the Islamist traitors, including not least the despicable tyrant in the palace.

The eventual confrontation between the two centers of power seem to be rapidly approaching as the Islamist regime seeks to realize its ambition for total control, including commencing an imposed process of introducing sharia law as state law. Yet, the Islamist regime should be especially mindful of the particularly close relationship between Israel and the Deep State military intelligence agency. Israel and the free world in general has a very strong and abiding interest in the development of liberal democracy in Turkey and closing down the pro-democratic opposition parties in the Turkish parliament is therefore clearly a red line. Israel and its strategic partners in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan have a number of viable strategic options at its disposal involving the use of force to varying degrees should the Islamist usurper regime begin closing down the multi-party system in Turkey. Israel wants peace and freedom in Turkey but Israel and its strong partners in the country will certainly not hesitate to take measured, calculated and proportionate action to protect Turkey’s secular order and democratic future.

An Islamist Turkey would be a threat not only to Israel, but to Europe and Russia as well and would threaten American interests throughout the region as the neo-Ottoman agenda involves Turkey taking over the numerous countries of the Arabophonie. This is reflected in Erdoğan’s sponsorship of the Islamic State and other Salafist terrorist organizations in Syria as the AKP regime seeks to take over the Arabophonie as beginning in Iraq and Syria. Erdoğan and Khamenei have similar, yet competing regional strategies as both neo-imperialist Islamist regimes view conquering Israel as the pivot in conquering the Arabophonie as a whole.

The Erdoğan regime would therefore be particularly well advised not to underestimate the considerable resolve and tremendous strategic reach of Israel and its strategic partners inside and outside Turkey. The AKP regime leadership has committed numerous serious crimes including imprisoning generals and journalists on false charges, sponsoring the Islamic state and Syrian al Qaida as well as persecuting the Kurdish people and so the Islamist usurpers may suddenly find themselves court-martialed and even executed as part of a particularly harsh military coup d’état and security crackdown as ordered by the Deep State military intelligence agency. The Deep State obviously understands that military coups are not the best option in light of Turkey’s modern history yet the AKP regime should be mindful that pushing the envelope may lead to quite unexpected, yet particularly severe consequences.

The transition to liberal democracy and open society in Turkey requires protecting the secular order in the country. It is clearly desirable that the transition becomes as peaceful as possible, yet whatever means necessary would certainly need to be undertaken to ensure that Turkey does not turn into a Sunni version of Iran. Liberal-democratic Israel is the sole great power of the Middle East and will unequivocally remain so. Certainly, no one should underestimate the tremendous determination of Jerusalem and its multiple long arms in strategically safeguarding the vital interests of Israel’s close friends and partners throughout the region.