Erdoğan’s Next Victims

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (b. 1948), the leader of the main opposition party CHP in Turkey is also part of the Crypto-Jewish Alevi major ethno-religious minority in Turkey and Kurdistan. Here is he seen being blessed by an Alevi Dede, an Alevi Kohen hereditary priest.

After losing the June 7, 2015 parliamentary elections in Turkey, the three opposition parties that now make up the parliamentary majority turned out entirely unwilling to collaborate with and legitimize the rule of the country’s self-appointed dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who embarked on a campaign of persecution, terrorism, violence and war against the Kurdish people intended to ethnically divide the pro-democracy opposition in parliament through a stratagem of divide and rule. This has failed completely and instead has Erdoğan’s destabilization efforts given rise to a revolutionary climate in the country.

For years has Erdoğan successfully played the game of staying in power by inciting religious polarization between Muslims and non-Muslims both inside and outside of Turkey and as he scheduled the November 1, 2015 snap elections without giving the opposition majority in the new parliament the opportunity to form a new government, Erdoğan is likely to soon revert to religious polarization in a manner reminiscent of Turkey’s genocidal past. Erdoğan’s next victims will however likely be the country’s Jewish and Crypto-Jewish religious denominations, namely rabbinic Jews, Dönmeh, Alevis and Bektashis. Members of these Jewish/Crypto-Jewish religious minorities have already been purged by Erdoğan from amongst the ranks of officers in the Turkish military. However, Erdoğan is now extremely likely to this time try genocide against Jewish/Crypto-Jewish ethno-religious minorities as his next tactics for staying in power.

The Erdoğan regime has all but admitted its involvement in domestic terrorism by completely and entirely implausibly so accusing the PKK of being behind terrorist attacks against pro-Kurdish demonstrators. Erdoğan understands well that a pro-democracy revolution looms at the end of the process if as expected the pro-democratic opposition wins the November 1, 2015 snap elections and subsequently Erdoğan continues to refuse to allow the pro-democracy opposition parliamentary majority to form a new CHP-led pro-democratic coalition government. Therefore Erdoğan’s strategy is to first frighten Kurds and only then Alevis from participating in a pro-democracy revolution against Erdoğan’s terrorist dictatorship. The regime’s Anti-Kurdish campaign as seen in recent months is therefore quite likely to be followed by a similarly violent mass campaign against rabbinic Jews, Dönmeh, Alevis and Bektashis with massacres, genocidal incitement and regime-ordered mass terrorist attacks. As the AKP is the Turkish equivalent of the Palestinian Hamas within the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, Erdoğan is increasingly likely to use Hamas tactics such as regular suicide bombings, stabbings in the streets and genocidal massacres such as those committed against Alawite villagers in Syria whose ethno-religious denomination notably is also Crypto-Jewish.

However, Erdoğan the dictator won’t succeed as his crimes will instead embolden his victims to go out in the streets to end the terrorist dictatorship and subsequently put the country on a clear path to liberal democracy. However, the international community would be particularly well advised to really, very closely monitor the situation at it develops because there is real danger of genocide once more taking place in Turkey. Hence, genocide must be preempted before actually happening and therefore it is vital that the international community vocally supports the pro-democratic parliamentary majority opposition and its right to form the next government once its parliamentary majority has been reconfirmed in the November 1, 2015 snap elections and should therefore as of need provide international political legitimacy for domestic military intervention if necessary so as to ensure that there is no genocide and that the pro-democracy opposition parliamentary majority is indeed permitted to form the next government.

There can be no doubt that citizens of all ethnicities from secular to religious will go out in the streets to mount a pro-democracy revolution and not only predominantly Alevis – as in the 2013 Gezi protests – and Kurds once the CHP and HDP opposition parties officially call on the various peoples of Turkey and Bakur (Northern Kurdistan within the borders of Turkey) to join in mass protests around the country and if necessary so indeed mount a pro-democracy revolution.

While Erdoğan’s intention is obviously to frighten minorities from protesting, his mass crimes have really had the opposite effect in giving rise to a revolutionary climate in the country even spreading beyond its international borders. Erdoğan’s Anti-Kurdish mass violence has neither succeeded in dividing the minorities that the HDP pro-democracy party is particularly proud to represent nor has it broken down the pro-democratic apparent pact between the three opposition parties (CHP, HDP and MHP) in parliament to form a CHP-led pro-democracy government without any participation whatsoever of the toxic Islamist AK party of the current terrorist dictatorship.

Therefore it is absolutely vital that the international community focuses on the situation and especially so after the upcoming snap elections on November 1, 2015. The international community partially failed in its responsibility to protect the Crypto-Jewish Yezidis from Islamist genocide in August 2014 and now the challenge is to make sure that Islamist genocide is preempted and not merely interrupted as in the recent tragic case with the genocide against the Yezidi Crypto-Jewish community. Erdoğan might encourage Islamist mass stabbing campaigns against Alevis as is indeed already being carried out against Jews in Israel, also large-scale massacres might be carried out in Turkey’s many Alevi villages such as by the Daesh forces that the AKP regime is increasingly bringing into the country. There is now clear and present danger and the international community needs to make every effort so as to make sure that attention is appropriately focused and that if necessary timely military intervention in support of the pro-democratic parliamentary majority is afforded the appropriate international political legitimacy indeed.

Let there be no doubt that the Islamist Erdoğan is a genocidal Anti-Semite and Hitler-imitator with both motive and will to carry out Jihadist genocide against members of the country’s Jewish and Crypto-Jewish ethno-religious communities. Therefore genocide prevention is absolutely vital not merely once genocide commences but indeed before genocide commences so as to make sure that it does not happen at all.

There is no question that a pro-democracy revolution will become necessary should a reconfirmed opposition parliamentary majority not be permitted to form a government after the November 1, 2015 snap elections. Also, Erdoğan’s attempts at fomenting regional destabilization is not preventing a pro-democracy revolution but is actually leading to such a revolution in Turkey which once increasingly successful is highly likely to spontaneously spread to Iran as well. It is absolutely vital that Turkey’s Deep State military intelligence agency guardian of the secularist order takes every necessary precaution and effort – and indeed timely so in order to prevent a recurrence of the country’s most tragic genocidal past, including as of necessity order a military coup d’état.

However, there is certainly a strategic logic in Erdoğan’s destabilization efforts as Erdoğan will want to import Syria’s Jihadist civil war to Turkey and Bakur if the pro-Jihadist AKP can no longer stay in power. Yes, Islamist movements have religious and cultural differences between themselves but there is very little ideological dissimilarity. All contemporary Sunni Islamist movements are strongly influenced by Sayyid Qutb’s Jihadist ideology of cleansing terror which in turn is the result of influence on Sayyid Qutb from the fellow modernist totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and Communism. Sayyid Qutb was the leader of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the AKP is part of its Turkish branch together with the Millî Görüş Islamist movement. Al Qaida was born out of the Muslim Brotherhood and from there comes this ideology of eradicating everything non-Muslim (Arabic Jahiliyyah) through cleansing religious terror. This is why Erdoğan now behaves in the manner of Hamas (the Palestinian fellow branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) in dispatching suicide terrorists as he also unsurprisingly sponsors and indeed has long sponsored Daesh and the Nusra Front, i.e. Syrian al Qaida.

Although it is true that Mr. Erdoğan dresses in suit and tie and also lives in a modern society just like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, the cultural and religious difference between Islamist movements should not obfuscate the fact that Qutbism (Sunni Islamism) is remarkably ideologically coherent and internally politically differs mostly in terms of the means towards a shared goal. There is no such thing as “moderate Islamists”, only relative degrees of hypocrisy in Daesh being the least prone to hypocrisy and the Muslim Brotherhood being the most prone to hypocrisy within contemporary Sunni Islamism. As Sunni Orthodox sharia prohibits religious hypocrisy in most cases, the degree to which political taqiyyah (dissimulation) – meaning in the Islamist context politically lying for religious purposes – is considered legitimate is however a highly contentious issue within contemporary Qutbism. Therefore the political difference between the AKP (maximum hypocrisy) on one side of the Qutbist hypocrisy spectrum and Daesh (minimum hypocrisy) on the other side of the Qutbist hypocrisy spectrum should not be exaggerated as this is a tactical matter of mere outward appearance and it is surely naïve and yes extremely prejudicial indeed against Muslims generally to judge Islamists by which clothes they tend to wear.

As the fall of the Islamist terrorist regime in Ankara increasingly approaches, it is absolutely vital that international attention is focused on the crimes of the Erdoğan regime, that the pro-democracy opposition is given due official international political support and that timely action as of necessity by the Deep State and the Turkish military is likewise given appropriate official international political support. Genocide is never inevitable and this is one of those historical periods when speaking up and taking timely action is absolutely vital and necessary indeed.