Erdoğan’s Terror Plan

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, chairperson of the CHP main opposition party in Turkey.

After losing the June 2015 parliamentary elections in Turkey, that country’s self-declared dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also declared war against the Kurdish people by unilaterally attacking the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) in Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan) after years of ceasefire and also by organizing mass persecution against Kurdish citizens of Turkey within Turkey’s borders, including internal terror against Kurdish-owned businesses and the pro-Kurdish, pro-democracy HDP opposition party, indeed akin to how Hitler in 1938 unleashed the Kristallnacht against Jewish-owned businesses in Germany.

After the June 2015 elections, Mr. Erdoğan tasked Ahmet Davutoğlu who nominally leads Erdoğan’s Islamist AK party with forming a new government. However, it soon became very clear that none of the three substantially de-radicalized opposition parties in parliament were interested in collaborating with Mr. Erdoğan’s dictatorship, but rather were determined to see a CHP-led secularist government without the Islamist AKP. Indeed, forming a government with the toxic Islamist party would in fact be tantamount to political suicide for any of the three opposition parties in the Turkish parliament. While the three opposition parties have different political backgrounds and different political histories; democratization and removing Erdoğan’s AKP dictatorship from power is a common denominator that is rather sufficient for forming a new secularist government led by the post-Kemalist CHP with the support of the post-Communist HDP and the post-Fascist MHP.

The CHP chairperson Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is a Turkish-speaking Alevi Zaza Kurd belonging to the Zaza Kurdish Kureyşan Alevi Kohanim tribe. Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu with his background and democratic personality is therefore someone very capable indeed of politically uniting the three opposition parties and the country’s three main population groups (Anatolians/Turks, Kurds/Zazas and Alevis/Bektashis) under his leadership as the new prime minister with the shared goal of introducing liberal democracy in Turkey and Bakur (Northern Kurdistan inside Turkey). Indeed, the three opposition parties seek a peaceful transition despite Mr. Erdoğan’s refusal to task the majority opposition in parliament with forming a new government.

Rather than asking the main opposition party CHP to form a new government, Mr. Erdoğan instead ordered snap elections in complete contravention of universal democratic procedure after parliamentary elections in which the ceremonial head of state tasks the person best positioned in parliament to form a new government. Mr. Erdoğan is expected to lose the November 2015 elections as well, yet will most likely continue to refuse to permit Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu to form a secularist government with majority support in parliament. This will no doubt cause a severe constitutional crisis which undoubtedly will lead to a pro-democratic revolution in the country. If a pro-democracy revolution is not sufficient for facilitating a democratic transition that will enable the secularist opposition majority in parliament to form a secularist government, then Turkey’s Deep State guardian of secularism in Turkey will really have no other choice but to order a military coup d’état in support of the pro-democratic revolution, something that subsequently will then enable the secularist majority in parliament to form a new government.

However even before that, Mr. Erdoğan is extremely likely to order the MIT intelligence and security agency to perpetrate mass terrorist attacks against completely civilian targets in Turkey and then blame the HPG military force so as to come up with an excuse for outlawing the HDP and perhaps even the MHP as well. There is however no need whatsoever for a snap election in Turkey and Bakur considering that there is already a majority in parliament that supports the formation of a Kılıçdaroğlu government and the basic parliamentary situation is also extremely unlikely to change following the November 2015 snap elections.

The AKP is part of the global Muslim Brotherhood movement, the world’s largest Islamist network and as the Islamist Mr. Erdoğan is a Jihadist at heart who ordered the MIT to provide all kinds of support for both Daesh and Syrian al Qaida (a.k.a. the Nusra Front), an orderly democratic transition therefore unfortunately seems highly unlikely indeed as Mr. Erdoğan will want to unleash a Jihadist civil war in Turkey and Bakur if the Islamist AKP is removed from power by the secularist parliamentary majority.

Could Mr. Erdoğan be persuaded to allow the formation of an opposition parliamentary majority government while the AKP would thus become the parliamentary opposition to this new secularist CHP-led government? Certainly the international community should endeavor to persuade Mr. Erdoğan, Mr. Davutoğlu and others in the AKP leadership of the wisdom of participating in an orderly democratic transition in tasking the secularist opposition led by the CHP to form its own government without the unwanted Islamist toxic participation. Nevertheless, Mr. Erdoğan is unlikely to voluntarily abdicate from his self-appointed position as the country’s dictator and so an entirely peaceful transition is therefore unfortunately highly unlikely indeed.

However, Mr. Erdoğan’s apparent plans for mass terrorism must not be allowed to proceed and those responsible in the MIT need to be made to understand that they themselves will become prosecuted for crimes of terrorism if indeed they were to stage such false flag terrorist attacks. This needs to be communicated by MIT’s international partners in clarifying that indeed there will be no domestic impunity for such crimes. While a pro-democracy revolution will indeed most likely become necessary in Ankara, it is nevertheless vital to make sure that the transition will become as peaceful as possible. History teaches us that peaceful transition to liberal democracy is in fact relatively speaking usually much preferable to violent revolutions. While Mr. Erdoğan the dictator will most likely not be willingly reduced to the ceremonial presidential office prescribed by the Turkish constitution, it is nevertheless vital that the democratic transition becomes as peaceful as possible indeed.

The three opposition parties are determined to ensure that Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu will form a pro-democratic secularist government with majority support in parliament. Years of de-radicalization in the three secularist parties have made them well-prepared and ready indeed to spearhead a process of introducing liberal democracy in Turkey and Bakur. Such a process of democratization, liberalization, secularization and de-radicalization in Turkey and Bakur will take several years as the societies of Turkey and Bakur are indeed ready for commencing this very transformational process.

The future of Turkey and Bakur lies in liberal democracy as there can be no room for continued dictatorship with Sultan Erdoğan providing support for his regional partner Caliph Baghdadi. It is therefore vital that the multi-ethnic, pro-democratic forces in the Syrian opposition as led by the feminist YPJ/YPG major military force of Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) liberates the region north of Aleppo through which the Erdoğan regime provides much support for Daesh and the Nusra Front Syrian branch of al Qaida. The non-Kurdish areas of this region can be controlled by the YPJ/YPGs non-Kurdish allies as it is vital indeed that the Turkey-Daesh conduit is completely closed down. Mr. Erdoğan will obviously want to retain territorial continuity with his partner Daesh as he will want to “Syrianize” Turkey and Bakur by further bringing Daesh units into the country. This simply cannot be allowed to happen and it is therefore most essential that the United States provides vital air support for the YPJ/YPG and its allied forces in the liberation of the region north of Aleppo from Jihadist tyranny and terrorism.

The current war between Turkey and the pro-democratic HPG will end at the latest when a CHP-led secularist government is formed in Ankara. However, it is most vital indeed to entirely cut the territorial connection between Turkey and Daesh so as to prevent Mr. Erdoğan from further jihadizing Turkey and Bakur. Therefore, the international community in general and the United States in particular need to make every effort to make sure that the transition to liberal democracy indeed becomes as peaceful as conceivably possible. This crucially requires fully and completely undoing the territorial connection between Turkey and areas held by Jihadist terrorist organizations in Syria. While some would argue that the region north of Aleppo currently held by Jihadist terrorist organizations should only be liberated by the YPJ/YPG after a new CHP-led government has been formed in Ankara, closing down the territorial connection between Turkey and Jihadist terrorist organizations in Syria is an important element in ensuring that the democratic transition in Ankara becomes as peaceful as possible indeed.