Next Paradigm in Zionism

The Menorah lampstand in massive gold was captured from the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans and brought to Rome.

The Zionist movement for Jewish national liberation was formed and established in the late 1890s by Jewish thinkers influenced by the then contemporary philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Zionism was philosophically established in principled opposition both to what Friedrich Nietzsche understood as Master-Slave Morality as well as to what Zionist intellectuals in so many words understood to be the pathological condition of Master-Slave Mentality.  While Master Morality is the notion that might is right, so is Slave Morality similarly the notion that weak is right and Master-Slave Mentality is thus the tragic political mass psychology of Master-Slave Morality.

Zionism as a politically and philosophically revolutionary movement was certainly not established so as to supplant Jewish Slave Mentality/Morality of the Diaspora with a new Jewish Master Mentality/Morality as is typically claimed by Anti-Jewish polemicists but rather with the determined philosophical purpose to end Master-Slave Morality/Mentality which already early Zionist intellectuals were right to identify as ethically indefensible. Zionism as a form of indigenous activism offered the prospect of political realization of select aspects of the traditional religious promise of Jewish national redemption. However, Zionism was certainly not formed to promote sectarianism but rather in principled opposition to sectarianism as Zionism today is primarily the civic religion of modern liberal-democratic Israel. Yet, Israel is still widely exhorted to revert to Diaspora Slave Morality while simultaneously standing falsely accused by Anti-Jewish polemicists of being founded on Master Morality.

Nevertheless, the very selectiveness in Jewish political redemption certainly left out a few ethically important aspects of the traditional promise of Jewish redemption. Isaiah’s biblical vision of a future vegetarian society as part and parcel of Jewish redemption is rapidly being realized in our days as vast numbers of Israelis increasingly choose a vegan future in making Israel the undisputed leader in the global vegan revolution. While Israel’s second president Yitzhak Ben-Zvi researched already known Para-Jewish peoples worldwide and Israel Belkind and David Ben-Gurion (Israel’s later first prime minister) researched the Jewish origins of Palestinian endogamous clans; the question of Para-Jewish peoples has otherwise with the main exceptions of Tsvi Misinai, Michael Freund and the Kulanu organization been mostly disregarded in the Zionist movement since its founding until this time.

While the existence of many Para-Jewish peoples became known during the era of Euro-Christian colonialism, the partially shared ancient Pan-Jewish history of Para-Jewish peoples has not been appropriately scientifically reconstructed and their status as distinctive Jewish peoples has not been publically recognized as most rabbinic Jews still typically presume that there exist only one Jewish people in this world. Yet, despite the many historical encounters between Para-Jewish peoples and the often Anti-Jewish Euro-Christian imperialists, most Para-Jewish peoples in Islamdom have in contrast long remained particularly secretive even to themselves about their being Jewish due to the hegemonic predominance of Anti-Jewish polemics (Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism) and both historical Muslim imperialism and Muslim neo-imperialism (Arabism, Islamism etc.) in Islamdom.

The World Pan-Jewish Organization (WPJO) is a project whose liberal-democratic vision is a federal Israel that would democratically unite Para-Jewish countries worldwide with Israel as this is indeed the next paradigm in the Zionist revolution. However, research, documentation and education are rather indispensable elements in forming the foundations of the future global Pan-Zionist political movement for Pan-Jewish national liberation and Pan-Israeli liberal-democratic unification. As Crypto-Jewish awareness and Jewish identity are increasingly rapidly spreading among Para-Jewish peoples in the Middle East, the World Pan-Jewish Organization was initiated to provide knowledge and vision for the shared Pan-Jewish future.

First published in September 2014.